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July-August-September 2007


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Karen Moncrieff rewarded in Deauville


On last September 09, the 33th American film festival of Deauville, France, has rewarded of its Grand Prix Karen Moncrieff (ex-Cassandra Benedict Lockridge) for her second film as writer and director, The Dead Girl.
The film tells how the discovering of the body of a young girl in a field near Los Angeles will change the existence of many people, all strangers the ones from the others but linked in a way or another to this brutal murder. In the cast can be found among others Toni Collette and Piper Laurie.
Karen has already began the pre-production of a new movie, Relative Distances, where she is again the writer and director.
Our congratulations, while waiting to see The Dead Girl to be released in the French theatres.

All Santa Barbara on a blog


Our friend Frenchbubbly continues her work around Santa Barbara on the web. After Santa Barbara : Intrigues et Passions, she created a new blog of videos : Santa Barbara Full Episodes. As its name tells it, it proposes to find on-line the whole first episodes of the show. Coming today, the two first parts of episode 6 are already available.

From pilots to series


It is the big come-back of Ally Walker (ex-Andrea Bedford) in a regular part on television, eight years after her departure from Profiler (see the News of July 1999). On September 09, the American cabled channel HBO will air the first episode of Tell Me You Love Me, a new TV show centred on the life of three couples. Ally plays Katie, a 40's graphic designer and family mother, who knows some problems with her couple, especially on a sex plan.
The other news about Ally Walker this year is also the TV movie By Appointment Only, that she co-wrote and in which she plays the lead female character, Val Spencer.

Anyway, we always await news from Born in the USA, a series pilot shot by A Martinez (ex-Cruz Castillo) for Fox network. This sitcom - if it turns to be developed by the channel - would tell the stories of a blue-collar family. To be followed...

Marj Dusay on one feet


What could have pushed the writers of Guiding Light to invent an accident leading Alexandra Spaulding, the character of Marj Dusay (ex-Pamela Conrad), to stumble on a dog and to break her ankle, asked last weeks the televiewers of the CBS soap.
The answer is well more realistic : the actress indeed broke her feet in reality and has to undergo a few days with a plaster. Nothing really serious in any cases.

On the French and American screens


Some theaters releases must be signalled this summer, to follow in new adventures the former stars of Santa Barbara...
With a little late, let us remind the relesa on July 25 in France of You Kill Me, where Téa Leoni Duchovny (ex-Lisa DiNapoli) plays Laurel Pearson, the accomplice of a mafioso hitman.
This August 14, it is Stoney Jackson's turn (ex-Paul Whitney) to make his come-back on the big screen in Theory, a thriller about mysterious disappearances.
Stacy Edwards (ex-Hayley Benson) plays the family mother on August 17 in Superbad, a teenage comedy, which will arrive on October 31 in France.
At last, on August 24 will be released Illegal Tender, where Wanda DeJesus (ex-Santana Andrade) interprets Millie DeLeon, a mother obliged to flee with her son the men who killed her husband.

Judith McConnell in Russian


After Passions (see the News of 05/29), Judith McConnell continues her televised comeback... in Russia ! It is indeed in Daughter & Mother, a show of the Russian channel STS, that the ex-Sophia Capwell of Santa Barbara made a few appearances last week... and in her own part !
In Daughter & Mother, Judith is invited by a professional advertiser fan of the famous soap, and thus makes the heroine of the show benefit from her celebrity.
Clips of her appearances are accessible on the site

A French blog of videos !


Santa Barbara : Intrigues et Passions is a French blog very recent, devoted to Eden et Cruz but also to storylines concerning other characters of the show. It is made of clips watchable on line, classified by categories. To discover quickly !