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February 2003


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On screens in the United States The news of the soap-opera world
Robin Wright sings and dances

The event will not have escaped to the movie maniacs on the other side of the Atlantic : The Singing Detective, Robin Wright Penn's last film has been released on the American screens on last 17 January. Directed by Keith Gordon, from the work of Dennis Potter, The Singing Detective tells the hallucinating deliriums of a writer (played by Robert Downey Jr., Ally McBeal), appearing on the screen in the form of danced and sung scenes like in the old musicals. Robin Wright plays there Nicola, a nurse and ex-wife of the writer, thus showing her talents for dance and song ! A first try for the actress (see the News of August 2002)...

John Allen Nelson puts the swimming drawers on

February 28, almost two years after the end of the show, will be aired on the American television Baywatch : Hawaiian Wedding, the reunion movie of Baywatch. If the regular ones of the balneal show will be (almost) all reunited (David Hasselhoff, Pamela Anderson, Alexandra Paul - on the photo with John Allen Nelson, Yasmine Bleeth, Billy Warlock...), John Allen Nelson (ex-Warren Lockridge n°1) will there refind the character of John D. Cort he played on several occasions during the first seasons. He will find there among the others frequenters Gena Lee Nolin (his partner in the show Sheena, cancelled last year, see the News of February 2002), but also Jeremy Jackson who was in Santa Barbara Derek Griffin as a child in 1990... See how the world is small, even in Malibu !

Detective Wanda DeJesus

Another TV appearance to look for in the United States, that of Wanda DeJesus (Santana Andrade n°4) in the cop show C.S.I. : Miami on CBS. The actress has indeed joined for a few weeks the spin-off of C.S.I. as Detective Sevilla. C.S.I. : Miami should arrive in France on TF1 in the current year.

All my Children in France : La Force du Destin

Marcy Walker, Robin Mattson, Marj Dusay, Vincent Irizarry, John Callahan... They will all make this year their return in France... but in the soap La Force du Destin (Destiny Force if you prefer !), French title of All my Children ! After more than 18 months of wait (see the News of September 2001), the network TF1 has finally decided to air the show daily. If the first date of airing, just like its schedule, still remain to be defined, La Force du Destin is this time well announced by TF1 like one of its new TV shows for the year 2003.

Santa Barbara digest


The postsynchronization company which works on the French translation of Santa Barbara decided at the beginning of 1992 to remove the original musics of Dominic Messinger for those of Jean Renard (he is responsible for the famous French credits song sung by Gilles Sinclair). Indeed, starting from n°816 aired on June 25 and 26 1992, this is the end of the superb synthetizer theme and the arrival of violins and piano.
It should be noted that Jean Renard's musics are not bad (a little wearying when we always hear the same ones in scenes where they do not suit at all); the question is: why to have chosen Santa Barbara for such a sabotage ?
Even if this mark of interest could be a compliment (I believe it is the only American TV show of which the music has been remake), but after a while, it is frustrating : we feel as betrayed and damaged, thinking of all the musics we will never hear. Moreover, the musical themes give its atmosphere to a show and Jean Renard does not seem to have understood the modernism and the kitsch tooch (!) of Santa Barbara. It is thus once again necessary to protest against such abuses and to claim the return of the original themes as fast as possible.

Extract of Santa Barbara Tribune n°2, July 1993

Santa Barbara online

Lane and Nancy web stars

Double news this month in the news of Santa Barbara and its stars on the net : after the site of the couple (Mason and Julia Transcripts), here are the personal sites of Julia and Mason ! Thus, two American sites on the most emblematic characters of the show made their appearance in the beginning of this year : : an unofficial website and Nancy Lee Grahn [dot] com  -  the website proposes each one biography, filmography, press articles, photos gallery and all the news of the two actors, today co-stars of General Hospital in the United States. Two excellent sites to visit without waiting...

Happy birthday this month to...

02 : Kim Zimmer (Jodie Walker)

13 : Richard Eden (Brick Wallace)

19 : Stephen Nichols (Dr. Skyler Gates)

20 : Peter Love (Ric Castillo)

       Marj Dusay (Pamela Conrad n°3)

25 : Téa Leoni Duchovny (Lisa DiNapoli n°2)

26 : Margarita Cordova (Rosa Andrade)

27 : Stoney Jackson (Paul Whitney)

29 : Phyllis Frelich (Sister Sarah)