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October-November-December 2005


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Merry Christmas !


Santa Barbara : le site Francais wishes to all of you a merry Christmas and a happy new year 2006 !
Judith McConnell on the web !


December will be Judith McConnell's month or nothing : first the release of the movie The Weather Man pleased all her fans, but secondly the interpreter of Sophia Capwell Armonti gets offered since the beginning of the month her unofficial site : On the menu : photos, articles, quotes... A beginning we hope to be promising.
Roscoe Born unemployed


Roscoe Born ends up the year unemployed : he shot last week his last appearance in The Young and the Restless. The actor joined the CBS soap last April (see the News of 03/04). His character, Tom Fisher, disappears during an explosion, but his body is not found. A way to let the door opened to an eventual come-back ? The ex-Robert Barr and Quinn Armitage of Santa Barbara is in any cases free for any propositions as from today...
On the American and French screens


To begin, a little reminder for the fans of Judith McConnell (ex-Sophia Capwell) : The Weather Man is released this November 30 on the French screen (see the News of 10/26).
To discover in the American theaters in December : Angels with Angles, a mild nutter comedy between Earth and sky with Henry Darrow (ex-Rafael Castillo) in the part of Raul. Note that the actor will also star soon in two films shot this year : Primo and the short movie The Writer's Pub.
On December 21 is released Fun with Dick and Jane, where Téa Leoni Duchovny (ex-Lisa DiNapoli) plays the apprentice robber
Jane Harper and on-screen wife of Jim Carrey, in the remake of a comedy shot in 1977 where her character was then played by... Jane Fonda !
Homage : Rick Rhodes (1951-2005)


This November 02 died in Oak Park, California, composer Rick Rhodes, author of many musical themes of Santa Barbara. Born on July 28, 1951 in Los Angeles, Rick Rhodes has worked for many other TV shows, such as Family Ties or Guiding Light, but also for cinema. Besides he was rewarded for his work by many prices, like the first Daytime Emmy award he won in 1988 for Santa Barbara.
Long time friend of Lane Davies' (ex-Mason Capwell), Rick Rhodes disappeared surrounded by his family from a brain cancer. Without him and his musical talents, Santa Barbara would not have had the same taste.
Homage : Lloyd Bochner (1924-2005)


Lloyd Bochner died last October 29 in Santa Monica from cancer. The actor is the most unrecognised of the five interpreters of the part of C.C. Capwell in Santa Barbara and for a good reason : he has never appeared on screen ! Hired for this role by Bridget and Jerome Dobson, Lloyd xas victim of a heart attack a few days before the shooting of the first episode and has then to be immediately replaced by Peter Mark Richman. However the actor appears on many promotional photos of the show, taken for the press before the first episode was shooting.
Born on July 29, 1924, Lloyd Wolfe Bochner is especially known for his (very) many appearances on television, as a guest star in tens of shows, but also in regular roles, like in Dynasty and the animated series Batman.
Lloyd's last shooting was in 2003, the actor having continued to play with more or less regularity this last years. The actor was married and father of three children (between others actor Hart Bochner).


Click here to enlargeEric Close makes the cover this quarter of the last issue of the indispensable Arrêt sur Séries. The last and the best French quality magazine dedicated to the TV series devotes a long file to Without a Trace, the show of the ex-Sawyer Walker of Santa Barbara.
The magazine is sold exclusively by order, all the informations are on
the site of the magazine.
On the American and French screens


The fans of the ex-Sophia Capwell were waiting for its release for a long time : The Weather Man finally arrives on the American screens on October 28 (see the News of May 2004). The film marks indeed the come-back of the actress on cinema. In this movie, Judith is Lauren Spritz, neurotic wife of Michael Caine and mother of Nicolas Cage. For us in France, we will have to wait again until November 30 to discover the film in theaters. While waiting, Detective (see the News of 06/04), the two-parts TV movie shot by Judith and Wanda DeJesus (ex-Santana Andrade), is released this month in DVD in France, whereas it will by available in the United States only on November 22.
On the other hand, less happiness for the fans of Stella Stevens (ex-Phyllis Blake), since two of her last movies did not win the honours of the theaters and are going to be released directly on DVD... Glass Trap tells the invasion of Joan (Stella's character) by radioactive ants, whereas Popstar presents the life of a group of friends in which one is become a song star. Stella has however more chance with Hell to Pay, a western where she plays the character of Mary Potter, which will be released in theaters in the United States in Summer 2006.
Happy birthday Santa Barbara !


Santa Barbara celebrates today its 20 years of airing in France. Happy birthday Santa Barbara !
Call him Count Gordon Thomson


Gordon Thomson plays these days the blood drinkers... in the part Dracula at the Bucks County Playhouse in New Hope, Pennsylvania. The ex-Mason Capwell interprets the redoubtable vampire from October 12 to 23, in the series of representations, adapted from the novel of Bram Stoker.
The actor has moreover completed the shooting of Wolfgang Petersen's disaster movie, Poseidon, starring Kurt Russell. A sort of remake of Titanic, where Gordon plays the part of Jay. The release is planned in May 2006 in the United States, in June in France.



Click here to enlargeTélé 2 Semaines is the first French television magazine to celebrate the 20 years of Santa Barbara in France, in its issue of September 26, 2005.