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August 2002


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The re-opening of the American television

A Martinez leaves the hospital for the court

It is the event of the summer in the small world of American soap-opera : A Martinez announced his intention to leave General Hospital in September, joining the cast of For the People, the new show of the Lifetime channel.

Wearied of his character and the little interest the writers grant to him since his arrival in the soap three years ago (see the News of September 1999), A Martinez decided to give in the propositions of the drama schedule. If the date of his departure from General Hospital is not definitively fixed yet, A specified to have agreed to wait until the writers write a real end to the intrigues in progress including his character, Roy DiLucca.

It is thus on Lifetime, in For the People, that ex-Cruz Castillo in Santa Barbara can be found every Sunday evening, and this since July 21. A Martinez plays there Michael Olivas, a lawyer and the former husband of the heroin of the show, played by Lea Thompson. A new challenge he should succeed to win without any objection !
Ally Walker at home

Far away from Profiler, Ally Walker (ex-Andrea Bedford) will be as of September Billie, a single mother, in a new sitcom entitled My Wonderful Life. A return to television which can seem unexpected, the actress having left Profiler in 1999, in full glory, to devote herself exclusively to cinema. Let us hope for the producers of this new show that she will not repeat her sudden desertion !


Eric Close investigates

Eric Close (ex-Sawyer Walker) arrives on CBS at the September re-opening : he will be a FBI agent in Without a Trace (previously entitled Vanished) within a team led by the actor Anthony LaPlaglia. Let us wish to Eric that this time his show will exceed the fateful stage of the first season, contrary to his preceding experiments (McKenna, Dark Skies, Magnificent Seven, Now and Again...), all cancelled to early.

In theatres On scene

Untiring Robin Wright

Robin Wright Penn is starring on all the continents this summer : The Last Castle, whose release in France was pushed back many times (see the News of January) can indeed finally be seen since last July 03. On the other side of the Atlantic, it is in Searching for Debra Winger, the documentary signed Rosanna Arquette, that the ex-Kelly Capwell in Santa Barbara can be quickly seen since July 13. But the cinema event of Robin is more to come, since the very awaited White Oleander, by Peter Kosminsky, will not be released before October 11 in the United States (see the News of September 2001).

Since Robin completed, last June, the shooting of a new film : The Singing Detective, a musical movie, directed by Keith Gordon, from to the work of the excellent British author Dennis Potter. Robin holds the biggest part at the sides of Mel Gibson, Robert Downey Jr. (Ally McBeal) and Katie Holmes (Dawson's Creek). The release of The Singing Detective is planned for the next year in France and in the United States.

Wanda DeJesus superstar

The popularity of Wanda DeJesus grows louder and louder in the United States and that should not be being arranged since ex-4th Santana Andrade in Santa Barbara is the main partner of Clint Eastwood in the new movie directed by him, which is released this August 09 in the USA. Blood Work tells the investigation of a retired FBI agent (Clint Eastwood), who inquires into the mysterious death of the woman who, after her death, made him the donation of her heart for a transplant. Wanda plays Graciela Rivers, the sister of the late one, at the origin of the investigation. To discover in France as from October 23.

Kim Zimmer on stage

Kim Zimmer (ex-Jodie Walker) offers to herself a pause far from the soap Guiding Light... or if we can say so ! The actress is far from being idle since she goes up on stage since last July 11 at TheatreFest Equity Theatre at Montclair State University, where she plays the famous Mae West ! Fair Dirty, the title of the part, seems in any cases to ravsih her, even if she promises not to want for as much, following the example of A Martinez, to give up soap-opera, her predilection domain !

James Luisi (1928-2002)

Last 07 June died in Los Angeles, of a cancer, the actor James Luisi, who was Ben Clark, the father of Scott, between 1987 and 1988 in Santa Barbara. After having played during four years in a very popular cop show in the Seventies in the United States, The Rockford Files, James Luisi had turned to soap-opera, in particular Another World and Days of our Lives until 1992. Appeared in more than sixty productions, he had become a familiar face of the American television. These last years, he returned to his first love, theatre, while playing and directing many parts. James Luisi leaves behind him a daughter and his wife, during 41 years his partner.

Happy birthday this month to...

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05 : Tawny Kitaen (Lisa DiNapoli n░1)

06 : Louise Sorel (Augusta Lockridge)

       Nathan Purdee (Jed n░2)

07 : Sydney Penny (B.J. Walker)

24 : Frank Runyeon (Michael Donnelly)

25 : Ally Walker (Andrea Bedford)

26 : Wanda DeJesus (Santana Andrade n░4)

27 : Mark McCoy (Ken Mathis)

28 : John Allen Nelson (Warren Lockridge n░1)

       Russel Curry (Vic Boswell n░3)