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The nominations at the 46th Daytime Emmy awards


The nominations for the upcoming Daytime Emmy awards were announced today.
Two Santa Barbara alumni are among the nominated
: Jon Lindstrom (ex-Dr. Mark McCormick) in the category Outstanding lead actor for General Hospital, and Thaao Penghlis (ex-Dr. Micah DeAngelis) in the category Outstanding guest performer
for Days of our Lives.

The ceremony of the 46th Daytime Emmy awards will be held on Sunday, May 05.

Good luck to the two nominated !

> The nominations and rewards of the Santa Barbara stars at the previous Daytime Emmy awards
The Facebook homages of the former Santa Barbara members to Jed Allan


A Martinez
Jed Allan walked on today. Along the way in his fantastic acting career, he played Eden's father - C.C. Capwell - on Santa Barbara. His gift was a formidable blend of professionalism and inspiration - a perennial rock in his preparation and a force of nature once the cameras rolled. He was also generous and kind and funny and fierce, and God knows he was beloved by those lucky enough to share a stage with him. I count it one of the great blessings of my career that I got to be one of those, and one of the great blessings of my life that I got to be his friend.
Jed was the finest actor - power and heart, humor and range to spare - and an even better man. He was about family. Protecting his own, and building it in the casts he graced. It was magic to work with him - his rock solid professionalism giving way to inspired energy once the cameras rolled. I join the millions of hearts who simply want to say : well done, good sir. In our dreams you are dancing through the stars tonight with your beloved Toby - now and forever.

Lane Davies
You will be missed, Old Friend.

Nancy Lee Grahn
Goodbye for now to one of a kind, Jed Allan. His heart was as big as his fabulous swagger. Lots of laughs shared with him on Santa Barbara & best of all my Kate was made in his stunning beach house that he let me rent for cheap for a few months in 1997. I won't ever forget that or him.

Nicolas Coster
I want to express my sorrow at our losing the ever warm smile, handsomest, lovely, commanding acting and personal generosity (Jed Allan). Bless his popular soul.

Louise Sorel
We have lost a dear, sweet friend in Jed Allan. No matter how many years went by he was always in my thoughts. Bless him and his extended family with love.

Jon Lindstrom
One of my favorite people ever in this biz has passed. Jed Allan and I were on Santa Barbara together in the mid-80's. We used to play racquetball at the Hollywood YMCA. Let me tell you, the man was a competitor. Then we'd have lunch and hang for a while. He was always so gracious and curious about others. Some years later he came to do a cameo on another show I happened to be on. This was not long after his beautiful wife, Toby, had passed. I came by his dressing room to catch up, so happy to see him. He had a framed picture of Toby on the coffee table. Took it with him everywhere. To me, that's who Jed was; always conscious of the people he loved, because he loved them deeply. R.I.P.

Carrington Garland
Jed Allan... best soap opera dad a girl could ask for.

Michael Brainard
Jed Allan. A bit of old Hollywood passed on today. We played father and son once. Thank you, old friend, for your guidance.

Robert Thaler
I worked on Santa Barbara with him and he was always so supportive and professional and confident as a performer and he took no b.s., it was straight away about the work and getting it done right and being respectful of everyone on set. That can be rare. He taught me about comedy too because he could be very, very funny but never in a way that would distract from the scene and the focus. He had a complete career and I am grateful to have known him. God bless you and God bless your father, the great Jed Allan.

Jane Sibbett
Fly free and take our love with you. Prayers for Jed's family. He was so very kind to me on Santa Barbara, my first regular gig back in the 80's. We rarely worked together, but he was always dearly helpful, patient and professional as I learned the ropes. Best. Training. Grounds. Ever. We had to work fast with a new script every day and he was the consummate soap actor with true talent and ease in the pace. Share the love...

Sherilyn Wolter
Fare thee well, sir. May you Rest In Peace. He was a well-respected man. Though he played my father, our characters were also arch-enemies. Regrettably we didn't have many scenes together and didn't get to know each other very well at all.

Larry Poindexter
Ah man. Flights of Angels

Peter Love
I was fortunate to work with Jed Allan on the show Santa Barbara. He was an amazing actor and human being. RIP buddy and God Speed on your next adventure. Hug my mom, dad and Luke for me.

Miranda Wilson
He was an iconic actor ! I had the great good fortune to act with Jed on both Days of our Lives and Santa Barbara. He was a true gentleman and a generous acting partner. Plus, he had that smooth savoir faire energy that was always playful ! A lovely man !

Nina Arvesen
I just got word that a friend of mine died, actor Jed Allan. I worked closely with him on the NBC Santa Barbara. Jed was one of the nicest, kindest, smartest, and warm-sincere, honest. Genuine people (I've ever met). You'll be missed, more than words can describe.

Bernard White
Death in the family. Walking on the set of Santa Barbara, he was like the President of the United States of America to me. He was like the light side of The Godfather archetype. Remember playing softball against Days of our Lives cast and crew. Remember the loud cheers as he stepped up to the plate. So happy to be in the game with him and on the same team. Blessings and love to his dear ones and to all of us here on this short visit...
Such an important, magical time. A blessed good night or this dear Patriarch. This good man.

Ava Lazar
My condolences to the Allan family and to all his fans. He was a wonderful actor and a fine man. Blessings

Patrick Mulcahey
I wish we could string together all the scenes C.C. and Mason had together, a tribute to the torment and timelessness of the father-son dynamic. Yes, we had three Masons, played by three very different actors, but that only enlarged the sense of an unbreakable bond between regally powerful father and Hamlettian son - because Jed was so unerringly specific about what that relationship was and what it meant and where all the triggers in it were.

Jill Farren Phelps
There was no one else like him. I loved him dearly. My thoughts and love to his sons.

Homage : Jed Allan (1935-2019)


The news saddens thousands of fans around the world since a few hours : Jed Allan left us at 84 years old. Very weakened after health problems, he died surrounded by his own this Saturday.

Jed Allan's career is impressive : since his debut in 1951, he has played in dozens of films and series until the last few years. The audience discovered him in the show Lassie in the late 1960s, before becoming a star of the daytime soaps with the character of Don Craig whom he played from 1977 to 1985 in Days of our Lives. In January 1986, he is called to replace Charles Bateman in Santa Barbara and thus becomes the new face of C.C. Capwell, whom he played until the last episode of the show. A role that has marked the fans, C.C. having become, despite his many face changes, inseparable from that Jed's.
From 1994 to 1999, he played Rush Sanders in Beverly Hills 90210, before becoming more rare. The death of his wife Toby in 2001 (see
the News of August 2001) coincides with this period of distance from the stages. Until 2011, where we see him again in the webseries The Bay (see the News of 03/08/2011), where he finds Lane Davies and Nicolas Coster, his former Santa Barbara partners.
Jed Allan leaves behind three sons and thousands of grieving fans.

> Read the exclusive interview Jed Allan had given us in 2009
> Read extracts of his autobiography Please, Spell the Name Right, published in 2005

Homage to Eden and Cruz in Soap Opera Digest


The latest issue of the American magazine Soap Opera Digest offers on its cover no less than Eden and Cruz ! A small event in itself, because it has become rare in recent years...
Inside : a poll that makes appear that Eden and Cruz is the defunct soap couple that the viewers miss the most, and especially a two pages-tribute in photos devoted to the couple.
A little dive into the past that is pleasing to read, and a proof that the show is still not forgotten by the American viewers...
Homage : Robert Alan Browne (1932-2018)


We learnt only at the end of the year the death at the age of 86 of Robert Alan Browne, who was John Perkins in Santa Barbara. The character, present from the first episode, had not survived the earthquake of November 1984 and had left the screen too quickly.
The actor began his career in 1965 : films, TV movies, series... until his retirement in 1995.
Robert Alan Browne passed away on June 12, 2018. Widower since 2014, he leaves behind a daughter born of a first marriage.

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