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November 2000


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On stage...

Cinematographic reunion

Would Brad White be a former fan of Santa Barbara ? By the way, this American movie director has succeeded in the exploit in his last film to bring together three actors from the great time of the show : Todd McKee (Ted Capwell), Gina Gallego (the 3rd Santana Andrade) and Valorie Armstrong (Marisa Perkins). The movie entitled Nothing But the Truth will come out by the end of the year in the United States. One impatiently awaits it in France and in the rest of Europe.

Eric Close romantic ?

Eric Close, who was Sawyer Walker in 1992-1993, has just begun the shooting of the romantic comedy Liberty, Maine. The release is envisaged at the beginning of 2001. While waiting, Eric can be seen every Sunday in France on the network France 2 in the excellent Now and Again (starring also Margaret Colin, the wife of Justin Deas-Keith Timmons).

Lane Davies in court

The more appreciated of the three Mason indeed signed to appear in several episodes of the fifth season of the TV show The Practice, which began on last 08 October on the network ABC in the United States. He plays there the character of Kyle Barrett.

Private Life Stories of contracts...
The happinesses of Bridgette

Bridgette Wilson, who played Lisa Fenimore Castillo in 1992-1993, finally married the tennis champion Pete Sampras on last 30 September (see the News of July). Among the guests, one found many stars, of which Elton John himself who wished prosperity and longevity to the couple in his way : by singing !

And as a happiness never arrives alone, Bridgette began this 1st November in The $treet, the new TV show of Darren Star (Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, Sex and the City ) on FOX. She plays there the character of Bridget Deshiell.

Bye bye Tricia Cast !

As announced in the News of October, Tricia Cast (ex-Christie DuVall) has obtained from the producers of the soap The Young and the Restless to be able to break her contract to spend more time with her new husband, Bat McGrath. Tricia will then definitively leave the stages in mid-December and her last appearance on screen will be, with the interval, during January 2001.

Happy birthday this month to...

04 : Todd McKee (Ted Capwell n░1)

12 : Vincent Irizarry (Dr. Scott Clark)

16 : Tricia Cast (Christie DuVall)

17 : Brandon Call (Brandon DeMott n░4)

23 : Michael Brainard (Ted Capwell n░2)

24 : Roscoe Born (Robert Barr, Quinn Armitage)

26 : Marcy Walker (Eden Capwell)

28 : Jane Sibbett (Jane Wilson)

29 : Charles Grant (Connor McCabe)

30 : Gina Gallego (Santana Andrade n░3)

        Sherilyn Wolter (Elena Nikolas)