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January 2002


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Stories of contracts
Marj Dusay : she stays !

In spite of the persistent rumours of departure, Marj Dusay (ex-Pamela Conrad) has announced her intention to stay in the soap All My Children. The actress signed, in this way, a new four years contract with the network ABC. The ex-Pamela Conrad of Santa Barbara will thus indeed play the character of Vanessa Bennett Courtlandt for her fourth season this year.

Stephen Nichols on the starting-blocks

Since 1996, he was there Stefan Cassadine. On January 14, he will be the last appearance in the United States of Stephen Nichols (ex-Dr. Skyler Gates) in the soap General Hospital. Not that the actor leaves the show in bad terms, but he rather prefers to devote himself from now on to cinema and television in general. A new departure for the actor we wish good luck to...

In theatres Private life
Grace Zabriskie on screens

Grace Zabriskie (who was, well before Twin Peaks, Theda Bassett in 1985 in Santa Barbara) continues her career on cinema. You will be able for example to see her from January 16 in the United States in R.S.V.P., a philosophical thriller on the art of murder signed Mark Anthony Galluzzo. Moreover, Grace currently plays under the direction of Bob Rafelson No Good Deed, starring Samuel L. Jackson and Milla Jovovich. The film should be released during the beginning of this year, always in the U.S.A.

Bridgette Wilson at the 3rd place

Bridgette Wilson (ex-Lisa Fenimore) plays the third role in The Wedding Planner by Adam Shankman, around Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Lopez. The film, expected from now on to be the romantic success of this beginning of year, will be released on January 26 in the United States. Its arrival in France is planned for July 11.

Will Robin Wright pass over the Atlantic ?

The Last Castle, the last film of Robin Wright Penn (ex-Kelly Capwell), awaited on last December 26 on the French screens (see the News of November 2001) saw at the last time its release delayed of some weeks. The new date of release will be communicate to you as soon as it will be fixed up...

The news of the soap-opera
world in France

The City on TÚva

Very discreetly, the cabled channel TÚva welcomes from Wednesday January 02 the soap The City (1995-1997), the continuation of late Loving. The occasion to see again Roscoe Born (ex-Robert Barr et Quinn Armitage) in his period post-Santa Barbara.

Congratulations to the new parents...

Eva LaRue (ex-Margot Collins) and John Callahan (ex-Craig Hunt) are, since last December 06, the parents of a young Kaya McKenna (see the News of July 2001). It is the first child for the couple, which met on the shooting of the soap All My Children six years ago.

... and to the parents to come !

Carrington Garland (ex-Kelly Capwell) announced that she is awaiting a happy event for the current of this month. And it will be probably a little brother whom Carrington will offer to Tula Pajeau Goodman, born on November 9, 1999 (see the News of February 2000). More details next month ?...

In live from the E.R.

After the nose (see the News of June 2000), the hand ! Kim Zimmer has indeed been injured at the hand last month. By chance, eight stitches has been enough to make it possible for the ex-Jodie Walker of Santa Barbara to rejoin without waiting too much the team of the soap Guiding Light.

Santa Barbara online
It would be a shame to conclude this page without mentioning the birth of a new site entirely dedicated to Gordon Thomson, the 3rd Mason Capwell in Santa Barbara, but also hero of Dynasty : Gordon Thomson fan page. On the menu : biography of the actor, press articles and many photos, unfortunately often already seen elsewhere on the net, in particular on this site. But the initiative is very creditable and will largely fill all the fans of the actor.

Happy birthday this month to...

01 : Rawley Valverde (Amado Gonzalez)

07 : Kristen Meadows (Victoria Lane)

10 : Krista Tesreau (Andi Klein)

11 : Mitchell Ryan (Anthony Tonell)

22 : John Wesley Shipp (Martin Ellis)

       Maria Ellingsen (Katrina Ruyker)

24 : Brian Matthews (David Laurent)

26 : Paul Johansson (Greg Hughes)

27 : Carrington Garland (Kelly Capwell n░3)

        Tamlyn Tomita (Ming Li)

28 : Harley Jane Kozak (Mary DuVall)

       John Beck (David Raymond)