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July 2004


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 July 30 1984
    July 30 2004

        is  20  !

On July 30, 1984, there is 20 years ago, was born on the American network NBC Santa Barbara.
To celebrate the event, Santa Barbara : le site Francais presents during all July a series of French and American press articles about the creation of the show, its evolution and the fabulous destiny of its creators, Bridget and Jerome Dobson...
Santa Barbara Videos : le site Francais
will propose as for it, for this birthday, 4 new clips from the very first episode of the show.

And as a birthday often hides another one, it is also this month the one of Santa Barbara : le site Francais, which will celebrate on July 11 its 5 years of existence !

Happy birthday Santa Barbara !
Rumour On stage
Marcy Walker ready to go ?

Would Marcy Walker be ready to leave All my Children ? It is at least the rumour which runs in the small world of American soap-opera. With all her discretion, the ex-Eden Capwell of Santa Barbara plays there Liza Colby Chandler for almost ten years, after a first passage in the same role between 1981 and 1984.

The actress does not wish to comment at this day, not more than the network ABC which refused to confirm or cancel the rumour. Bad sign ?...

They are shooting...

Michael Brainard works doubly since the beginning of this year : the ex-second Ted Capwell of Santa Barbara indeed finished the shooting of two movies for the cinema. Toi and Poochie tells the story made of misery and disenchantment of an immigrant young person in the United States. The Untitled Onion Movie, lighter, is a film of satirical sketches on the American society, starring also Tom Wright (ex-Vic Boswell). Wouldn't Michael be a little non-patriotic ?

The actor Corbin Bernsen joined together his mother, Jeanne Cooper and a some of her partners of The Young and the Restless, of which Eileen Davidson, to the credits of his next movie, 3 Day Test. A story of family conflicts three days before Christmas. The ex-4th Kelly Capwell of Santa Barbara will make her first appearance on a cinema screen for fifteen years.

The TV movie Tales of a Fly on the Wall joins together, sixteen years after Santa Barbara, Warren Burton (ex-Major Phillip Hamilton) and Brian Tochi (his faithful servant Kai). And not by chance, since it is Brian Tochi himself, as scenario writer and director of this fiction, who chose Warren Burton to appear in the credits as the narrator. The TV movie, which should be aired on the American television this year, is a tale about bad curiosity.

The book of the month
Jed Allan on paper pages

Please, Spell the Name Right ! It is the heartfelt cry of Jed Allan, in cover... of his autobiography to be released this month in the United States ! A title-jobe in reference to the bad recurring orthography of his surname in "Allen" in the press. Co-writted by Rusty Fischer, the book recalls Jed's rich and impassioned career, from Lassie to Santa Barbara, lingering also on the great events which marked his private life, from the birth of his sons to the death of his wife Toby in 2001 (see the News of August 2001). A book to devour urgently...

Happy birthday this month to...

04 : Signy Coleman (Celeste DiNapoli)

06 : Rosemary Forsyth (Sophia Capwell n1)

       William Shallert (Roger Wainwright n2)

11 : Robert Fontaine Junior (Rafe Castillo)

14 : Nick Benedict (Boots)

15 : Carmen Zapata (Carmen Castillo n1)

16 : Janis Paige (Minx Lockridge n2)

18 : Susan Marie Snyder (Laken Lockridge n2)

19 : Terri Treas (Sheila Carlyle)

21 : Paul Burke (C.C. Capwell n2)

23 : Lenore Kasdorf (Caroline Wilson)

23 : Terry Davis (Madeline Capwell)

26 : Nicholas Walker (Frank Goodman)

31 : Lane Davies (Mason Capwell n1)