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April 2003


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The 30th Daytime Emmy awards
Nancy faces Eileen and Kim

There will have sport challenges at the 30th Daytime Emmy awards on next May 16. The ceremony, which rewards every year the daytime soap-operas teams, will indeed see facing three former stars of Santa Barbara in the very coveted category of the best outstanding lead actress : I named Nancy Lee Grahn (for General Hospital), Eileen Davidson (for The Young and the Restless) and Kim Zimmer (for Guiding Light).

Eileen Davidson has already declared that she will miss the delivery of the trophy, because her childbirth to come is planned for the day after the ceremony (see the News of December) ! She will thus stay at home, in Los Angeles, to follow the event on television.

No question of making here some favouritism for a particular actress, but all real Santa Barbara fan has inevitably his preference... Results on May 16 on ABC. And let the best one gain (good luck Nancy !)...  ;-)

On the American television Santa Barbara digest
Bad re-opening

Just like Ally Walker (see the News of December), the big return of Julia Campbell (ex-Courtney Capwell) on American television will have not taken place this season. Her project of show, The Funkhousers (see the News of September), whose pilot has however been shot, did not seduced the television networks and thus will not see the day.

To note in the bad news chapter, the cancellation last February of the new show of Ian Abercrombie (ex-Philip), Birds of Prey, after only 13 episodes (see the News of September).

Settingstory, heading making the history of a setting

The Capwell boathouse is one of the most beautiful settings of Santa Barbara : it arrived in n400 in March 1986. It was used as a place for acting for Kirk and Gina to try to murder Eden. Kirk and Gina carefully repeat the murder but the events turn badly, Gina does not have the courage to kill Eden. She falls into the basin and drowns herself. Eden manages to escape, wounded, and leaves by car (she has an accident and loses her child). In the following episodes, Cruz will begin his investigations. Then, the hangar will be used as an ornament setting for scenes between Ted and Hayley for example.
To repeat all, the boathouse appeared in 18 episodes from n400 to n515 (that is to say 115 episodes) and it was used for 48 scenes in this interval. N515 in August 1986 is thus the last time where we saw the hangar... until n689 in February 1988 when it makes a great return. It indeed contains the mystery of the death of Hal Clark which happened thirty years ago ! C.C. fishes out the cranium and succeeds in destroying it in n925 (April 1988). The setting, which had been restricted of its half for economy, is entirely destroyed, but Cruz plunges and finds bones !
The boathouse thus lasted from March 1986 to April 1988, with a very sporadic use. But this place did not deliver all its secrecies yet as well on the death of Hal Clark as on the identity of the person to whom belonged the bones found...

Extract of Santa Barbara Tribune n3, September 1993

On stage
Tamlyn Tomita fights against danger

If she fights againt danger in her regular roles in 24 and JAG since this re-opening 2002 (see the News of December), Tamlyn Tomita (ex-Ming Li) does it also in her roles on cinema. She will be in the heart of the action of Gaijin 2, awaited on the American screens this year, in which she plays the main role, that of Maria Yamashita Salinas. Between two appearances in her TV shows, Tamlyn finished at the beginning of this year the shooting of The Day After Tomorrow, big action-movie directed by the specialist of the kind, Roland Emmerich. In the role of Janet, she shares the action with Dennis Quaid, straid in a world threatened by a general return to the glacial era. Release envisaged in May 2004 in the United States...

The news of the soap-opera world in France

La Force du Destin : continuation... and end !

All my Children in France : this is finished ! Following the so-called bad ratings of the first 4 episodes of the francized version of All my Children, TF1 cancelled the show one week after its arrival on the air !
How to hope to interest a public with a new soap if it does not have the time to make acquaintance with its characters, its intrigues, its general tone ? Why not, in this case, to leave a second chance to soaps which already made their proofs like Santa Barbara ?

To note : the Belgian channel RTL-TVI, which had begun the airing of La Force du Destin one month before, will also stop to air it on Friday April 04...

Happy birthday this month to...

06 : Judith McConnell (Sophia Capwell n2)

08 : Robin Wright Penn (Kelly Capwell n1)

13 : Terry Lester (Mason Capwell n2)

16 : Peter Mark Richman (C.C. Capwell n1)

17 : Timothy Gibbs (Dash Nichols)

21 : Chip Mayer (T.J. Daniels)

22 : Joseph Bottoms (Kirk Cranston n1)

22 : Steve Bond (Mack Blake)

28 : Nancy Lee Grahn (Julia Wainwright)