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May 2002


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On stage on the American TV
Constance Marie sees in double

Not satisfied to have returned on the front of the American televisual scene with the very acclaimed show American Family on PBS (see the News of February), Constance Marie (ex-Nikki Alvarez) cumulates since last 27 March the cast of another show, George Lopez. Constance is indeed Angie Lopez in a new mid-season show on ABC, which makes her one of the very rare actresses simultaneously to play two main characters in two different TV shows and on two networks at the same time ! A surplus of work which could turn to be long-term if the two programs are renewed for a second season in September...

Eva LaRue refinds the way of work

In 1997, after four years of great fidelity, Eva LaRue Callahan (ex-Margot Collins) had decided to leave All My Children, letting the writers of the famous soap kill her character in a terrible plane crash. In 2002, Eva had time to take her time, to give to her husband John Callahan (ex-Craig Hunt) a little Kaya McKenna (see the News of January), before finally deciding to agree the proposal of the producers of All My Children to retake her role of Maria Santos Grey for spring time. The American fans will thus be pleased to find Eva on their small screens in the current of May, for a duration for the moment... unspecified !

End of shows

May is, in the United States, the moment chosen by the TV channels to decide which shows will make their return for a new season in September and which ones will definitively stop, generally for a lack of sufficient ratings to survive. And it is for example the case this year for First Monday (see the News of February), with Randy Vasquez (ex-Ramon Fonseca), which stops after only 13 episodes. The most famous Dharma and Greg, with Mitchell Ryan (ex-Anthony Tonell) in the role of Edward Montgomery, Greg's father, also definitively stops on ABC, after five seasons and 119 episodes.

Item of news The ALMA awards

Tawny Kitaen in cell !

Reality is sometimes still more surprising that fiction ! After already two complaints for spousal abuses against her husband, the baseball star Chuck Finley, Tawny Kitaen (ex-Lisa DiNapoli) has been arrested on last April 01 for aggravated assault with high-heeled shoes and spent 48 hours in police custody.

Three days of wait and the verdict fell on April 04 : express pronunciation of the divorce between Finley and Kitaen, interdiction for the actress to approach her (ex) husband and their two children, Raine and Wynter, respectively 3 and 9 years old, and forced internment for a drug detoxication.

Tawny Kitaen, 40 since last August 05, had married the however very imposing Chuck Finley in 1997.

A Martinez nominated

Like every year, the ALMA awards reward the best American spectacle personalities from Hispanic origin. It is thus without surprise that we could find there A Martinez (ex-Cruz Castillo), still nominated this year for the award of the outstanding actor in a daytime drama, for his character of Roy DiLucca in General Hospital. If he has already won this reward at the two last ceremonies, nothing prevents us from wishing a good luck to A once again ! Result of the votes on Saturday May 18 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. The ceremony will air on television on June 1 on ABC.

In theatres
Virtual Tamlyn Tomita

On May 17, the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film and Video Festival will propose the projection of Robot Stories, a Greg Pak's movie. A sequence of four independent stories telling the confrontation of the ordinary world with... robots ! It is for example the case of My Robot Baby, where Marcia, played by Tamlyn Tomita (ex-Ming Li), has to do with an adoption agency of baby-robots ! A strange and funny film, even completely frenzy, whose release is planned for the summer in France.

Happy birthday this month to...

05 : Scott Curtis (Brandon DeMott n░1)

        John S. Ragin (Dr. Grant Jameson)

09 : Jeanna Michaels (Lydia Saunders)

16 : Nina Arvesen (Angela Raymond)

       Tricia Cast (Christie DuVall)

21 : Richard Hatch (Stephen Slade n░1)

23 : Mark Arnold (Joe Perkins n░2)

24 : Eric Close (Sawyer Walker)

25 : Marie-Alise Recasner (Alice Jackson)

31 : Kyle Secor (Brian Bradford)