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July 2000


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Santa Barbara : le site Franšais celebrates its 1st year !

This month, the topicality of Santa Barbara, it is also the first anniversary of this site, born officially on July 11, 1999 on the Web. At this occasion, no hidden gifts, candles at each bottom of page or cakes with cream in form of arobase, just two good news.

First of all, even if it is the summer and even if it is the holidays, the updates will continue to arrive the weeks to come. Then, an innovation since the beginning of the month : from now on, each Monday, two new press articles will be published on the site. The first will concern an actor of the show, his portrait, his career; the second one will get you in the backstages of the soap through articles about the hidden face of the show (strategies of audience, anniversarys, assessments of seasons...) Enough to occupy yourself during the hot estival evenings !  : -)

Private Life

Tricia Cast divorces...

The one who was Christie DuVall in 1985 has just separated from her husband, Jack Allocco. The marriage has lasted for eleven years. Tricia Cast and Jack had met on the stage of The Young and the Restless where Tricia plays Nina Webster Chancellor Kimble McNeil since 1986 and where Jack is the music director.

... and Bridgette Wilson gets engaged

The ex-Lisa Fenimore of Santa Barbara (1992-1993) has just officially announced her engagement to the world tennis champion Pete Sampras. The wedding is planned for in a few months.

The news of the soap-opera world in France

About the succession of Loving...

The morning soap of the network France 2, Loving, should arrive at its term at the end of July and its successor is still not officially designated. If any bet on Passions still a few weeks ago (read the News of May ), it is today Days of our Lives that is announced for favourite. Some episodes had indeed already been aired by the network several summers ago but without success and the remaining episodes had been programmed in substitute around 6 a.m. last year.

The choice of Days of our Lives can appear surprising : indeed, to air this soap in France, France 2 should start right in the middle of the intrigue (the beginning of the show was in 1965 !). Moreover, it is quite unknown in France and the first tests of the network to install it these last years were not very conclusive.

Two outsiders could have become favourites : The City (1995-1997), which is the real continuation of Loving (some sceneries and characters went from one to the other), and that goes without saying... Santa Barbara, of which an integral repeat, even at 8h35 a.m. would have been more than welcome ! Next time, perhaps ?...

Happy birthday this month to...

04 : Signy Coleman (Celeste DiNapoli)

06 : Rosemary Forsyth (Sophia Capwell n░1)

       William Shallert (Roger Wainwright n░2)

11 : Robert Fontaine Junior (Rafe Castillo)

14 : Nick Benedict (Boots)

15 : Carmen Zapata (Carmen Castillo n░1)

16 : Janis Paige (Minx Lockridge n░2)

18 : Susan Marie Snyder (Laken Lockridge n░2)

19 : Terri Treas (Sheila Carlyle)

21 : Paul Burke (C.C. Capwell n░2)

23 : Lenore Kasdorf (Caroline Wilson)

23 : Terry Davis (Madeline Capwell)

26 : Nicholas Walker (Frank Goodman)

31 : Lane Davies (Mason Capwell n░1)