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July 1999


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The new movie of Robin Wright is arrived !

The last movie of Robin Wright (the 1st of the 4 Kelly) can be seen since June 30. Message in a Bottle (Une Bouteille la Mer in French) tells the history of a young divorced mother (Robin, obviously !), who leaves to search the author a splendid poem she found... in a bottle ! (It would be the character played by Kevin Costner that it would not astonish me !) Well, you must not be afraid by melodramas, that's clear, but it is nevertheless the occasion to finally see again Paul Newman in front of a camera ! And all the critics applaud Robin's play, therefore, if you don't know what you to do this week-end, throw you to the water !

Sydney Penny plays in interim !

If you are fans of Sunset Beach, you must know the great news : Susan Ward, the interpreter of Meg Cummings, offers to herself a break for the needs of another shooting and thus will be replaced in the episodes curently produced in the United States ! Her substitute during her absence has finally been named : it is Sydney Penny, alias B.J. Walker, Cruz's hidden daughter !

Until 1997, Sydney was playing a regular role in All my Children, before joining, the last season, the cast of the show Hyperion Bay with Mark-Paul Gosselaar. The duration of her period of interim could extend to twelve weeks, that is to say until the end of December at least on the screens. She will thus find former partners of Santa Barbara, like Gordon Thomson (3rd Mason/A.J. Deschannel) or Marguarita Cordova (Rosa Andrade/Carmen Torres) !

A Martinez in Sunset Beach ?

Of course, that is only a rumour, but it is said that A Martinez (this dear Cruz) had been approached by Aaron Spelling, the creator and executive producer of Sunset Beach, to join the cast to go up the audience, the show always risking the cancellation in the end of the year... (What nobody wants, hum ?!) A Martinez had already been approached to play in two others soaps these last months : Guiding Light and One Life to Live...

Ally Walker leaves Profiler !

The news surprised many fans of the show Profiler ! Ally Walker (Andrea in Santa Barbara) has announced her intention to leave the show after 2 or 3 episodes of the 4th season which shooting will begin this month ! According to our news (who said "rumours"?!!), it would be NBC, co-producer of the show, that would have pushed Ally to the exit door, not finding credible anymore her interpretation in the role of the most famous profiler of the USA... Moreover, the show being in loss of audience, its rescue programmed this season seems to have to pass only by a profound change of its cast ! It is indeed Jamie Luner (Lexi in Melrose Place) who will succeed to Ally in October. Indeed, for a change, that will make a change !...

Happy birthday this month to...

04 : Signy Coleman (Celeste DiNapoli)

06 : Rosemary Forsyth (Sophia Capwell n1)

       William Shallert (Roger Wainwright n2)

11 : Robert Fontaine Junior (Rafe Castillo)

14 : Nick Benedict (Boots)

15 : Carmen Zapata (Carmen Castillo n1)

16 : Janis Paige (Minx Lockridge n2)

18 : Susan Marie Snyder (Laken Lockridge n2)

19 : Terri Treas (Sheila Carlyle)

21 : Paul Burke (C.C. Capwell n2)

23 : Lenore Kasdorf (Caroline Wilson)

23 : Terry Davis (Madeline Capwell)

26 : Nicholas Walker (Frank Goodman)

31 : Lane Davies (Mason Capwell n1)