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January-December 2016


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Homage : Joseph Mascolo (1929-2016)


Joseph Mascolo left us on December 08. In Santa Barbara, he was in November 1985 Carlo Alvarez, the dangerous gangster in pursuit of Dylan Hartley and of his gold mine.
But if he marked the soap-opera world, it is especially for his character of Stefano DiMera, whom he played in Days of our Lives from 1982 till 1985 then from 1993 to summer 2016 - with meanwhile an extra from 2001 till 2006 as Massimo Marone in The Bold and the Beautiful. This unpredictable, grandiloquent character, marked millions of televiewers through the world, and offered him the title of "All-time best villain" by the magazine Soap Opera Digest.
Joseph Mascolo had begun his career on television in 1957. He was battling for several months against Alzheimer's disease.
Soap Opera Digest comes back in 1990


In its issue in date of December 19, the American magazine Soap Opera Digest reminds us this time the events which marked Santa Barbara in 1990.
To illustrate the article, a surprising photo of A Martinez and Kim Zimmer at the Daytime Emmy awards, two years before they share the leading parts of the show as Cruz and Jodie. A rare picture !
Soap Opera Digest comes back in 1989


In its issue in date of November 21, the American magazine Soap Opera Digest makes a stop this time in 1989.
It is the victories of Santa Barbara at the Daytime Emmy awards, but also the successive departures of actors from the show which marked the magazine that year.
And in addition on the cover : Melissa Brennan Reeves (ex-Jade Perkins)...
Soap Opera Digest comes back in 1988


In its issue in date of October 24, the American magazine Soap Opera Digest continues its re-visit of the eighties and makes a stop this time in 1988.
Besides the departures of many actors that year, the magazine remembers of 1988 the wedding of Eden and Cruz, whom a beautiful photo comes to illustrate...
Petition for a DVD release of Santa Barbara


Already 100 signatures for Santa Barbara on DVD, a petition thrown this week by Tom Erik, a Norwegian fan of the show, already author of a Facebook page on the same theme.
The objective is that only a massive mobilization of the fans can allow to obtain a complete - or partial - release of Santa Barbara on DVD.
Go, we sign !
Tamlyn Tomita in Berlin


After several years to go to one role as a guest-star to another, Tamlyn Tomita (ex-Ming Li) finally obtains a regular role in a TV show !
In Berlin Station, Tamlyn will be Sandra Abe, assistant and mistress of a man in charge of the CIA in Berlin.
The series begins on October 16 on the American cable channel Epix.
Season 5 for A Martinez


This September 23 is available on the video-on-demand platform Netflix the entire season 5 of Longmire.
Namely 10 new episodes in company of A Martinez (ex-Cruz Castillo), always in the role of controversial Jacob Nighthorse.
A new season to be followed without waiting...
Soap Opera Digest comes back in 1987


In its issue in date of September 26, the American magazine Soap Opera Digest continues its re-visit of the eighties and makes a stop this time in 1987.
To illustrate Santa Barbara that year, the magazine chose Julia and Mason. Some old good memories...
Soap Opera Digest comes back in 1986


In its issue in date of August 29, the American magazine Soap Opera Digest offers a quick flashback in 1986 and thus remembers of Santa Barbara.
This time, it is the first wedding attempt between Eden and Cruz which is chosen to illustrate the short article... even if this event occured in fact in 1985 !
And in addition again a beautiful cover, with Melissa Brennan Reeves (ex-Jade Perkins) and Stephen Nichols (ex-Dr. Skyler Gates)...
Soap Opera Digest comes back in 1985


In its issue in date of August 01, the American magazine Soap Opera Digest offers a quick flashback in 1985 and thus remembers of Santa Barbara.
A nice present, almost to the day for the 32 years of the show this very day !
And in addition a beautiful cover, with Vincent Irizarry (ex-Dr. Scott Clark) and Jack Wagner (ex-Warren Lockridge)...
Robin Wright to the Emmys


And now four ! For the fourth consecutive year, Robin Wright (ex-Kelly Capwell) is nominated for the Emmy award of outstanding lead actress in a drama series for her role of Claire Underwood in House of Cards.
The ceremony will be broadcast on September 18 on ABC.
This time, we believe in it !
Soap Opera Digest comes back in 1984


In its issue in date of July 04, the American magazine Soap Opera Digest offers a quick flashback in 1984 and thus remembers the beginnings of Santa Barbara.
A few lines and an unique photo, but what a photo : a - rare - representation of Rosemary Forsyth in the part of Sophia / Dominic !
A nice surprise, in a issue moreover showing Nancy Lee Grahn (ex-Julia Wainwright) on its cover...
TÚlÚ Loisirs remembers of Santa Barbara


For its 30 years, French magazine TÚlÚ Loisirs chose in its issue of last March 12 to remember some emblematic programs of the 80s. Among them, and on the cover : Santa Barbara !
Unfortunately, as usual, the article (reproduced below) skims through its subject and
does not approach the show inside its pages anymore. At the most some news of Marcy Walker, however as outmoded than in the article of
ABC Soaps in Depth last month (see the New of 03/16).
But what a very
nice surprise to see talking again of Santa Barbara in the French TV press !

> Read the article of TÚlÚ Loisirs on the foreign TV series of the 80s

Melissa Reeves nominated


The nominations for the 43th Daytime Emmy awards fell yesterday. Among the faces known by the Santa Barbara fans : Melissa Reeves (ex-Jade Perkins), nominated in the category supporting actress in a drame series for her character of Jennifer Horton in Days of our Lives, a role she resumed in 2010 after having already played it from 1985 till 2006 (see the News of 08/05/2010).

Due to the lack of financial support, the ceremony will not be aired on television this year. We hope however for a broadcast on the Internet, as it had been the case in 2014. Rendez-vous in any case on Sunday, May 1st for the victory or not of Melissa !

ABC Soaps in Depth remembers of Marcy Walker


The American magazine ABC Soaps in Depth announces us this week on its cover some news about Marcy Walker (ex-Eden Capwell). Here is of what to pique our curiosity !
Unfortunately, th
ese news hold only in a unique sentence, and moreover are not very fresh !
it is always appreciable to see a soap-opera magazine choosing a photo of our beautiful Marcy to attract the interest of its readers...
Paul Johansson chief of vampires


Paul Johansson (ex-Greg Hughes) back in a TV show ! Four years after the end of One Tree Hill (see the News of 09/01/2011), the actor was hired to hold a regular role in the new series of the American channel Syfy, Van Helsing.
Paul will be Dimitri, the leader of
the vampires, confronted with the fight which leads him Vanessa Helsing, the daughter of the famous character created by Bram Stoker in the novel Dracula.
The shooting of
the 13 episodes of the 1st season began on February 22 in Vancouver, for an airing planned in fall.

For those who could not wait until September to watch Paul Johansson again, his last TV movie, The Stepchild, will air on March 12 on the American channel Lifetime. The actor plays John, the stepfather of a girl who suspects him of having made kill her father and to be a threat for her mother. Suspenses and shivers on program !

Martinez, from father to daughter


Whereas A Martinez (ex-Cruz Castillo) is interviewed this week in the American magazine TV Guide (article to be read soon on this site), it is another Martinez who makes her entrance on television screens in the United States.
Devon, A and Leslie Martinez
's daughter, born in 1989, arrives in the soap The Young and the Restless on Tuesday, March 1st, in the role of Shawn Taylor, a pregnant girl who looks for the ideal parents to adopt her baby.
We shall follow
her first steps on screen with a lot of curiosity !

To read : An interview of Devon Martinez on the site TV Insider

On the American and French screens


Since February 21, the Hallmark channel broadcasts the season 3 of When Calls the Heart. Jack Wagner (ex-Warren Lockridge) plays since season 2 the part of Bill Avery (see the News of 04/23/2015).

The season 4 of House of Cards, starring Robin Wright (ex-Kelly Capwell) arrives on Netflix on March 04. As usual, the entire season will be accessible the same day, and in French or English on the site of Netflix France.

Finally, is awaited for April for season 5 of Switched at Birth on Freeform (new name of the channel ABC Family), with Constance Marie (ex-Nikki Alvarez). The first two seasons have been aired in France on 6ter.

Homage : Abe Vigoda (1921-2016)


This January 26 died in New Jersey Abe Vigoda, who was Lyle DeFranco in Santa Barbara in 1989. Almost dumb, he was an unpredictable maffioso close to senility in charge of killing Mason, but missing (almost) systematically his target.
The actor was very known in the United States for his participations in the first two movies of
The Godfather series by Francis Ford Coppola. In the 1970s, he had a regular role in the sitcom Barney Miller, who made him very popular.
If the rumors on his death had become legions since a famous
mistake of the magazine People in 1982, Abe Vigoda really left us this time, a few days before his 95 years old.
New address for Santa Barbara Videos : le site Francais


The host of the site Santa Barbara Videos : le site Francais disappeared without warning.
In order that all the videos of the former site can still be available,
a YouTube channel was created. You can find there in a (more or less) temporary way our whole videos !
 Please note this new address :