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July-August-September 2008


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The dates of September


On television
New television season and already the come-back since September 01 for Paul Johansson (ex-Greg Hughes) in the 6th season of On Tree Hill, as from September 22 for Eva LaRue (ex-Margot Collins) in the 7th season of CSI : Miami, and as from September 23 for Eric Close (ex-Sawyer Walker) in the 7th season of Without a Trace.
On another side, less chance for Ally Walker (ex-Andrea Bedford), since her show Tell Me You Love Me
(see the News of 09/06/2007) was cancelled by HBO. Officially, its creator-writer would know a lack of inspiration for a second season !

In theatres
We talk again about
Eva LaRue (ex-Margot Collins) for the release on September 19 in the United States of Lakeview Terrace, a thriller signed Neil LaBute, where she plays... Lieutenant Morgada, a cop again ! The movie will be released on October 01 on the French screens.
The same day is released Ghost Town, a fantastic movie with
Téa Leoni Duchovny (ex-Lisa DiNapoli), then on September 26 will arrive, always in the American theatres, Choke, with David Wolos-Fonteno (ex-Gus Jackson) in the part of Edwin.
Eileen Davidson in French


From The Young and the Restless, she went to The Bold and the Beautiful in a few months (see the News of 02/02/2007). Today, Eileen Davidson (ex-Kelly Capwell) makes the reverse travel ! The actress will indeed join again and in a regular way the cast of The Young and the Restless, always in the part of forever Ashley Abbott Carlton.
To celebrate the event, the actress gets even offered a trip to Paris ! Indeed, some episodes of the famous soap are going to be shot in the French town these next days, episodes which will reunite Eileen, Eric Braeden (Victor Newman), Sharon Case (Sharon Newman) and Joshua Morrow (Nicholas Newman). The production wish to mark the 20 years of the soap airing in France on TF1.

End game for Roscoe Born


Only three months after his arrival in the soap Days of our Lives (see the News of 05/09), Roscoe Born (ex-Robert Barr, Quinn Armitage) already leaves the shooting stage ! The storyline including his character, Trent Robbins, is, as said by the producers, already arrived at its term.
We however do not worry too much for the actor, recordman of the appearances in the American daytime...

Vincent Irizarry does not know inactivity


His contract with The Young and the Restless has just ended (see the News of 07/04), and Vincent Irizarry is already hired by the concurrence !
The actor will make his come-back in the soap All my Children, in the same part he played between 1997 and 2006, before his firing for budget matters (see the News of 09/19/2006).
So Vincent will be again Dr. David Hayward as from September 2008, even if none precise date was communicated yet. Here is an actor who does not know inactivity !

All Santa Barbara Videos : le site Francais on a same address


Santa Barbara Vidéos : le site FrançaisBig moving for Santa Barbara Videos : le site Francais : as from today, all the videos (and the archived ones) are accessible on a same address, This blog reunites by chronological and thematic order the 234 current videos, of which a very new one (year 1986) !

Return to soap-opera for A Martinez


For many days, the rumour was getting more and more insisting. At last, it was confirmed by the magazine Soap Opera Digest : A Martinez (ex-Cruz Castillo) joins the soap One Life to Live this month !
The actor will play a new character, Ray Montez. A had left the soap-opera world in 2002, after three years in General Hospital (see the News of August 2002).
The news about A are also the TV movie Little Girl Lost : The Delimar Vera Story, which will air on August 17 on Lifetime (and soon in France on TF1). His character is named Angel Cruz. It cannot be invented...

Vincent Irizarry murderer


After a year and a half in The Young and the Restless, Vincent Irizarry (ex-Dr. Scott Clark) has been fired by the producers of the CBS soap. His character, David Chow, turns to be a murderer finally publicly unmasked, and thus constrained to leave the screens.
The actor had joined the soap in November 2006 (see the News of 11/27/2006), whereas he was awaited in Guiding Light. So popular among the soap-operas fans in the United States, we do not worry too much about his professional future...

Disappointment for Thaao Penghlis


What a pity for Thaao Penghlis (ex-Dr. Micah DeAngelis) : he went back without anything from the 35th ceremony of the Daytime Emmy awards, where he was nominated for the Emmy of the best lead actor for his double part of André and Tony DiMera in Days of Our Lives (see the News of 06/09/2008).
It is Anthony Geary, of General Hospital, who won the reward.
We wish him good luck for a next time ?...