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May 2003


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The 18th Soap Opera Digest awards
First victory ?

Like every year, while waiting for the ceremony of the Daytime Emmy awards, the magazine Soap Opera Digest rewards the best soap-opera actors and authors during a price ceremony initiated by the public.

And this year, the award of the best outstanding supporting actress was won by Nancy Lee Grahn for her character of Alexis Davis in General Hospital ! A new victory for Nancy, since she had already obtained this award in 2000 and 2001 (see the News of July 2001).

We await now the ceremony of the Daytime Emmy awards on this 16 May, where Nancy is nominated this time in the category of the best outstanding lead actress (see the News of April)...

Stories of contracts Santa Barbara digest
Stephen Nichols back in Port Charles

For six years, Stephen Nichols (ex-Dr. Skyler Gates) played Prince Stefan Cassadine in General Hospital. Until that in 2002, he leaves it, disappointed by the evolution of his character (see the News of January 2002).

After 18 months of absence, Stephen Nichols finally accepted the offer that made him the producers of the famous soap to take again his role. As a result : return of the actor on May 05 on the stage and return of Prince Cassadine in the town of Port Charles next June on the American screens.


Robin Mattson and Marj Dusay played together before Santa Barbara : Robin was Shelby Battles and Marj, Nancy Phillips, in the pilot of a show entitled Battles, starring William Conrad. Robin Mattson played the daughter of Lieutenant Battles and Marj Dusay his assistant. It should be noted that Ben Piazza (ex-Dr. Rawlings) can be seen in two little scenes.

Peter Mark Richman and Lloyd Bochner played ten scenes together in The Naked Gun II in 1991. In this film, C.C. n░1 met the one who had replaced him seven years before because of a heart attack.

Gina Gallego and Ismael "East" Carlo played together in an episode of Airwolf in 1985. In this episode, entitled Mad Over Miami, Santana and Ruben meet. But Gina Gallego and Ismael "East" Carlo never met on the stage of Santa Barbara since Ruben had been removed in 1985 and Santana n░3 arrived in 1986.

Gina Gallego and Carmen Zapata played together in 1981 in Flamingo Road, where Carmen played Lupe Sanchez, the mother of Alicia Sanchez, played by Gina. In Santa Barbara, Santana was at one moment the daughter-in-law of Carmen Castillo, but Gina Gallego and Carmen Zapata never shot one scene together in it !

In the episodes Hall of Mirrors (1972) and False Witness (1975) of the TV show The Streets of San Francisco (1972-1977), Carmen Zapata already plays the mother of A Martinez ! In the first one, she is Mrs. Diaz, the mother of Rafael Diaz, and in the second one, she plays Mrs. Vega, the mother of Jimmy Vega. And that, twelve years before Santa Barbara !

Extract of Santa Barbara Tribune n░3, September 1993

On stage
Paul Johansson : action !

We knew the extent of his talents face to a camera, we will now be able to consider his talents to stay behind ! Paul Johansson (ex-Greg Hughes) currently directs his first movie, advised by the famous independent producer Nick Cassavetes. The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie tells the story of an emotional relationship between an old lady and a young boy who proposes to her his services like an odd-job man and discovers the dimly secrets that her unhappy existence hides.

The old lady, Mrs. Ritchie, is played by talented Gena Rowlands, while James Caan, Kevin Zegers, Leslie Hope and Cameron Daddo complete the cast. The scenario, written by Paul Johansson himself, is according to his statements partly autobiographical. We impatiently await the result, in the American theatres by the end of the year.

Happy birthday this month to...

05 : Scott Curtis (Brandon DeMott n░1)

        John S. Ragin (Dr. Grant Jameson)

09 : Jeanna Michaels (Lydia Saunders)

16 : Nina Arvesen (Angela Raymond)

       Tricia Cast (Christie DuVall)

21 : Richard Hatch (Stephen Slade n░1)

23 : Mark Arnold (Joe Perkins n░2)

24 : Eric Close (Sawyer Walker)

25 : Marie-Alise Recasner (Alice Jackson)

31 : Kyle Secor (Brian Bradford)