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December 2000


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The come-back of Signy Coleman

The topicality of Signy Coleman and the fans of The Young and the Restless, the soap of CBS, meet again this month ! Indeed, the ex-Celeste DiNapoli in Santa Barbara (1988-1989), agreed to take again her role of Hope Adams Newman Wilson she had given up in 1997 for a few weeks. If the public follows, there is no doubt that her contract will be prolonged until the end of the season...

A Castillo in Passions

Elizabeth Storm was in 1989 Hollis Castillo, the sister-in-law of Cruz, at the origin of the kidnapping in Paris of his daughter and Eden's one, Adriana. It is in the soap Passions (coming soon in France) that the American televiewers can find her for a few weeks. She plays there Katherine, a new connected with the big Crane family.

Where did the angels go for Kyle Secor ?

No luck for Kyle Secor (ex-Brian Bradford in Santa Barbara) ! The show City of Angels which he had just joined last September (see the News of September) has just been cancelled by the network CBS. The last episode should be aired at the end of this month.

A Martinez is since last 17 November starring in the United States in What's Cooking, a comedy of Gurinder Chadha, with Kyra Sedgwick and Julianna Margulies (E.R.) Period obliging, the action takes place at the time of a family dinner during Thanksgiving...

Five days after (the 22th), can be seen, always in the United States, Unbreakable, the new movie of Robin Wright Penn, written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Robin however only plays a second role, the one of the wife of Bruce Willis.
On scene... Private Life
Lane Davies plays the spirits of Christmas...

It is in Thousand Oaks, California, that Lane Davies will play from December 1st to 23th "the ghost of Christmas present" in the part of Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol (you certainly know of it the Disney version, Mickey's Christmas Carol, but also the parody of Santa Barbara, already with Lane "Mason Capwell" Davies !). Lane, who is also the artistic director of the part, is not at his first steps on scenes. He has, between others, already played Cyrano de Bergerac (see the photo opposite !), and founded in 1988 his own theatre company, The Santa Susana Repertory Company.

No more love for Robin Mattson

Robin Mattson has just separated from her longtime companion, Henry Neuman. She however ensures that they are both remained on good terms. Robin played until last May the character of Janet Marlowe Green Dillon in the soap All my Children.

Happy birthday this month to...

01 : Forry Smith (Reese Walker)

15 : Thaao Penghlis (Dr. Micah DeAngelis)

16 : Ross Kettle (Jeffrey Conrad)

       Larry Poindexter (Justin Moore)

20 : Karen Moncrieff (Cassandra Benedict)

21 : Florence Griffith Joyner (Terry Holloway)

23 : John Callahan (Craig Hunt)

27 : Eva LaRue Callahan (Margot Collins)

28 : Terri Garber (Suzanne Collier)

30 : Nicolas Coster (Lionel Lockridge)