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Homage : Jeanna Michaels (1956-2018)


We learnt only today the death, on May 23rd, of Jeanna Michaels, who was in 1988 Lydia Saunders in Santa Barbara.
Before playing this journalist without scruples, Jeanna Michaels had been known for her character of Connie Brasher in Dallas, before continuing with roles in The Young and the Restless, General Hospital and many TV shows.
Since the 1990s, she had left the television stages for theater and had even created her own company, the Compass Players.
Died from a lymphoma, she had just celebrated her 62 years.
Eileen Davidson winner at the Daytime Emmy awards


The 45th Daytime Emmy awards were given on Sunday. in the category outstanding lead actress, this is Eileen Davidson (ex-Kelly Capwell) who won for her part of Ashley Abbott in The Young and the Restless.
The actress had already won an Emmy award in 2014 for her part of Kristen DiMera in Days of our Lives (see the
News of 06/23/2014).

> The nominations and rewards of the Santa Barbara stars at the previous Daytime Emmy awards
The nominations at the 45th Daytime Emmy awards


The nominations at the next Daytime Emmy awards have been announced last week. And in the category outstanding lead actress are confronted two former stars of Santa Barbara : Nancy Lee Grahn (ex-Julia Wainwright) for General Hospital and Eileen Davidson (ex-Kelly Capwell) for The Young and the Restless.

The ceremony of the 45th Daytime Emmy awards will be held on Sunday, April 29 at the Civic Auditorium in Pasadena.

Good luck to the two nominated !

> The nominations and rewards of the Santa Barbara stars at the previous Daytime Emmy awards
Miranda Wilson is back !


After several years far from cameras, Miranda Wilson (ex-Sandra Mills) resumed her actress's job. Since the interview she had given us in 2013, she came back living in Los Angeles and is doing movies after movies.
She presented in particular on this January 27th at the Bayou Film Festival her most recent short film, An American Attorney In London.

Four years before joining Santa Barbara in the role of psychic Sandra Mills, Miranda Wilson played Megan Hathaway DiMera on Days of our Lives. A memorable role for which she even won a Soap Opera Digest award in 1985. Today, Miranda would like to find back her villainess character of Days of our Lives. You can help her by voting for the return of her character of Megan Hathaway DiMera on this forum and by following and commenting her current events on her Facebook page.

Homage : John Conboy (19??-2018)


Producer John Conboy has just passed away. Arrived at the beginning of 1990 on Santa Barbara, he had stayed during one and a half year as executive producer, holding alone the reins of the show for one year before sharing them with Bridget and Jerome Dobson, the original creators back at the beginning of 1991.
Under his direction, many new characters make their appearance (Stephen Slade, Derek Griffin, Amado Gonzalez, the Richards family...), without however succeeding in making their mark. The Capwell mansion is completely redesigned, the accompanying musics are replaced... But, good thing, he gets back the Lockridge clan almost completely : at first Augusta, then Laken, Lionel and finally Minx.
Before Santa Barbara, John Conboy had already been executive producer at the launch of two other soaps, The Young and the Restless in 1973 then Capitol in 1982. After Santa Barbara, he works from 2002 till 2004 on Guiding Light, before disappearing from public life.
Very discreet, we even ignore until his birth year...

> Read an interview of John Conboy

Homage : Jack Bannon (1940-2017)


In 1988, he had been terrifying Dr. Willoughby, at the origin of a manhunt against Cruz in Santa Barbara. Jack Bannon died on October 25 at the age of 77.
He had begun his career in 1964, before being known by the public for his role in the show Lou Grant, from 1977 till 1982. He had then shot in dozens of series and movies, of which Santa Barbara where he had returned in 1991 in the role of district attorney Nathaniel Marley.
He leaves behind him his wife, Ellen Travolta, sister of John.

> Read the biography of Dr. Willoughby

Homage : Warren Burton (1944-2017)


We have just learnt the death, on October 02, of Warren Burton, Major Phillip Hamilton in Santa Barbara.
The actor had made his debuts at the end of the 1970s in many daytime soap-operas, of which All my Children for which he had won a Daytime Emmy award in 1980, but also Another World and Guiding Light.
In 1988, he had joined Santa Barbara in the role of Phillip Hamilton, Cain Garver's enemy. He had also played there a second character, Jack Russell, a tramp suspected for a while to be the video rapist.
Afterward, he get specialized in dubbing, lending his voice to many video games.
The actor was going to celebrate his 73 years.
Louise Sorel is back !


We still do not know when nor for how long, but the news is worth being shared : Louise Sorel (ex-Augusta Lockridge) is back in Days of our Lives !
The actress is about to resume her cult role of Vivian Alamain, whom she played from 1992 till 2000 (see
the News of November 1999), then from 2009 till 2011 (see the News of 06/03/2011). We are impatient to see her again !
Kim Zimmer and Robert Newman do not leave each other any more


As in 2011 (see the News of 03/08/2011) then in 2015 (see the News of 07/10/2015), Kim Zimmer (ex-Jodie Walker) and Robert Newman (ex-Kirk Cranston n░2) find themselves back at the theater. Eight years after the end of the soap Guiding Light, where they played the super-couple Reva Shayne and Joshua Lewis, both continue to re-form their duet the time of a play.
Here they are this summer in a new production of The Lion in Winter, a play by James Goldman. To see from July 25 till August 06 at The Barn Theatre in Augusta, Michigan.

Kim Zimmer and Robert Newman are also expected from September 06 to  30 at the Theater Workshop in Nantucket, Massachusetts, for the resumption of Edward Albee's play Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf ?. When we tell you that they do not leave each other any more !

Robin Wright in Cannes and on Netflix


The 2017 edition of Cannes international film festival ended yesterday on Sunday. Eight years after being a member of the jury (see the News of 05/11/2009), Robin Wright (ex-Kelly Capwell) was back on the Croisette to present her short movie, The Dark of Night, we talked to you about below in the News of 03/02.
Showed on May 18, it conquered the public.

Robin Wright's current events this month, it is also the season 5 of the show House of Cards, launched on-line as from tomorrow May 30 on Netflix.
Thirteen new episodes to be discovered, from now on in France exclusively on Netflix France.

Nicolas Coster winner at the Daytime Emmy awards


The 44th Daytime Emmy awards were given on Sunday. Among the winners, Nicolas Coster (ex-Lionel Lockridge) received the first Emmy award of his career for his role of Mayor Jack Madison in the web-series The Bay. He was competing in the category supporting actor in a digital drama.
Nicolas Coster had already been nominated four times at the Daytime Emmy awards as outstanding actor, it was between 1986 and 1992 for... Santa Barbara. Let us remind that he had however won a Soap Opera digest award for his role of Lionel Lockridge in 1988. Congratulations to the big winner !

Fewer success on the other hand for both other former stars of Santa Barbara, Nancy Lee Grahn (ex-Julia Wainwright) and Vincent Irizarry (ex-Dr. Scott Clark), both left empty-handed. But it will be for another time !

> The nominations and rewards of the Santa Barbara stars at the previous Daytime Emmy awards
Lane Davies on stage... in Czech republic !


Lane Davies (ex-Mason Capwell) will direct and play Don Quixote in ten representations of Man of Mancha at Divadlo Na Pradle in... Prague !
The play will be played in English, and subtitled in Czech.
A show to be discovered from May 18th till June 17th, thus in Prague !
A Martinez leaves Salem


After one and a half year of presence, A Martinez (ex-Cruz Castillo) leaves Days of our Lives.
His character of Eduardo Hernandez made his last appearance on screen on last April 10th.
A had joined the shooting of the soap in May 2015 (see
the News of 05/15/2015), for a first appearance on screen in next September (see the News of 09/21/2015).

A however continues to play. He is soon going to begin the shootings of two movies, On Painted Wings and Second Sunrise. Without counting season 6 of the TV show Longmire, planned for next fall on Netflix.

Three nominated at the 44th Daytime Emmy awards


The nominations at the next Daytime Emmy awards have been announced. Among the happy nominated, three former stars of Santa Barbara :
- Nancy Lee Grahn (ex-Julia Wainwright) in the category outstanding lead actress for General Hospital,
- Vincent Irizarry (ex-Dr. Scott Clark) in the category outstanding lead actor for Days of our Lives,
- and Nicolas Coster (ex-Lionel Lockridge) in the category supporting actor in a digital drama for The Bay.

The ceremony of the 44th Daytime Emmy awards will be held on Sunday, April 30 in Pasadena. No television or online broadcast is announced at this day.

Good luck to our nominated friends !

Soap Opera Digest comes back in 1993


In its issue in date of March 13, the American magazine Soap Opera Digest stops over the year 1993 and so evokes for the last time Santa Barbara, disappeared that year.
In photo : one of the last scenes of the show, around Julia, Mason and Gracie.
Ally Walker shoots a pilot


Ally Walker (ex-Andrea Bedford) perhaps the heroin of a new series ?
The actress shoots in any case the pilot of Ghosted, where she plays Captain Lafrey, head of the Underground Investigative Service, which investigates the paranormal phenomena occuring in Los Angeles.
It is the American network Fox which commanded this pilot, to make of it one of its regular series of fall 2017.
We wish to see the project succeeding, only for the pleasure to see Ally again on screens !
Robin Wright goes behind the camera


After having practised on seven episodes of her show House of Cards on Netflix, Robin Wright (ex-Kelly Capwell) comes to direct her first movie !
The Dark of Night is a medium-length film which tells the night filled with dangers which lives a young woman in 1930, having taken refuge in a diner because of a storm.
The movie is currently being shot.

This year of 2017 will also see Robin Wright in the theaters in two blockbusters : Wonder Woman, waited on June 02 in the United States, and Blade Runner 2049, waited on October 06.

Vincent Irizarry leaves Days of our Lives


He had joined the soap in January, 2016 (see the News of 09/01/2015). Vincent Irizarry leaves today Days of our Lives and his character of Deimos Kiriakis.
Neither the production of the show, nor NBC or even Vincent commented this day on this departure.
The ex-Dr. Scott Clark of Santa Barbara should however appear on-screen until this summer, because of the advance taken in the shootings.
Homage : Richard Hatch (1945-2017)


For two months, from January till March 1990, he was the first face of Stephen Slade, one of the four avenger orphans of Santa Barbara, before leaving his place to John O'Hurley.
Richard Hatch, 71 years old, died on Tuesday, February 07th from pancreatic cancer.
If he made a name for himself in the television industry, it is however for other roles : first of all Dan Robbins, the successor of Michael Douglas in the last season of The Streets of San Francisco, then especially Captain Apollo in Battlestar Galactica, a cult role which he never stopped honoring during his prolific career.
Richard Hatch was still continuing to play for television and cinema. He leaves behind him a son and many science fiction fans in mourning.
Soap Opera Digest comes back in 1992


In its issue in date of February 13, the American magazine Soap Opera Digest returns over the year 1992 in the small world of daytime soaps-operas.
Concerning Santa Barbara, it is obviously the departure of A Martinez and the announcement of the end of the show for January 1993 that remembered the magazine.
Soap Opera Digest comes back in 1991


In its issue in date of January 16, the American magazine Soap Opera Digest falls on what marked the small world of daytime soaps-operas in 1991.
The changes in the cast, but also of executive producer, are what obviously most marked Santa Barbara that year, as picks out the article.
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