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February 2001


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C.C. starts writing

Far away from Santa Barbara and the character of C.C. Capwell he has played in the whole first episodes of the show, Peter Mark Richman starts today in writing.

No biography of the Capwells and their family secrecies at the horizon, but a novel, Hollander's Deal. The story is the one of Robert Rosedale, a young 28 years old graduate who, in 1948, must make a crucial choice between continuing his studies and realize his dream : to become a theatrical producer. His meeting with the famous producer Lucas Hollander and by the same occasion his splendid daughter Stephanie, will change his life...

Peter Mark Richman began in plays and wrote and produced a part, 4 Faces (for which he received a Drama-Logue Award), that he has adapted for cinema in 1999. Hollander's Deal is his first (autobiographical ?) novel. With the eulogistic critics he has received, there is no doubt that the ex-C.C. of Santa Barbara will not hesitate to renew the experiment soon...

Roscoe Born guest of the princess

The seductive Robert Barr of Santa Barbara has the honor of the NBC soap Days of our Lives : he will be in the week of February 5 one of the guests at the wedding of Princess Greta Von Amburg, played by Julianne Moore. Among the other guests : Ian Buchanan, Bobbie Eakes or Kathleen Noone. One does have class or one does not have any...

Santa Barbara online Homage

Ray Walston

Ray Walston, the good old Mr. Bottoms, the unforgettable university professor of Ted and Laken in 1984, died Monday January the 1st 2001 in his residence of Beverly Hills of natural death.

Veteran of the small screen, Ray Walston is not unknown for you even if you missed his appearances in the beginnings of Santa Barbara. He indeed appeared in a very impressive number of TV movies and various TV shows, apart from his roles at theatre and cinema. The role which had revealed him remains the one of My Favorite Martian (1963-1966), in which he played a Martian who lives on Earth and spends his time solving the catastrophes that he has himself created !

His last appearances on the small screen were in recent episodes of Picket Fences (for which he had received two Emmy Awards in 1995 and 1996 in the category of the best second role in a dramatic show), Ally McBeal and Touched by an Angel.  

After 40 years of cinema and television, Ray Walston well deserved a little rest...

Two new sites about the show have come to enrich the web these last weeks.

First of all, a new Spanish site. One knew the one of Javi, here is the one of Feliz, soberly baptized Santa Barbara. For the moment, only a small part of the site is translated into English, but Feliz promises on his site that the remainder will follow very soon. The formatting is neat and there are many animations. Only one (little) critic : that still misses a little of photographic illustrations, but the site is still at its beginnings...

The second site comes us from the United States : Debbie's Movie Site is, as its name does not indicate it, devoted to the televisual prowesses of A Martinez, a.k.a. Cruz Castillo. It proposes a selection of videos extracts (of variable quality) for the majority from Santa Barbara, with scenes between A Martinez and Marcy Walker, but also with sometimes the appearance of other characters of the show. What to spend a good moment reminding some great moments of the show...

Happy birthday this month to...

02 : Kim Zimmer (Jodie Walker)

13 : Richard Eden (Brick Wallace)

19 : Stephen Nichols (Dr. Skyler Gates)

20 : Peter Love (Ric Castillo)

       Marj Dusay (Pamela Conrad n°3)

25 : Téa Leoni Duchovny (Lisa DiNapoli n°2)

26 : Margarita Cordova (Rosa Andrade)

27 : Stoney Jackson (Paul Whitney)

29 : Phyllis Frelich (Sister Sarah)