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October 2002


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On stage
Lane Davies investigates in Moscow

This is the surprise of the re-opening on the Russian television : Lane Davies joined the cast of the new cop show of the channel ORT, A Force of One. By the way, the ex-Mason Capwell in Santa Barbara did not decide to be exiled far from his family and friends : the show, an American-Russian coproduction, is partly shot in Los Angeles. Lane plays a police detective of Los Angeles, helped in his work by a Russian police officer who left his country to reapproach his American wife.

Around Rodion Nakhapetov, star in Russia and first role of the show of which he is also the writer and one of the directors, Lane has the opportunity to work with other personalities of television and cinema as the actress Sean Young (who plays his wife), or Gary Busey in the role of his hierarchical superior.

A Force of One wanting to please in priority the public of Russia, several scenes has been shot directly on place, which allowed Lane Davies to win a little stay this summer in Moscow. The show begins on the Russian television this month, before reaching the United States in 2003.
Stories of contracts
A Martinez reconcentred

His new show For the People having been conclusive on Lifetime, A Martinez confirmed his departure from the soap General Hospital in order to stay concentrated only on this role. His last appearance in General Hospital will happen on next 10 October (see the News of August).

Marj Dusay goes away !

Whereas she had resigned at the beginning of this year for four new seasons (see the News of January), Marj Dusay decided herself to leave this month the soap All My Children, where she plays the character of Vanessa Bennett Hayward Courtlandt since 1999. To rebound on a new project ?

Krista Tesreau returns in Springfield

The ex-Andi Klein in Santa Barbara is currently in talks with CBS to join the cast of the soap Guiding Light by the end of the year. Krista Tesreau played there the character of Mindy Lewis between 1983 and 1989.

In theatres in France In theatres in the United States
Gina Gallego deserves the glance

If you have the patience and the necessary sense of observation,  rush on the new film of Steven Spielberg, Minority Report. There, you will enjoy the scenario signed by the great science fiction author Philip K. Dick, the perfect interpretation of Tom Cruise and especially... the fugacious appearance of Gina Gallego, the time of a few minutes. The film is released on October 02 in France. If to watch for the ex-Santana Andrade in Santa Barbara is about to become for you a real drug, then be patient : Gina Gallego will also starring, at the sides of Jack Nicholson, in Anger Management by Peter Segal, in the role of a cocktail waitress ! To watch as from September 24... 2003 on the French screens (and as from June 13 2003 in the USA) !

Wanda DeJesus is arrived !

We spoke of it to you when it has been released in the United States on last 09 August (see the News of August), Blood Work, by and with Clint Eastwood and Wanda DeJesus (ex-Santana Andrade), arrived on October 23 in France. See you on theatre !

Nightmarish John Novak

After the 3rd, the 4th one : John Novak took again the costume of the abominable Djinn for the film Wishmaster 4 : The Prophecy Fulfilled, visible for the least emotive as from October 22 in the United States. For those who prefer the ex-Keith Timmons de Santa Barbara naturalness, the actor will be at the end of this year one of the main characters of the film Irish Eyes by Daniel McCarthy, which tells the reunion of two Irish brothers, John Novak and Daniel Baldwin, having each one evolved on a different side from the law. To discover

Robin Wright reminds you

White Oleander, Robin Wright Penn's new movie, is released on October 11 in the United States. A simple small recall for those who would have missed the News of August.

On scene Santa Barbara digest
Kim Zimmer recurs

Kim Zimmer (ex-Jodie Walker) definitely takes pleasure to go up on scene ! After the part Dirty Blonde she played all the summer (see the News of August), the actress recurs with Three O'Clock in Brooklyn, as from this month at the Access Theater in Los Angeles for a limited run. A reconversion to come, far from Guiding Light ?

Bizarrozoom, heading showing off some curiosities

Bridget and Jerome Dobson decided to hire a young scenario writer in February 1986. Her name : Victoria Lane. She had the time to write six episodes (numbers 378, 387, 394, 399, 407 and 413) until the end of March 1986. Her best inspired idea : Gina's false burial and Kirk's heart attack when he surprises her in her bath. Victoria Lane accidentally dies in April 1986. That is why the Dobsons create a character with her name to do homage to her in August 1986 (episode 532), a beautiful actress, ex-girlfriend of Cruz's.

Extract of Santa Barbara Tribune n░1, June 1993

Happy birthday this month to...

01 : Stella Stevens (Phyllis Blake)

03 : Jack Wagner (Warren Lockridge n░3)

04 : Meg Bennett (Megan Richardson)

06 : Michael Durrell (Dr. Alex Nikolas)

07 : Christopher Norris (Laura Asher)

08 : Ria Pavia (Elaine Berkowski)

09 : John O'Hurley (Stephen Slade n░2)

10 : Marisol Rodriguez (Carmen Castillo)

18 : Jon Lindstrom (Dr. Mark McCormick)

23 : Warren Burton (Major Phillip Hamilton)