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August 1999


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A Martinez returns in a soap !

Nothing is still signed (we always await the official confirmation), but A Martinez (Cruz) should join the cast of the soap General Hospital in October ! He would play the character of Roy DiLucca for one season. After being announced in Guiding Light, One Life to Live and Sunset Beach, it is finally General Hospital that received the honors of his choice.

A Martinez will find there one of his comparses of Santa Barbara : Jack Wagner, who was the last Warren Lockridge before joining Melrose Place. Indeed Wagner has just signed for this soap from September.

Eric Close's new show

Eric Close, The John Loengard of Dark Skies, but also before Sawyer Walker in Santa Barbara, will be in September the hero of a new show with a strong concept on CBS. In Now and Again, Eric will indeed be a... corpse which is seen offering a new body and a new life by the American government... It terribly smells governmental plot and paranoia !!

Signy Coleman gets married!

If you are fans of The Young and the Restless, then you know Signy Coleman, who was Hope Newman. But before playing in The Young..., Signy was during one whole season Celeste DiNapoli, a former prostitute, love of childhood of Dr. Scott Clark, in Santa Barbara. A role of composition since in reality, she ended marrying Vincent Irizarry, the interpreter of Scott Clark, and giving birth to a little girl, Sienna.

Divorced for a few years now, Signy has announced her wedding in August with the financier Thomas Nolan. An union which is accompanied by a new departure : Signy has indeed just left Guiding Light and has been contacted by Chris Carter to reappear in The X-Files, in the role of Susanne Modeski, the muse of the now famous Lone Gunmen... A summer which is thus announced very hot for her...


A new recruit in Party of Five !

Kyle Secor, who was in 1986-1987 Brian Bradford, Pearl's brother, will not have waited a long time to find a role after the end of Homicide : Life on the Street last May after 122 episodes. He has indeed just signed for eight episodes of the show Party of Five whose shootings will begin again for the 6th season. He will play Evan Stilman, the director of a publishing who will seduce Julia.

Happy birthday this month to...

04 : Crystal Chappell (Jane Kingsley)

05 : Tawny Kitaen (Lisa DiNapoli n░1)

06 : Louise Sorel (Augusta Lockridge)

       Nathan Purdee (Jed)

07 : Sydney Penny (B.J. Walker)

24 : Frank Runyeon (Michael Donnelly)

25 : Ally Walker (Andrea Bedford)

26 : Wanda DeJesus (Santana Andrade n░4)

27 : Mark McCoy (Ken Mathis)

28 : John Allen Nelson (Warren Lockridge n░1)

       Russel Curry (Vic Boswell n░3)