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Luck and bad luck The reconversion of the year

They came...

Stephen Nichols (ex-Dr. Skyler Gates) took back last June his character of Steven Johnson, the patch man, in Days of our Lives, after 16 years of vacation in this part !

Obliged to leave All my Children in September, Vincent Irizarry (ex-Dr. Scott Clark) found a new home as from November in The Young and the Restless ! Welcome and long life to his new character, David Chow.

They left...

Roscoe Born (ex-Robert Barr) began the year unemployed after his departure from The Young and the Restless. His nine months contract with the CBS soap was not renewed.

In March, it was Jed Allan (ex-C.C. Capwell) who was fired from General Hospital. ABC ceased in front of actor John Ingle's request to take back his part of Edward L. Quartermaine, that he had left to Jed.

Melissa Reeves Brennan (ex-Jade Perkins) announced in April her departure more or less forced from Days of our Lives during the year. This is now done.

In July, Joseph Mascolo (ex-Carlo Alvarez) made his good byes to Massimo Marone, his character in The Bold and the Beautiful, that he rejoined in 2001.

In November, Eileen Davidson (ex-Kelly Capwell) learned her dismissing from The Young and the Restless where, during twelve years, she played the character of Ashley Abbott Carlton. However she will be on screen until January on CBS.

At last, it is Renée Jones (ex-Dr. Toni Carlin) who ends this year of the bad news with her firing from the soap Days of our Lives in the beginning of December.

They came and left...

Kyle Secor (ex-Brian Bradford) saw his TV show Commander in Chief cancelled by ABC after 18 episodes. To be the husband of the American States first woman does not succeed to everyone...

John Allen Nelson (ex-Warren Lockridge) hero of the new show of FOX, Vanished last August, that was really a good news. At least until November, when we learned the premature end of the show, due to low ratings, after only 13 episodes...

One of the greatest surprises of the year 2006 were Marcy Walker's good byes to public life in January. The actress decided to give up her acting job to settle with her fourth husband, Doug Smith, as a minister in a children's ministry in Lake Forest Community. She chose that moment to change her official name in Marcy Smith. But for us, she will remain Marcy Walker for ever...
Victory !
On last April 28, Kim Zimmer (ex-Jodie Walker) came home with the Emmy award of the best outstanding lead actress for her character of Reva Shayne Lewis Cooper Spaulding Lewis, that she plays in Guiding Light. Congratulations !
They left us...
Don Stewart, who was a brief Lionel Lockridge of substitution in 1985, on January 09

Anne Howard Bailey, scenario writer, on November 23

You missed them in theaters,
you will see them on DVD !
Sorry, Haters, starring Robin Wright Penn (ex-Kelly Capwell)

Poseidon, starring Gordon Thomson (ex-Mason Capwell)

The Last Guy on Earth, starring Robin Mattson (ex-Gina DeMott Capwell)

World Trade Center, starring Tom Wright (ex-Vic Boswell)

Hell to Pay, starring Stella Stevens (ex-Phyllis Blake)

Callback, starring Richard Eden (ex-Brick Wallace)