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September 22 : Addition of a press article about Ally Walker

July 09 to 20 : Addition of new versions in better quality or in short version of the promos for the episodes 515, 526, 529, 530, 536, 538, 545, 551, 557 and 589

July 02 : Addition of a promo for the Daytime Emmy awards 1989

June 25 : Addition of a promo for episode 1958

June 21 : Addition of a 1992 press article about the creation of the sets of Santa Barbara

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The news

Homage : Jack
Bannon (1940-2017)

Homage : Warren
Burton (1944-2017)

Louise Sorel 
is back !

Kim and Robert do
not leave each other

Robin Wright in
Cannes and on Netflix

N. Coster winner
at the Emmy awards

Lane Davies on stage
in Czech republic

A Martinez
leaves Salem

3 nominated at
the Emmy awards
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