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July-August-September 2010


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John Wesley Shipp as a violent father


After having been a violent Martin Ellis in 1986 in Santa Barbara, John Wesley Shipp will be an abusive father in the ABC soap One Life to Live.
The actor was indeed hired in the part of Eddie Ford, and should make his first (re)appearance on the sets early November.

Wanda DeJesus fired


In the News of 08/05 below, we announced you the hiring of Wanda DeJesus (ex-Santana Andrade) in the cast of the new series Law & Order: Los Angeles. Finally, after only a few days of filming, the actress was thanked by the production. Her character of police lieutenant will be recasted, but no information has yet filtered on the reasons of this departure. A news to be following...

Vincent Irizarry on departure


The network ABC has finally confirmed yesterday : after several days of negotiations, Vincent Irizarry (ex-Dr. Scott Clark) is well fired by the soap opera All my Children. His character will indeed be killed, leaving room for surprises surrounding the identity of his killer.
Vincent had found his character of Dr. David Hayward in All my Children in October 2008 (see
the News of 08/15/2008), after two years of absence and a passage by The Young and the Restless.

Reunion at The Bay !


Since several months, different soap-operas appeared in the United States by the way of web-series accessible only on internet. It is the case of The Bay, a new soap which first episodes is expected by next September 15.
Announced in the cast of The Bay : Lane Davies (ex-Mason Capwell), Nicolas Coster (ex-Lionel Lockridge) and John Callahan (ex-Craig Hunt). Contacted by Santa Barbara : le site Francais, Nicolas Coster entrusted us yesterday not to have begun the shooting yet, while he is supposed to appear in the 4th episode in the role of Jack Madison. Always according to his information, Lane Davies should, contrary to what is announced on
the official site of the web-series, resume the role that John Callahan was supposed to perform, which is Mackenzie Johnson.
In short, still a lot of unresolved questions, but an exciting series for which we wait steadfastly...

Update of 09/01 : If the production of The Bay is well underway, the creator of the web-series Gregori J. Martin needs an additional $15,000 before September 05 to complete the first season. All donations are welcome on this site.

Kim Zimmer back to sources


After the end of Guiding Light in September 2009 (see the News of 04/03/2009), Kim Zimmer (ex-Jodie Walker) had more turned herself to theater rather than soaps. And despite this, the actress has officially announced her come-back to television in the ABC soap One Life to Live, as from October 01.
Kim will take back the part of Echo DiSavoy, whom she had already played for a few months in... 1983 ! The writers of this soap have visibly a rare consistency...
Good homecoming to Kim, who returns to the sets this Thursday...

Eva LaRue is married !


A news which had escaped us : Eva LaRue (ex-Margot Collins) got married ! The actress married the businessman Joe Cappuccio, on the beach of Zihatanejo on the West coast of Mexico, on last June 26.
Let's remind that after John O'Hurley (ex-Stephen Slade) from 1992 until 1994, Eva was married to John Callahan (ex-Craig Hunt) from 1996 until 2005, with whom she had a daughter, Kaya McKenna (see the
News of May 2002).
With a little late, all our congratulations to Eva, whom we can find as from October 03 in the 9th season of CSI : Miami on CBS.

Gina Gallego : reunion with Robin Mattson !


Here is a news about which we would never have dared to dream of : in the previous News, we announced you Robin Mattson's next participation to Days of our Lives for some episodes beside Stacy Haiduk. And this latter cannot finally shoot these episodes and has just been replaced at the drop of a hat by... Gina Gallego, ex-Santana Andrade !
A reunion between Robin Mattson and Gina Gallego, here is what announces as big moment, even if their appearances was reduced to only three little episodes...

Robin Mattson behind bars


Robin Mattson (ex-Gina Capwell) back behind bars ! After having perfrormed the terrifying prison warden Sugar in The Bold and the Beautiful in 2003 (see the News of October 2003), Robin will be Lee, a prisoner imprisoned in Days of our Lives !
Beside Stacy Haiduk, Robin will appear the time of a few episodes as from October 2010 in the NBC soap. We wait for this with impatience !

Lieutenant Wanda DeJesus in September


We had rather seen her towards CSI : Miami at the beginning of the 2000s. Wanda DeJesus (ex-Santana Andrade) is going to be a member of the cast of Law & Order : Los Angeles as from fall. The show is a spin-off of Law & Order, which was cancelled after twenty seasons last June.
Wanda will play Arleen Gonzales, the lieutenant of this new crime squad, at the sides among others of Skeet Ulrich. The first episode is awaited for September 22 on NBC.

Melissa Reeves regular


Après un très bref retour en juin dernier (voir la ), Melissa Brennan Reeves (ex-Jade Perkins) devrait signer pour revenir de manière régulière dans le soap Des Jours et des Vies !
L'actrice y reprendra son rôle de Jennifer Horton Deveraux, qu'elle a tenu entre 1985 et 2006 (voir la ) à partir du mois de novembre de cette année.

After a very brief return last June (see the News of 03/19), Melissa Brennan Reeves (ex-Jade Perkins) may sign to be back as a regular in the soap Days of our Lives !
The actress will resume her part of Jennifer Horton Deveraux she held between 1985 and 2006 (see the News of 04/04/2006) as from next November.

Signy Coleman pays a flying visit


Signy Coleman (ex-Celeste DiNapoli) will make a short return in The Young and the Restless on next August 13th and 16th. She will resume her role of Hope Wilson, which she performed as a regular from 1993 till 1997, before resuming it in a more occasional way in 2000 (see the News of December 2000), 2002 and 2008.

Four more years for Nancy Lee Grahn


Nancy Lee Grahn (ex-Julia Wainwright) has just announced it by herself : she has re-signed for four new years with the soap General Hospital. The actress says herself to be delighted, as far as the security of a steady job is harder and harder to obtain nowadays according to her.
Nancy plays the character of Alexis Davis in General Hospital since 1996.

Eileen Davidson, and now three !


After Death In Daytime (see the News of 11/04/2008) and Dial Emmy for Murder (see the News of 06/15/2009), Eileen Davidson (ex-Kelly Capwell) has just released her third novel, Diva Las Vegas : A Soap Opera Mystery.  The actress does not undoubtedly leave the soap-opera world, because in this new opus, her mascot character Alexis Peterson investigates into the murder of a playmate during a soap-opera convention in Las Vegas...
The book was published on July 06 in the American bookshops and on the internet.

Eric Close out of the chaos


He believed in it very strongly. Regrettably, Chaos, the project of TV show Eric Close had presented at the last Festival of Television of Monte Carlo (see the News du 06/11), fell into the water.
A financial conflict between the network CBS and the production studio 20th Century Fox buried the project this week. Let us wish to Eric Close to go out very fast of this regrettable chaos...

Update of 08/05 : At last, a new new development happened at the end of July : the show was well retained by CBS for the season 2010-2011. And Eric Close is always a member of the project !

No victory for Jon Lindstrom


No chance for Jon Lindstrom (ex-Dr. Mark McCormick) : he left without victory at the last Daytime Emmy awards ceremony (see the News of 05/28).
It is the actor Michael Park, his partner in As The World Turns, who won the Emmy in the outstanding lead actor category.