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January 2003


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Santa Barbara, 10 years later

January 15, 2003 : 10 years after the airing on NBC of the last episode of Santa Barbara, the cult around the show did not cease to last throughout the world.
The occasion to stop a few moments on the last year of Santa Barbara, its last straight line before its ultimate breath. If as well we should do not speak about the breath of the televiewers in front of the disaster inflicted by the new scenaristic team of the last season.
Difficult indeed to be interested in all these new characters arrived from nowhere and who occupy from now on the foreground : the marital vexations of Jodie and Reese Walker, the family disagreements of Micah DeAngelis and his children, the adulterous relationships of Jodie and Reese Walker, the despairing conversations between a become hateful Kelly Capwell and a more than transparent Connor McCabe, without forgetting... Jodie and Reese Walker always and forever ! Let's believe that Pam K. Long, new head writer, sought to make of Santa Barbara a Kim Zimmer Show. Only hope to remain waked up in front of ones screen : to play to watch for an episodical appearance of Julia, Mason, Sophia, C.C., Lionel or Gina, last guiding mark of a chaos with no name !
In short, no big things to save in these last months. If the departure of Marcy Walker in 1991 had sounded the beginning of the end of Santa Barbara, the one of A Martinez in 1992 gave the death-blow.
What remains of Santa Barbara in the last episodes of January 1993 ? The memory of a great show, of high colored characters and panting intrigues. This last year will at least have an utility for two things : to help to make his mourning of a dying great show, while helping to make less difficult its conclusion, in any case foreseeable and, we can say it, consequently lengthily awaited.

Sydney Penny back in Pine Valley

Translation for the uninitiated ones : Sydney Penny (ex-B.J. Walker) is back in the soap All My Children ! Since December 20, the actress indeed joined the cast of the famous soap of ABC (always awaited in France on TF1) in the role of Julia Santos Keefer, a character she had already played between 1993 and 1997. Her contract is for the moment limited to a few weeks. The future will say to us if the career of the beautiful Sydney will continue through this soap...

Roscoe Born has only one life

Let's believe that this is a special month for it : another great actor of Santa Barbara also made his come-back in a ABC soap in December. Roscoe Born (ex-Robert Barr and Quinn Armitage) recovered his character of Mitchell Laurence in the soap One Life to Live for 13 weeks of episodes. Roscoe had already played Reverend Laurence between 1985 and 1987. Surprised for the fans : his character will make his first appearance under the pseudonym of Michael Lazarus... A whole program !

A Martinez in deferment

For his new show For the People, A Martinez (ex-Cruz Castillo) had taken the bet to give up his regular role in the soap General Hospital (see the News of October 2002). Bad idea : the Lifetime channel announced the interruption of For the People after only 19 episodes, next February. What following day thus awaits A Martinez after this failure ?

Santa Barbara digest


During the wedding ceremony of Joe and Kelly, the minister calls the bridegroom by his birth name, Joseph : we learn that Joe is the diminutive of Joseph. However, many episodes later, on his tomb stone, we can read : John Evan Perkins, born on June 15, 1958 and dead on March 01, 1985. Joe then becomes the diminutive of John Evan, which is more logical since Marisa often repeated it : she called her son Joe simply to differentiate him from his father. Then what is Joe's real first name ? A new mystery...

Extract of Santa Barbara Tribune n░2, July 1993

Happy birthday this month to...

01 : Rawley Valverde (Amado Gonzalez)

07 : Kristen Meadows (Victoria Lane)

10 : Krista Tesreau (Andi Klein)

11 : Mitchell Ryan (Anthony Tonell)

22 : John Wesley Shipp (Martin Ellis)

       Maria Ellingsen (Katrina Ruyker)

24 : Brian Matthews (David Laurent)

26 : Paul Johansson (Greg Hughes)

27 : Carrington Garland (Kelly Capwell n░3)

        Tamlyn Tomita (Ming Li)

28 : Harley Jane Kozak (Mary DuVall)

       John Beck (David Raymond)