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September 2002


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The re-opening of the American television (part 2)
Julia Campbell in a trash version

It is in The Funkhousers that Julia Campbell (ex-Courtney Capwell) makes her re-opening this season. This new show, right now announced like a live version of The Simpsons, may make a lot of noise ! Julia plays the mother of this completely mad family, which promises dark humour and bad taste for the greatest pleasure of the fans of trash-TV !

John O'Hurley's voice

Even if you can hear him play, you won't see the face of John O' Hurley (ex-Stephen Slade n2) in his new show Kim Possible... And due to this : it is the animated show which made the great days of Disney Channel this summer in the United States and which continues in September ! John gives his voice to one of the protagonists of this animation awaited for September on the French Disney Channel... but, with the doubling, without the voice of John ! The actor, this time in flesh and bone, should be found in the teenager movie Slammed, by Brian Thomas Jones, in the role of a family father. The release is envisaged for the end of 2002.

Ian Abercrombie at your service

Ask your memory and you will find the face of Ian Abercrombie : in the first months of Santa Barbara in 1984, he was Philip, the Capwells' butler. Since, Ian shot a lot and it is on the American television, on WB, that he can be found as from October 09 in the new show Birds of Prey. Ian plays there Alfred Pennyworth... the butler. That cannot be invented ! Moreover, Ian will soon star in the film The Eternal, written and directed by the king of the erotism Zalman King...

On stage Santa Barbara digest
Pitiless Timothy Gibbs

The crual ans pitiless world of Wall Street is in the center of The Kings of Brooklyn, the film Timothy Gibbs expects to launch his reconversion in cinema. The movie of Lance Laneet, awaited in the weeks to come in the United States, could indeed be used as a springboard to the ex-Dash Nichols in Santa Barbara who decided to give up the soap-opera world last year (see the News of March 2001) to try his luck on the big screen. A challenge we can only wish to be quickly won by the actor...

Erratum, heading analyzing the errors in the scenario

Madeline Capwell is found dead by Pearl in a house where he led her (n419). The victim is lengthened on the floor, the cranium shattered by a hammer located close to the head. In n420, the owner of the house testifies to the police : "You can ask Clara, we heard a gunshot". Clara is the chambermaid who has surprised Pearl close to the body. Pearl is innocent, the suspicions weigh for a while on Lionel (Madeline's lover), then it is the lawsuit of David Laurent, the husband of the victim. Thanks to Julia, David is declared innocent but Julia, in love with him, discovers in his stuffs a dumbbell stained of blood in n473. David Laurent runs away with Sheila Carlyle. After the suspicions have turned to Keith (Madeline's lover), Julia believes Courtney guilty but she does not have any proof. In n599, Courtney ends up acknowledging to Pearl and Brian that she is the murderer : she killed Madeline with a revolver, because she was jealous of her success with men. Here is thus the kind of a confused, long and illogical intrigue : the crime weapon is successively a hammer (but a gunshot has been heard), a dumbbell and a revolver. Supposed culprits : Pearl, Lionel, David, Sheila and Keith, all that to accuse the sister (the writers may have accused her as a last resort since Courtney has been suppressed in the same episode of her avowal : did she go to prison ?). Better not to try to know : this proves that is not Agatha Christie who wants...

Extract of Santa Barbara Tribune n1, June 1993

In short

He did not play for cinema since 1999 : Richard Eden (ex-Brick Wallace) will be back this end of year on the big screen inCallback, film written and directed by Chris Glatis.

Stoney Jackson (ex-Paul Whitney) is awaited in Footprints, which released is envisaged at the end of 2002.

Finally, the end of the year will also welcome on the screens Julie St. Claire (ex-Tawny Richards) in the role of Barbara Gearson in Stealing Candi, by Mark L. Lester, starring Daniel Baldwin and Coolio.

Happy birthday this month to...

05 : Roberta Bizeau Weiss (Flame Beaufort n1)

08 : Brandon Farmer (Chip Castillo n3)

09 : Constance Marie (Nikki Alvarez)

13 : Christina Brascia (Aurora DeAngelis)

15 : Henry Darrow (Rafael Castillo n1)

16 : Janis Paige (Minx Lockridge n2)

       Kimberly McArthur (Kelly Capwell n2)

25 : Bridgette Wilson (Lisa Fenimore n2)

        Shell Danielson (Laken Lockridge n3)

27 : A Martinez (Cruz Castillo)