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July-August-September 2011


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Suzenne Seradwyn rallys international support for autistic filmmaker


Suzenne-Marie Seradwyn (ex-Laken Lockridge) is asking for global support from all Santa Barbara fans to fund a gifted artist, Marit Rawley, in achieving her dream. This is her story :
We would like to take a moment of your time to introduce you to autistic filmmaker, Marit Rawley, who has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign at :
Marit plans to use funds raised through this campaign to produce her third and most ambitious project, The White World.
Marit is the protégé of master documentarian, filmmaker and multiple Emmy winner, Dale Sonnenberg. Dale had been seeking an apprentice for years. He felt compelled to share his gift of knowledge and passion for filmmaking with someone who understood that passion. Someone with Autism.
Enter Marit Rawley, a young woman who knows a thing or two about the challenges of growing up with Autism. She also has a passion for movies. Through a mutual friend, Polly Arango, Dale and Marit meet. They agree to a common goal : make ten films together, no matter how long it takes.
After five years of meeting with Dale every Tuesday at 1:00 pm, Marit has completed two short films and is currently editing a "self" documentary.
We are seeking
Kickstarter support to bring Marit's vision to the screen. Kickstarter is crowd-funding platform for creative projects.
We need your support to make our
Kickstarter funding campaign a success as the premise is to meet your specified goal or you get nothing.
You can learn more about Marit and The White World by visiting
Kickstarter and check out our blog at :

Terri Garber moved into real estate


Since the beginning of the month, Terri Garber (ex-Suzanne Collier) obtained her business card as a real estate agent, and practices in the John Aaroe Group in Sherman Oaks, California, in the Los Angeles district.
Terri presents
her new business and solicits your visits to
her official professional site and her professional Facebook page. Good luck in this new career, Terri !

The dates of the fall on television


At first, place to a point of the summer : Switched at Birth, Constance Marie's (ex-Nikki Alvarez) show (see the News of 02/04) was renewed by the channel ABC Family for 22 episodes to be broadcast in January 2012.
The Protector, starring Ally Walker (ex-Andrea Bedford), will end its first season on September 19. Originally titled Exit 19 (see
the News of 11/04/2010), the show is aired on the channel Lifetime. No decision has been made for its renewal for a second season yet.
Less good news for Larry Poindexter (ex-Dr. Justin Moore), whose show The Hard Times of RJ Berger was canceled in August by the channel MTV after two seasons.
Regarding this fall, Eva LaRue (ex-Margot Collins) reprises her part of Natalia Boa Vista for the 10th season of CSI : Miami as from September 25 on CBS.
At last, Paul Johansson (ex-Greg Hughes) is back in One Tree Hill, after having left the show early in the 7th season. In the 9th season, which will also be the last one, he reprises his role of Dan Scott. The actor should also direct its 14th episode since the beginning of the show. This final season will air in early 2012 on the network The CW.

Update of the 09/09 : The channel Lifetime announced yesterday that The Protector, Ally Walker's TV show, was canceled at the end of its first season for lack of audience.

Santa Barbara on the web


July saw the birth of a blog signed by an Italian fan of the show. On Santa Barbara Blog, Pier shares his memories of Santa Barbara and his passion for the show. A blog to visit.

Eva LaRue and Constance Marie at the ALMA


After a three-year hiatus, the ALMA awards are back this year. And among the nominees, there are two stars of Santa Barbara : Eva LaRue (ex-Margot Collins) for her part in CSI : Miami and Constance Marie (ex-Nikki Alvarez) for her new show, Switched at Birth (see the News of 02/04).
The ceremony will be held on September 16 and will be broadcast on NBC.
mind that the ALMA awards are awarded to the Latino actors to promote a positive image of this community in the entertainment field. Find out the nominees and winners from Santa Barbara to the new page of
The Santa Barbara awards.

John O'Hurley does it again


John O'Hurley (ex-Stephen Slade) will join All my Children in a role predestined tfor him : that of a film producer interested in making a movie about Erica Kane, one of the main characters of the show. Enough to remind him memories of his time on Santa Barbara...
is character, Kit Sterling, will appear as of September 12, just a few days before the end of the soap, scheduled for the 23th of the same month.

Homage : Chip Mayer (1954-2011)


It is yesterday that we learned with sadness the death last Saturday of Chip Mayer, aka T.J. Daniels in Santa Barbara, at the age of 57. This is his fiancée, actress Catherine Irvine, who announced the news to the media. The couple was to be married next month.
Of real name George Charles Mayer III, he had played in many television series, including Glitter, The Dukes of Hazzard, where he played the cousin Vance Duke between 1982 and 1983. After Santa Barbara from 1987 to 1989, the actor continued his career in some TV shows, theater and TV movies without knowing any important role anymore.
Absent from the screens since 2000, Christopher Mayer is survived by
three daughters : Ashley, born from his first marriage with actress Teri Copley in 1982, and
Alexandra and Angelica, born from his third marriage with actress Shauna Sullivan (he had been married between them to Eileen Davidson, ex-Kelly Capwell, between 1985 and 1987).
The Santa Barbara fans will undoubtedly miss him.

Read also : «They've found my ditch, they just haven't found my nitch.», 1988

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Sherilyn Wolter and Vincent Irizarry play Adam and Eve !


There are sometimes unexpected couples. For three unique performances, rendez-vous in Hawaii to follow Sherilyn Wolter (ex-Elena Nikolas) and Vincent Irizarry (ex-Dr. Scott Clark) in a reading of The Diaries of Adam and Eve by Mark Twain.
Be careful, the first two dates have already passed (July 15 and 16), the final performance will occur this Friday, July 22 at 7 p.m. at Kauai Community College.
The show is produced by Sherilyn, now a resident of the paradise island of Hawaii... Lucky will be the members of the audience !

The soap-operas news in the United States


All my Children and One Life to Live may be saved ! A few months after the announcement of their imminent cancellation by ABC (see the News of 04/14), the production company Prospect Park signed to resume the two condemned soaps for an airing on the internet.
The company promises to keep the current format and airing regularity of the both soaps, even if cuts in cast costs are expected. The actors likely to return and in their soap after his resurrection on the internet have still a few weeks to give or not their agreement.