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October 1999


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The reunion of Cruz and Eden

That happened last September 27 on the American television : guest at The View, a talk-show on ABC, at the occasion of his arrival in the soap General Hospital, A Martinez had the surprise, at the moment of a question about his years in Santa Barbara to see arriving Marcy Walker herself ! Dissimulated among the public, Marcy had been invited without A's knowledge who welcomed her the opened arms, very touched to refind her after so many years. The host Star Jones asked to A and Marcy many questions concerning the couple they formed at the time of the show, how they had felt their sudden popularity... Marcy concluded the emission by declaring to A that she loved him enormously and that she would always keep for him a special place in her heart.

The show has upset millions of american televiewers and is already classified as a worship among the unconditional fans of Santa Barbara...

The re-opening of the actors

September-October is also the time of the re-opening for the actors of Santa Barbara !

You have already been informed on this page of the arrival of A Martinez (Cruz Castillo) in the soap General Hospital on October 1st and of the one of Kyle Secor (Brian Bradford) in Party of Five, here there are now the new roles which await the former actors of the show...

- On September 24, Eric Close (Sawyer Walker) begins in Now and Again (see the News of August), a new CBS show : Eric will play... the body which sees itself transplant the brain of the character played by John Goodman (Roseanne)... A quite original concept, even if one does not know which style will approach the show, between comedy, action and fantastic !

- Harley Jane Kozak (Mary DuVall), in spite of the failure of her show You Wish in 1997, plays since September 21 in Once and Again every Tuesday on ABC.

- Paula Kelly (Ginger John) has to wait until October 25 to make her return to television in Time of your Life, the spin-off of Party of Five, with Jennifer Love Hewitt, on FOX.

- Lastly, big disappointment for Stacy Edwards (Hayley Benson), purely and simply fired from Chicago Hope with the 2/3 of the cast this re-opening. The producer David E Kelley, returned to the commands of the show, has dismissed the major part of the cast to give a new blood to the show...

Fifth engagement for Marcy Walker

Already married and divorced 4 times, (with Stephen Ferris, Billy Warlock, Stephen Collins and Robert Primrose), Marcy Walker (Eden Capwell) officially announced in September her engagement to Doug Smith. Mother of a young Taylor, born in 1989, Marcy admits to not always have had much chance with men, but however is not made for celibacy ! An affair to be thus followed...

Happy birthday this month to...

01 : Stella Stevens (Phyllis Blake)

03 : Jack Wagner (Warren Lockridge n░3)

04 : Meg Bennett (Megan Richardson)

06 : Michael Durrell (Dr. Alex Nikolas)

07 : Christopher Norris (Laura Asher)

08 : Ria Pavia (Elaine Berkowski)

09 : John O'Hurley (Stephen Slade n░2)

10 : Marisol Rodriguez (Carmen Castillo)

18 : Jon Lindstrom (Dr. Mark McCormick)

23 : Warren Burton (Major Phillip Hamilton)