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Homage : Nicolas Coster (1933-2023)


This June 26 is a sad day for all the Santa Barbara fans : Nicolas Coster, the great Lionel Lockridge, has left us.
Born in London in 1933 but raised in the United States, he returned to England to study at the Royal Academy of the Dramatic Art. After a few roles on stage, he had returned to the United States to start his career in cinema but especially on television. In 1964, he joined his first soap-opera, The Secret Storm, before continuing with roles in As the World Turns, Somerset, Another World, One Life to Live, then finally Santa Barbara in 1984. Despite some infidelities for All My Children in 1988, he remained faithful to the inimitable character of Lionel Lockridge until the end of the show in 1993, before joining again As the World Turns until 1995. In 2010, he made a remarkable comeback in the web-series The Bay, for which he had won the Emmy award for best supporting actor in a digital drama in 2017 (see
the News of 05/01/2017).
In 2021, Nicolas Coster published his autobiography, Another Whole Afternoon, of which we will offer you extracts shortly.
A great life lover, he was passionate about scuba diving (see
the exclusive interview he gave us in 2009).
His daughter, Dinneen Coster, announced his death this Monday in a Florida hospital. Our thoughts go to his relatives, his wife Elena, his two daughters and all the Santa Barbara fans cruelly in mourning of a unique man we already miss.

Lane Davies and Richard Eden reunited !


Richard Eden (ex-Brick Wallace) published last weekend on his Facebook page a photo of him and Lane Davies (ex-Mason Capwell) !
The two actors are currently in Sacramento where they share the shooting of a movie entitled Barbed Wire.
The film, written and directed by Brad Douglas, also has on its credits Mark Schneider, who was Paul Marshall in 1987 in Santa Barbara.
An amazing reunion, which we are waiting to watch on screen !

Homage : Lynda Myles (1939-2023)


Even if her name is less known by the fans, Lynda Myles played a key role in Santa Barbara : that of a screenwriter. From 1984 to 1992, she participated in the writing of many episodes of the show, working for all the executive producers up to Paul Rauch.
She died on April 15, 2023 in New York.
Lynda Myles had started as an actress for theatre, before starting a career as a writer with the soap-opera As the World Turns, before joining Santa Barbara in its first months of existence. After leaving the show, she continued to write for many soaps : Loving, Guiding Light, General Hospital and One Life to Live, until 2001.
She was 83 years old.

Homage : Stella Stevens (1938-2023)


Stella Stevens passed away on February 17, 2023. A very prolific actress, she began her career in 1959, performing many roles on television and cinema.

Her most memorable roles remain in the movies Girls ! Girls ! Girls ! with Elvis Presley, The Nutty Professor with Jerry Lewis, the western The Ballad of Cable Hogue or the disaster film The Poseidon Adventure. On television, she was Lute-Mae Sanders in the nightime soap Flamingo Road in 1981, then the whimsical Phyllis Blake, Gina's mother, in Santa Barbara from 1989 to 1990.

In 1960, Stella Stevens posed naked for the first time for Playboy magazine, which earned her the image of sexy starlet that she will have kept throughout her career. She was also a director, producer and even wrote a novel in 1999.

Mother of actor Andrew Stevens, Stella had been suffering from Alzheimer's disease for some years. She was 84 years old.

Soap Opera Digest commemorates the end of Santa Barbara


In its issue released on January 06, 2023, the American magazine Soap Opera Digest remembers, from the cover, of Santa Barbara on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the end of the show.
On the program : 4 pages retracing the scenario of the 8 years of the show, and an interview of A Martinez (ex-Cruz Castillo).
We will publish it on the site soon.

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