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November 2003


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End of contracts Santa Barbara online
First hecatombs

The fall has just started for the American television networks that some programs are already victims of the ratings war. Thus, UPN already withdrew from the screen The Mullets, the sitcom of John O'Hurley (ex-Stephen Slade), after only 6 episodes. As for today, 13 episodes have however been shot.

Santa Barbara Videos : le site Francais

is open !

Announced for several weeks (in particular in the News of last month), the official opening of Santa Barbara Vidéos : le site Français occurred this Thursday October 30th.

Little brother of Santa Barbara : le site Francais, this new site offers to let you discover again the strongest and the most romantic moments, but also the funniest and the most animated ones of Santa Barbara in the form of video clips to download.

As for today, 13 videos are already available : 7 variations of the credits, 1 promotional clip from 1987, 4 clips of the first episode in 1984 and 1 clip of the last episode in 1993. Some new clips are right now planned throughout the month.

And even if the arrival of some videos is already planned until next year, do not hesitate to share your suggestions, ideas and desires by e-mail. And let wish a long life to Santa Barbara Videos : le site Francais !
Thaao Penghlis dies only twice

The ex-Dr. Micah DeAngelis in Santa Barbara leaves this month the soap Days of our Lives that he had joined last year (see the News of July 2002). It is the second time during his career that Thaao Penghlis leaves this soap, causing twice the death of his character, Tony DiMera. Before a new resurrection ?

Short time

Robin Mattson (ex-Gina DeMott Capwell) has already finished with The Bold and the Beautiful. Her contract with the soap, begun at the end of September (see the News of October), was not renewed for this month.

Good-bye to the prince

Stephen Nichols left the soap General Hospital on last 14 October. His character, prince Stefan Cassadine, was purely and simply killed and buried by the writers. The ex-Dr. Skyler Gates in Santa Barbara had joined the famous soap last May, 18 months after a first departure of which he had had, that time, the initiative (see the News of May).

In the American theatres Santa Barbara digest
On November 11 will be released in the American theatres My Gardener, with Castulo Guerra (ex-Rafael Castillo). In this film written and directed by Iren Koster, Castulo plays Miguel, an Hispanic grandfather.

Eric Close (ex-Sawyer Walker) will star on November 25 in Alvarez & Cruz.
The movie tells a story of family revenge within the Latino-American community.

Timothy Gibbs (ex-Dash Nichols) will be Steve, a New York fireman, confronted to terrifying cannibals in Season of the Hunted. The final release date of this film, envisaged before the end of the year,  was not definitively arrested yet.

Contest of doubles

Vodka has the property to make people see in double... It is undoubtedly for that that a famous mark organizes a big contest of doubles, from San Francisco to Seattle. The winners will earn 5.000 dollars and will appear in an episode of... Santa Barbara.

Extract from Télé Star, 1991

Happy birthday this month to...

04 : Todd McKee (Ted Capwell n°1)

12 : Vincent Irizarry (Dr. Scott Clark)

16 : Tricia Cast (Christie DuVall)

17 : Brandon Call (Brandon DeMott n°4)

23 : Michael Brainard (Ted Capwell n°2)

24 : Roscoe Born (Robert Barr, Quinn Armitage)

26 : Marcy Walker (Eden Capwell)

28 : Jane Sibbett (Jane Wilson)

29 : Charles Grant (Connor McCabe)

30 : Gina Gallego (Santana Andrade n°3)

        Sherilyn Wolter (Elena Nikolas)