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August 2003


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The fall
of the American television
Santa Barbara in France
The disappointment of A Martinez

The ex-Cruz Castillo of Santa Barbara had to come back on on the screens this fall in a new TV show produced by Aaron Spelling, entitled The Henry Lee Project. The show seemed promising a lot of great things : at the sides of the actor Danny Glover, A would have played Anthony Delgado, friend of the private detective Henry Lee, veteran of the San Francisco police force and former prisoner. But the network CBS decided differently : not having enough confidence in the project, the show will finally not be aired. At this time, only the pilot will have been shot.

Paul Johansson arbitrates

More chance for Paul Johansson (ex-Greg Hughes), since he makes part of the stars of the fall : he indeed obtained a regular role in the new TV show of the channel WB, One Tree Hill. The subject ? Two enemy half-brothers in love with the same girl. Dan, the character played by Paul, will play the arbiters between the two young men. The show will be aired every Tuesday at 9 p.m., as from September.

In theatres


It is on June 06 that was released They Call Him Sasquatch, a parodic adventure movie which allows the return on the screen of Chuck McCann (ex-Kris Kringle), in the role of Bob Mabely.

It is not too late to refind Joe Marinelli (ex-Bunny Tagliatti) yet in One Last Ride, a film by Tony Vitale about the peregrinations of an Italo-American family. The movie was released on June 1.

More in times now, Betrayal, by Mark L Lester, with Tom Wright, will be released on the screens on August 1. The ex-Vic Boswell of Santa Barbara plays there Detective Stan, who investigates on an extremely dangerous affair of theft and murder.

Finally on August 08, Larry Poindexter (ex-Dr. Justin Moore) will starring in S.W.A.T., remake of an action TV show of the Seventies (see the News of March). He will play the role of Captain Tom Fuller.


In France this time, this is Gina Gallego (ex-Santana Andrade) who can be found since June 04 in Anger Management, by Peter Segal, with Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler (see the News of October 2002).

Lastly, Téa Leoni (ex-Lisa DiNapoli) is since July 23 on the French screens in People I Know, a film by Daniel Algrant. She interprets there Jilli Hopper, mistress of a stars manager played by Al Pacino. Téa will in addition begin as from September the shooting of House of D, a film written and directed by her husband, actor David Duchovny.

A new channel is interested in Santa Barbara...
In next November will arrive on the French cable Pink TV, a new generalist channel intended to the Gay and Lesbian televiewers. On its website, the channel proposes to its (future) televiewers to choise the programs they would like to find there among a list. And what a surprise to find among the TV shows envisaged by Pink TV... Santa Barbara !
I then encourage the French SB fans (and the French ones only !) to vote on the site of Pink TV so it will propose Santa Barbara, if possible from its beginning.

The news of the soap-opera world
Adieu Port Charles

The world of the American soap-opera knows a new victim : Port Charles, the spin-off of General Hospital, will definitively stop on next 03 October. Created in 1997, the soap had never really succeeded to get high ratings and the network ABC decided to stop the expenditures, after several efforts of unfruitful revival. The news will disappoint at least someone among the old ones of Santa Barbara : Jed Allan, who sporadically played there since 2001 the character of Edward Grant (see the News of November 2001).
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Santa Barbara digest
Bizarrozoom, heading showing off some curiosities

Joel Bailey is hired in Santa Barbara at the beginning of 1985 to play Lindsay Smith, the ex-lover of Channing Junior, a lawyer with a double life. The character is suppressed in August 1985, then Joel Bailey meets a charming actress from Mexican origin during a party. This actress is called Gina Gallego : they had already crossed each other during the shooting of Flamingo Road, but this time, their love is evident. Bridget Dobson had proposed to Gina to play the character of Santana in 1984, but she had refused, preferring to interpret another character in another soap born at the same time as Santa Barbara (it was Diandra Santiago Gallagher in Rituals). This turns to be the bad choice, because Rituals ceases in mid-1985. However the Dobsons contact her again in November 1985 to retake the role of Santana, which already knew two interpreters ! Gina accepts, and while this she marries Joel Bailey. By chance, Gina Gallego plays on screen the mistress of Channing Junior, who had as a lover Lindsay Smith the role played a few months before by her own husband ! It is rare for two married actors to love the same person on screen while having never played together.

Extract of Santa Barbara Tribune n°3, September 1993

Happy birthday this month to...

04 : Crystal Chappell (Jane Kingsley)

05 : Tawny Kitaen (Lisa DiNapoli n°1)

06 : Louise Sorel (Augusta Lockridge)

       Nathan Purdee (Jed n°2)

07 : Sydney Penny (B.J. Walker)

24 : Frank Runyeon (Michael Donnelly)

25 : Ally Walker (Andrea Bedford)

26 : Wanda DeJesus (Santana Andrade n°4)

27 : Mark McCoy (Ken Mathis)

28 : John Allen Nelson (Warren Lockridge n°1)

       Russel Curry (Vic Boswell n°3)