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October-November-December 2004


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Merry Christmas !


Santa Barbara : le site Francais wishes to all of you a Merry Christmas and in advance a happy new year 2005 !

The news of the soap-opera world in France


It is already the end for Guiding Light on France 3 ! The soap will have last only a little more than three month before disappearing with the Christmas holidays.
The new soaps have really hard time to settle in France. We remember the cancelation of All my Children after only a week on TF1 (see the
News of April 2003), but also the one of Passions a few months before.
Guiding Light will be replaced by a new airing of Dallas dating from January 03.

In theatres


This December 17, two movies must retain your attention if you stay in the United States. First the satirical movie The Untitled Onion Movie, with Michael Brainard (ex-Ted Capwell) and Tom Wright (ex-Vic Boswell) (see the News of July). Besides Tom has recently finished the shooting of two other films, A Year and a Day and Chasing Ghosts, which release is planned for 2005.
The other release of this December 17, it is Spanglish, a romantic comedy by James L. Brooks, with Téa Leoni Duchovny (ex-Lisa DiNapoli) and Adam Sandler. Téa plays there Deborah Clasky, a rich woman who welcomes a mexican housekeeper and her daughter. Besides Téa is currently filming : in Fun with Dick and Jane, she is Jim Carrey's wife, begun a robber in spite of her.

On screens


Two screens to watch over this month in the United States : those of theatres and television. It is first the release of Shopgirl, the last movie of Bridgette Wilson-Sampras (ex-Lisa Fenimore), a comedy written by the comic actor Steve Martin. However Bridgette makes only a short apparition in it.
To watch also for on Sunday 21 the airing on the network CBS of the TV movie Back When we Were Grownups, which reunites Faye Dunaway, Peter Fonda, Jack Palance and... Stacy Edwards (ex-Hayley Benson). Stacy plays there Biddy, one of the daughters of a very atypical family.

Robin Mattson leaves the hospital


On November 04, Robin Mattson will say good-bye for the second time of her career to the character of Heather Grant Webber, that she played two times in the soap General Hospital. Last June, the ex-Gina of Santa Barbara rejoined Nancy Lee Grahn and Jed Allan in the famous show, taking again at this occasion the interpretation of the character she had already played at the beginning of the Eighties (see the News of June).
But even if her character has marked many minds (Imagine Robin becoming for the occasion the mistress of the character played by Jed Allan !), her contract has not been renewed for a sixth month. We wish to Robin to rapidly reappear on our screens...

In theatres


Joe Marinelli (ex-Bunny Tagliatti) is in this end of month in the theatre rooms on the both sides of the Atlantic. On October 20, he will star in Sideways in the United States and on October 27 in The Assassination of Richard Nixon in France. In the second movie based on true facts, Joe plays the character of Mel Samuels, at the sides of Sean Penn, Mister Robin Wright in town.
Grace Zabriskie (ex-Theda Bassett) will star on October 22 in the United States in the horror film The Grudge, with Sarah Michelle Gellar. The release date in France is planned for December 29. We are always waiting for knowing the release date of another film she shot this year : The Last Letter, a juridical movie in which she has the first part.

Krista Tesreau follows the guiding light


Krista Tesreau (ex-Andi Klein) is going to play again in November the character of Mindy Lewis in the soap Guiding Light. An only temporary come-back, the time of a few episodes. The actress played that part between 1983 and 1989, before to make a brief appearance two years ago (see the News of October 2002).

Marcy Walker fired


ABC put a term to the contract which linked Marcy Walker to the soap All my Children : the actress has been purely and simply fired (see the News of July) ! The ex-Eden Capwell of Santa Barbara refused the proposition made to her by the producers to appear only exceptionally in the show and prefered to make her definitive byes to the soap. Marcy has played the character of Liza Colby Chandler since 1995. In France, we are besides always unaware of an eventual come-back of this soap on TF1...

In theatres


Bernard White (ex-Angel Ramirez) is on the French theatres since September 22, in the movie Land of Plenty (see the News of May). In the film by Wim Wenders rather pessimistic on the situation of the United States, Bernard plays the character of Youssef.
Fans of Robert Fontaine, Jr. (ex-Rafe Castillo), learn to be patient : the actor appears only the time of a few seconds in Mind the Gap, released in the United States on September 24. He is even credited under the simple name of "Hispanic man" !...
Loanne Bishop (ex-Rita Grant) makes her return on the big screens in Spectres, a fantastic movie presented in premiere at the Shockerfest Film Festival last September 25. While waiting for the official release date in theatres.
Finally Stella Stevens (ex-Phyllis Blake) is Betty in Blessed, a horror movie about a haunted house, which is presented this month at the Screamfest Film Festival.