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April-May-June 2013


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Nicolas Coster invited on Russian television


In spite of the years, Santa Barbara remained very popular in Russia. As proves it the talk-show Прямой эфир, aired on the public channel Rossiya 1, which received last Friday, on June 14, Nicolas Coster (ex-Lionel Lockridge).
The video of the
show can be viewed on-line opposite. Click the small square at the bottom of the video to obtain a full-screen image.

In spite of the voice of the Russian translator who covers Nicolas Coster's, it is always a pleasure to see again the actor, especially to speak about our favorite show !
(Thanks to Serge to have reported this information to us.
Robin Wright does not answer !


Robin Wright (ex-Kelly Capwell) makes speak about her in the magazine France Dimanche of May 31, in the section letters to the editor. See opposite.
(Thanks to Jean-Louis
to have reported this information to us on our Facebook page.)
Santa Barbara wins and looses on Prise 2 ?


As you may have seen it since yesterday on our Facebook page, Santa Barbara won the finale of the fight of the series on the Quebec channel Prise 2 !
The s
how should be aired again next fall.
At least, it is
what we believed. Because, as Manon reported us, the channel Prise 2 seems to backtrack on
its official Facebook page : "Such as mentioned from the beginning of the fights, the fact that a series wins does not guarantee its broadcasting. There are the questions of rights, etc., to verify. The first purpose of the exercise is to remember beautiful memories and to know the tastes of the televiewers. It is also possible that "losing" series are broadcasted."
Do we have to expect a big disappointment and a feeling to have been deceived
Joseph Bottoms king of toys


Some news of Joseph Bottoms (ex-Kirk Cranston) : the actor should join the cast of King Eternal : A Film About Growing Up, a short film in preparation.
The story is the one of Nikolas, a young
boy who, to stand the divorce of his parents, imagines scenes where his close relations take the shape of toys and fight his fears. Joseph Bottoms would play John, the child's stepfather.
The project still needs money to become reality
: on
the official site of the film, director Christiano Dias presents his project and encourages you to help to finalize its financing on the Indiegogo website.
A good
way to finally see again Joseph Bottoms on our screens !
(Thanks to Nadya to have reported this information to us.)
Vote for Santa Barbara on Prise 2


The Quebec channel Prise 2 currently makes the public vote for his fight of the series : Santa-Barbara faces The Colbys. From this vote, Prise 2 will choose the winning series and will broadcast it from this autumn.
Go to vote on-line if you want to watch again the show since the beginning.
You can vote several times a day, thus do not hesitate to repeat your choice !!

(thanks to Gaston to have reported this information to us.)
Robin Wright not so perfect


It is last Wednesday that was released in the French theaters Perfect Mothers, the last movie of Robin Wright (ex-Kelly Capwell).
Directed by French Anne Fontaine, the movie tells the story of two women who, in the absence of her husbands, start a passionate affair with the other's son. Robin Wright is Roz, one of the two mothers abandoned by her husband, whereas Naomie Watts is Lil, who starts an affair with Roz's son.
Shot in the magnificent sets of the New South Wales, the movie
was not released in the United States yet, where it made only an appearance at the Sundance festival last January.

Robin shot, since Perfect Mothers, two others full-length films : A Most Wanted Man, a spy thriller adapted from a novel by John le Carré, and The Congress, in which she plays the leading part... herself ! Numerically scanned to be able to exploit her image for cinema, Robin is going to relive the film of her life in 2030, at the age of 63. A science fiction animated movie which awakes our curiosity !

A busy beginning of year for A Martinez


After a few years far from the boards, A Martinez (ex-Cruz Castillo) returns to the theater for one month of performances in Athol Fugard's play, Blood Knot.
play tells the story of two brothers, Morris (played by A Martinez) and Zachariah (Oscar Best) in Apartheid South Africa. The one is black, the other not. And this difference is going to upset all their life.
Directed by actor Lou Gossett Jr., the play will be performed every Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from April 12th till May 19th to the Malibu Stage Company.
A beautiful opportunity to see A Martinez
as large as life, besides in a play of a big dramatic intensity.

We wait for A Martinez this year in three other productions, some movie productions this time : In Embryo, in which he plays Cesare Petrillo, battling against a couple lost in a spiral of drug and violence; Jimmy Picard, a movie by French director Arnaud Desplechin, who tells the fate of an Amerindian veteran after the Second World War and whose release is planned in France on September 11th of this year; and finally Curse of Chucky, or the return of the sadistic doll. A plays Father Frank, in this horror movie which should be released directly in video for Halloween 2013. At last, A comes back for the second season of the TV series Longmire on A&E, currently filming.
An already busy beginning of year for A !