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March 2003


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On stage
Jack Wagner daily

It is decided and even signed : Jack Wagner (ex-Warren Lockridge) will join the cast of the soap The Bold and the Beautiful this month in the United States.
On March 27, the actor will thus reappear on the small American screens in the role of an unfortunate sea captain of the merchant navy named Dominick Payne. What to ravish the fans of Jack who were impatient to see him again since the end of Titans in December 2000 (and currently in France on TF1).

In short

Grace Zabriskie (ex-Theda Bassett) will be a family mother in The Brothel, a film written and directed by Amy Waddell, whose shooting has just be completed. Release envisaged in the current of the year in the United States.

Ismael "East" Carlo (ex-Ruben Andrade) will be Manny in the film El Padrino, at the sides of Robert Wagner and Stacy Keach.

Larry Poindexter (ex-Justin Moore) currently shoots S.W.A.T., remake of the show of the Seventies. Release on the American screens in August 2003.

End of show for A Martinez

As announced in the News of January, For the People, the show for which A Martinez had left General Hospital last October, has been cancelled by the channel Lifetime even before the end of the season. The 18th and last episode was aired on February 16, with no hope of return.

The news of the soap-opera
world in France
In theatres
in the United States
All my Children in France : here we are !

In the time of one month, the events hurried around the arrival of All my Children (or rather from now on La Force du Destin) in France. Whereas we awaited it on TF1 in the current of the year (see the News of February), All my Children unloaded by surprised in preview on the Belgian television on Monday February 17, on the channel RTL-TVI.

Just the time to try to make oneself a first impression that already TF1 walks on the steps of RTL-TVI and decides to air the show since Monday March 17 at 2.45 p.m. (just after The Young and the Restless).

Do not try to already locate Marcy Walker or Vincent Irizarry, the airing of All my Children will in fact begin from episode 6346, i.e. the year 1994 ! Applause the delay compared to the American airing...
The occasion however to find again Robin Mattson (Gina Capwell), Eva LaRue Callahan (Margot Collins), John Callahan (Craig Hunt) and Sydney Penny (B.J. Walker), while waiting for the arrival in a few months of Marcy Walker... Happy beginnings of soap to everyone !

John Beck on screen

John Beck (ex-David Raymond) is starring this March 03 in Timecop 2 in the United States. At the sides of Jason Scott Lee, John Beck plays O' Rourke, fellow traveller of the hero. Haste you to go to watch it, it does not risk to remain a long time in the theatres !...

Santa Barbara digest
Settingstory, heading making the history of a setting

The setting of the casino arrived in n385 : C.C. has given his agreement so that Dylan and Sam transform his given up platform into casino. We attend to the inauguration in n376 : Dylan called it Nick's Place in homage to his brother.
The death of Dylan and the departure of Sam Williams mark the end of the casino during one moment, then after 88 episodes of absence, return of the casino : C.C. is then the only shareholder and Brick works there. Lily Light, fighting against vice, requests the closing of the casino and organizes some manifestations : she obtains what she wants since in n518 and it makes its "last" appearance.
It will reappear in n638, abandoned : Gina and Keith excavate it with a flashlight, thus hoping to find Kelly, tracked by the police for murder. The setting of the casino thus lasted 253 episodes, that is to say one year of shooting.

Extract of Santa Barbara Tribune n2, July 1993

Happy birthday this month to...

01 : Jed Allan (C.C. Capwell n5)

       Rick Edwards (Jake Morton)

02 : Gordon Thomson (Mason Capwell n3)

04 : Stacy Edwards (Hayley Benson)

05 : Samantha Eggar (Pamela Conrad n1)

07 : Linda Gibboney (Gina DeMott Capwell n1)

08 : Kathy Shower (Janice Harrison)

12 : Julia Campbell (Courtney Capwell)

13 : Joseph Mascolo (Carlo Alvarez)

14 : Melissa Brennan Reeves (Jade Perkins)

27 : Paula Trickey (Tonya Vargas)

30 : Justin Deas (Keith Timmons n1)