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June 2000


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The revival of Santa Barbara on the Net...

This month, the page of the News begins, once is not habit, with a nonevent. It is in fact a report which is drawn up here : Santa Barbara, seven years and a half after its end in the United States, is and remains one of the show the most present on the net. Starting with the sites, very numerous. They are unceasingly renewed (the latest ones : the Spanish site Santa Barbara or the Swedish one SċpaCentralen Santa Barbara ), and for a certain number of them, are regularly updated and completed. Santa Barbara : le site Français, for example, will celebrate the next month its 1 year of existence and continues its expansion (but I am not there to make me advertizing !!).

The forums of discussion are always full of fans (like Laken's Santa Barbara Discussion Page, a great reference) and new groups are regularly created, in particular Yahoo clubs (like the latest one Yahoo! Clubs santabarbrarpg, where you can play to interpret your favorite character as in a role game !). Lastly, the sites of videos (especially Cruz & Eden At the Movies) are updated still rather regularly. (For other links, click here...)

The remarkable side of this beautiful vivacity comes from the fact that it remains very few TV channels in the world which always air the show today. How to explain that Santa Barbara knows such a popularity on the net today ? Quite simply perhaps because it is a single show, an out-standard soap as very few others can currently praise to be. By its characters also, very charismatic and strong, at the same time realistic and ready to all the outrages. For all that and still many other things, Santa Barbara has not finished, even if it does not live anywhere else than in our spirits and our hearts, to make live debates, meetings, passions...

It is up to you now to deliver your opinion on the reasons why Santa Barbara is always so popular on the net today... rendez-vous on the page of the Forum !

On stage...

Gordon Thomson joins Passions

The third and last Mason Capwell has just joined the cast of the soap Passions (soon in France) where he will play the F.B.I. agent Hal Freeman. His first appearance on screen will be the next 16 June on NBC. Gordon Thomson was, until last year, A.J. Deschanel in Sunset Beach.

The end of Now and Again

CBS announced that the show of Eric Close (ex-Sawyer Walker), Now and Again, begun last September, was not renewed for a second season. Last 5 May was thus aired the 22nd and last episode. Now and Again follows the adventures of Michael Wiseman, a father who, after an accident, sees himself offering a new body by the American government. In exchange of what he will have to achieve more or less dangerous missions for its account, but especially to give up any hope to see again his wife, daughter and best friend. For the moment, Eric Close does not seem to have new projects for the re-opening.

The nose of Kim Zimmer

The one who was Jodie Walker in the last season of Santa Barbara comes out of the hospital... Kim Zimmer indeed broke her nose in a car accident in April. The actress is well, she came back to the studios of Guiding Light a few weeks ago...

The news of the soap-opera world

Prizes winners of Emmy Awards 2000

No trophy this year for the former ones of Santa Barbara at the ceremony of the Emmy Awards, which took place on last 19 May (see the News of April).

We awaited a lot from Nancy Lee Grahn (ex-Julia Wainwright), nominated for the Emmy of the best outstanding supporting actress for her character of Alexis in General Hospital, but it is another actress of the soap,  Sarah Brown, who won it. In the same way, Timothy Gibbs (ex-Dash Nichols), nominated for the Emmy of the best outstanding supporting actor for his character of Kevin Buchanan in One Life to Live, saw Shemar Moore (Malcom in The Young and the Restless) winning .

Among the principal ones rewarded, it is necessary to appoint Susan Flannery, elected best outstanding lead actress for her character of Stephanie in The Bold and the Beautiful, and Anthony Geary, elected best outstanding lead actor for his character of Luke in General Hospital. It is besides this soap that turned to be the big winner of the ceremony, receiving the majority of the awards of which the one, very coveted, of the best soap of the year.

Happy birthday this month to...

01 : Robin Mattson (Gina DeMott Capwell n°2)

07 : Deanna Robbins (Kathleen McDougall)

15 : Eileen Davidson (Kelly Capwell n°4)

21 : Leigh McCloskey (Dr. Zack Kelton, Ethan Asher)

22 : Paula Irvine (Lily "Light" Blake n°2)

24 : Jack Carter (Glenn Wallace)

27 : Shirley Anne Field (Pamela Conrad n°2)

        Robert Newman (Kirk Cranston n°2)