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October-November-December 2006


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Retrospective news 2006

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A baby for 2007 for Sydney Penny


The good news of this end of year comes to us from Sydney Penny (ex-B.J. Walker). The actress and her husband Robert Powers have just announced that they are waiting for their first child next June. Sydney is one of the stars of All my Children, where she took back her part of nurse Julia Santos Keefer the summer 2005 (see the News of 05/11/2005).

John O'Hurley happy daddy


John O'Hurley (ex-Stephen Slade) and his wife Lisa Mesloh are two happy parents : little William Dylan is born on December 06 in Angeles. He is the first child for the couple, as for John who, let it remind it, has been before Eva LaRue's husband (ex-Margot Collins) between 1992 and 1994.

Homage : Anne Howard Bailey (1924-2006)


The scenario writer Anne Howard Bailey died last November 23, at the age of 82. Before working on Santa Barbara, she made her class on the American television in the fifties, before getting specialized in soap-operas writing, between which General Hospital et Days of our Lives. In 1989, she was rewarded for her work on Santa Barbara by an Emmy award, shared with the writing team of the show. Remained single despite the years, Anne Howard Bailey died of congestive heart failure in Rancho Mirage, California.

To read : The galley of romance, an article about the writing of Santa Barbara told by Anne Howard Bailey

Renée Jones out


Renée Jones, who was in 1984 in Santa Barbara Dr. Toni Carlin, Kelly's best friend, has just been fired from the soap Days of our Lives. Since 1993, she played Lexie Carver, a character very appreciated by the fans.
It is again a financial reason that has been advanced to justify this firing. No date of contract ending has been revealed yet.

Vincent Irizarry's new home


The Vincent Irizarry (ex-Dr. Scott Clark) saga finally ends ! The actor, recently fired by the producers of All my Children for economical reasons (see the News of 09/19), will not at last rejoin Guiding Light (see the News of 11/01), but... The Young and the Restless !
The ex-Dr. Scott Clark was actually hired to hold the part of David Chow (a new character) in the famous CBS soap. He began the shootings on November 21 in the biggest secret and so will make his first appearance on the small American screens next January 09.
The soap-opera world is really rich in rebounds !

Julia Campbell missed her departure


In the News of last June 06, we shared the pleasure to announce the come-back of Julia Campbell (ex-Courtney Capwell) as the main star of a new TV show in the beginning of 2007.
Unfortunately, the actress has finally been ousted from the project. The show 3 LBS has even already begun its airing - earlier than it was planned - last November, but without Julia.
This is the second time that the actress undergoes such a bad luck, after a first series project aborted in fall 2002, The Funkhousers (see the
News of April 2003).

Eileen Davidson comes and comes back


Main character of The Young and the Restless for twelve years, Eileen Davidson (ex-Kelly Capwell) definitively leaves the famous soap this month ! It is only a half-surprise, since the actress has already, at many times, shared her discontent about the storylines which were reserved to her character of Ashley Abbott Carlton these last months. This time, the production was fed up with it and decided to fire her. She will make her last appearance on the CBS screens on Januray 11.
Eileen had already left a first time The Young and the Restless in 1988, where after six long years, she rejoined Santa Barbara, then Days of Our Lives from 1993 to 1998.
It is besides towards this last soap that the rumours already imagine her come-back, where Eileen could very well getting back the part of Susan, one the many faces of the split personality character she played there at the time. An affair to be followed...

Vincent Irizarry back to the light ?


Vincent Irizarry (ex-Dr. Scott Clark), fired from All my Children by ABC last month (see the News of 09/19), could very quickly rejoin the cast of Guiding Light ! The actor already knows very well this other soap to have played two characters in it : Lujack Luvanoczeck between 1984 and 1986, then Nick McHenry Spaulding between 1991 and 1996.
The rumour comes from the fact that, the week the announcement of his dismissal was made, the name of Lujack has oddly been pronounced in Guiding Light, and this for the first time in years... A way to prepare the televiewers to his come-back ? For the moment, CBS denies the information...
While this, ABC reserved a last joke to Vincent : to propose one of his songs, Please Come Home for Christmas (the actor is also a singer), on a made-home compilation to be released for Christmas...

On stage


A point on the current shootings including our former Santa Barbara stars...
The most prolific this last months and who makes his big come-back on the stages, it is Mark Arnold (ex-Joe Perkins). The actor indeed shot not less than six movies this year : Shimmer, where he plays Neil McKenzie, the comedy Making the Cut, the short films Alaska and Grandpa, The Pill where he plays a doctor, and House of Merchandise where he plays a priest.
Richard Eden (ex-Brick Wallace) is, as for him, awaited in Callback, where he has the main part, that of Jake, a secondary actor ready for everything to be recognized.
To note : the release on October 19 in the United States of Pain Within, with Bernard White (ex-Angel Ramirez) in the part of Dr. Shible, then in November of A Merry Little Christmas, with Jane Sibbett (ex-Jane Wilson) in the part of Madeline Bridges.