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April-May-June 2005


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Jack Wagner in live : bis !


Some of them are opened to plays, for some others it is to songs : Jack Wagner (ex-Warren Lockridge) has announced two new lives concerts in July in the United States.
On July 22, he will be at the Santa Fe Station Casino in Las Vegas and on July 23 at the Quechan Paradise Casino in Yuma, Arizona. Jack will interpret on stage the successes of his last album Dancin' In the Moonlight  (see the
News of 02/06) recorded last February, before to rejoin his part in The Bold and the Beautiful in August for the third consecutive year.

Too expensive Marj Dusay !


The American network CBS has decided to make some money savings in its daytime programs and to fire some of the heroes of its soap-operas. Among the victims, can be found Marj Dusay (ex-Pamela Conrad), summoned to leave Guiding Light as of this month.
The actress had rejoined the drama at the end of 2002 (see the
News of December 2002), by taking again the part of Alexandra Spaulding Von Halkein Thorpe that she had already played between 1993 and 1999, replacing in that same time Joan Collins herself in this role.
Not spiteful, CBS proposed to these fired actors to continue to participate to their former shows from time to time, as of September, as simple guest-stars. What Marj may have think of this ?
On the American television


The televiewers of the American cabled channel HBO won't miss this Staurday May 28th the two-parts mini-series Empire Falls : not only because the adaptation of Richard Russo's book deserves it, but it also offers the occasion to see again Robin Wright Penn on the small screen (see the News of 08/30/2004) ! The ex-Kelly Capwell plays there Grace Roby, at the sides of Paul Newman, Ed Harris and Helen Hunt between others.
While waiting to watch it one day if you don't have HBO, do not hesitate to read the book,
Empire Falls, winner of the Pulitzer price in 2002.
Sydney Penny changes of channel


To see her set aside of the current storylines of The Bold and the Beautiful let it ever thought : Sydney Penny (ex-B.J. Walker) is on the departure. The actress has indeed signed to take again her part of Julia Santos Keefer in All my Children on ABC as from August 05. For Sydney, this is a new birth, in a role created especially for her twelve years ago.
Since that, the actress had rejoined The Bold and the Beautiful in the part of Samantha Kelly in August 2003 (see the
News of July 2003), before announcing her definitive departure this month.
Eva LaRue back in L.A.


The rumour heard for weeks about an eventual departure of Eva LaRue from All my Children in June was confirmed : the team production of the ABC soap announced not to renew the actress' contract for a new season. The ex-Margot Collins of Santa Barbara has joined All my Children in 2002, in the part of Dr. Maria Santos Grey (see the News of May 2002).

Divorced since August 2004 of John Callahan (ex-Craig Hunt) (see the News of August), Eva announced her intention to come back and live in Los Angeles with her daughter Kaya McKenna (All my Children is shot in New York). Eva has besides appeared, in April, in two episodes of the sitcom George Lopez, with Constance Marie (ex-Nikki Alvarez).

Welcome on board with Jed Allan


To spend a week on the board on the Capwell yacht has always been your non told dream ? Get prepared to be able to live it in real ! The American company Cruise Events proposes in its catalogue 2005 a one week cruise in Bahamas in company of... Jed Allan, a.k.a. C.C. Capwell himself ! The actor is indeed the star of a travel not like the others, for the fans of trips... but also of Santa Barbara ! For more information, consult the site of Cruise Events.
Kyle Secor comes back in September


The American television networks begin these days to decide what TV shows they will produce and air for the new season in September. Among the projects which have many chances to succeed, can be found Commander in Chief, in which Kyle Secor (ex-Brian Bradford) could be one of the stars. The show, planned to be aired on ABC, follows in the wings the life of the first woman president of the United States, played by the actress Geena Davis, whose husband, Rod Allen, would be played by Kyle. A project to follow...

Shootings for the American television


Three shootings for the American television have just finished these last weeks, starring former stars of Santa Barbara.
It is first Leigh McCloskey (ex-Dr. Zack Kelton and ex-Ethan Asher) who has just completed the mini-series Gone But Not Forgotten. Leigh shares the screen with Lou Diamond Phillips, Brooke Shields and Paula Trickey (ex-Tonya Vargas).
Then comes John Novak (ex-Keith Timmons), who has just participated, in the part of sherrif Carl Larson, at the TV movie Faultline. No planned date for the airing yet.
Finally, Wanda DeJesus (ex-Santana Andrade) has just finished the shooting of The Detective, a mini-series for The Hallmark Channel, which should be aired this year on the cabled channel. And soon in France ?

Shakesperian Lane Davies


As he uses to every year, Lane Davies is going to play on stage as for June. The ex-Mason Capwell will be this year Richard III, in an adaptation signed by his company, at the occasion of the Kingsmen Shakespeare festival of Thousand Oaks, California. Get prepared to live a great moment of theatre next June 24, 25, 26 and July 01, 02, 03, 15, 16 and 17.