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October-November-December 2008


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Read Eileen Davidson


Just like Harley Jane Kozak (ex-Mary DuVall) and Peter Mark Richman (ex-C.C. Capwell), Eileen Davidson (ex-Kelly Capwell) starts in writing !
For her first novel, Death In Daytime, the actress get inspired by an universe she well knows : the daytime soap-operas. The story is the one of Alexis Peterson, star for twenty years of a very popular soap, who finds herself accused of the murder of the new head writer who was looking to evince her character. Is it necessary to precise that any resemblance with any reality would be totally unwanted...
Death In Daytime was released in October in the United States at New American Library. With Eileen's popularity, can we expect a translation in French soon ?

Frank Runyeon leaves religion


These last years, Frank Runyeon (ex-Michael Donnelly) had retired from the sets to invest himself in one-man shows where he interpreted - with humour - religious texts and gospel songs.
It is still on television that we find him in this end of year, in the soap All My Children. As from mid-November, he will indeed begin to play the character of Forrest Williams, the father of a young lesbian girl. We wish him a good come-back on the sets !

Some news from John Callahan


Since his divorce with Eva LaRue (ex-Margot Collins) (see the News of August 2004) and his departure from All My Children (see the News of 02/08/2005), we have been stayed a little without news of John Callahan.
The ex-Craig Hunt of Santa Barbara will appeared as from November 24 in a few episodes of Days of Our Lives, in the part of a doctor. The actor had already played a role in this soap in 1989, Artie Doyle.

The dates of October


To watch this month on the American screens :
Gina Gallego (ex-Santana Andrade) is starring since October 03 in Beverly Hills Chihuahua, an animal comedy where she plays a (very) small part.
- Bernard White (ex-Angel Ramirez) will be... Bernard in Quarantine, a horror movie, as from October 10. Release planned in France on December 31.
- On October 18, the subscribers to the television channel Hallmark will be able to refind Gordon Thomson (ex-Mason Capwell) in the TV movie Ladies of the House, with among others Pam Grier and Donna Mills, on the subject of life after retirement...
- At last, on October 17, release in a few theaters of What Just Happened ?, a movie between cinema and reality signed by Barry Levinson, where Robin Wright Penn (ex-Kelly Capwell) plays the part of... Kelly ! A disguised homage ?

Eileen Davidson on French television


It was on Tuesday, October 07 in Le Grand Journal on Canal + : Eileen Davidson (ex-Kelly Capwell) was invited on the stage with her colleagues from The Young and the Restless ! The actress is indeed shooting these days six episodes of the soap in Paris (see the News of 08/28/2008) and answered to the questions of the journalists.
an extract of Le Grand Journal, where the invited comedians and Eileen talk about their choice for the next American presidential elections and an interview in English by LCI website where Eileen answers to the questions of the internauts.

Jon Lindstrom comes back to soap


Five years after the end of Port Charles (see the News of August 2003), Jon Lindstrom (ex-Dr. Mark McCormick) does his come-back in a soap-opera.
As from December 03, he will be watchable on CBS in As the World Turns, where he will play the part of Craig Montgomery, a character already played by three different comedians before him ! We wish him not see his place stolen at his turn !