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September 1999


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A Martinez joins General Hospital !

It is finally official : the reconversion of this new season will really happen ! A Martinez is returning in a soap-opera, General Hospital, as it had been announced here last month !

From October 1, he will play the mysterious Roy DiLucca, a character of the season 1978-1979 who makes his return after twenty years spent in prison whereas everyone believes he is dead !

A Martinez had however promised that he would not return in a soap one day, but since Santa Barbara he never succeeded in finding success, in spite of his presence in the two great shows that are L.A. Law and Profiler. A new departure thus for A who in addition will have to leave the West coast for New York where is shot the soap of ABC...

Louise Sorel in tour !

Practice very used in the United States, conventions of fans currently multiply ! It is also the case for the soaps, and especially Days of our Lives on NBC. And obviously, the star of the show, Louise Sorel (Augusta in Santa Barbara) is part of it ! With other actors of the show, she will welcome all the questions... and the requests for autographs from the fans, Sunday September 19th at the Tared Hotel of Parsippany, NJ. A small participation of $ 135 is however claimed for all the fans. But when one loves...

Stars of soaps and then ?...

The arrival of A Martinez in General Hospital is the perfect occasion to offer a little review of the transfers of stars of Santa Barbara towards the others soap-opera currently aired in the United States...

All my Children In that soap you can find great stars of Santa Barbara, starting with Marcy Walker (Eden Capwell) and Robin Mattson (Gina DeMott). But also Vincent Irizarry (Dr. Scott Clark), John Callahan (Craig Hunt), and since a few months Marj Dusay (the 3rd Pamela Conrad).

As the World turns Roscoe Born (Robert Barr/Quinn Armitage) joined the distribution this year, but seems to have already taken the door of the studios, dissatisfied with his role...

The Bold and the Beautiful Gina Gallego (Santana Andrade) is the regular doctor of the Forresters for now five years !

Days of our Lives Louise Sorel (Augusta Lockridge) is the current viper of this soap full of surprises, the wicked one that everyone loves to hate !

One life to live Timothy Gibbs (Dash Nichols) joined this soap only last year.

General Hospital A Martinez (Cruz Castillo) will not be alone at his arrival in the show on October the 1st : he will find Nancy Lee Grahn (Julia Wainwright), Stephen Nichols (Dr. Skyler Gates) and probably Jack Wagner (the 3rd Warren Lockridge) who should retake the role of Frisco Jones that he had created in 1983 before the end of the year...

Guiding Light The oldest soap-opera, always on the air for 47 years, welcomes between its walls Justin Deas (the 1st Keith Timmons), Robert Newman (the 2nd Kirk Cranston), and Kim Zimmer (Jodie Walker), who in 1995 took again her role of Reva Shayne Lewis, left vacant in 1990 !

Port Charles Jon Lindstrom (Dr. Mark McCormick) took again the two roles he simultaneously played in General Hospital at the creation of this spin-off in 1997. Marie-Elise Recasner (Alice Jackson), her, took again the character of Dr. Ellen Burgess last year.

Sunset Beach Russel Curry (the 3rd Vic Boswell) and Marguarita Cordova (Rosa Andrade) have joined the show in 1997. It should be noted that Sydney Penny (B.J. Walker) will assure until December the interim of Susan Ward (left to play in a TV movie), in the role of Meg Cummings.

The Young and the Restless In addition to Tricia Cast (Christie DuVall) who plays Nina Webster since 1986, Eileen Davidson (the 4th Kelly Capwell) has just taken again her character of Ashley Abbott in the new episodes after a period of eleven years of interim !

Bon anniversaire ce mois-ci ...

05 : Roberta Bizeau Weiss (Flame Beaufort n1)

08 : Brandon Farmer (Chip Castillo n3)

09 : Constance Marie (Nikki Alvarez)

13 : Christina Brascia (Aurora DeAngelis)

15 : Henry Darrow (Rafael Castillo n1)

16 : Janis Paige (Minx Lockridge n2)

       Kimberly McArthur (Kelly Capwell n2)

25 : Bridgette Wilson (Lisa Fenimore n2)

        Shell Danielson (Laken Lockridge n3)

27 : A Martinez (Cruz Castillo)