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Homage : Henry
Darrow (1933-2021)

1st movie of director
Robin Wright

Homage : Peter Mark
Richman (1927-2021)

Homage : Dena
Dietrich (1928-2020)

Tricia Cast back in
The Young and the Restless

The return of
Carrington Garland

Eva LaRue
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April 08 : Addition of the new storyline Victoria Lane and Mason Capwell's wedding 3

March 31 : Addition of the new storyline Victoria Lane and Mason Capwell's wedding 2

March 25 : Addition of the new storyline Victoria Lane and Mason Capwell's wedding 1

March 11 : Addition of 2 press articles : Two prime-timers and a former Young and the Restless star join Santa Barbara and One foot out the door : Will Santa Barbara's Julia call it quits ?

February 25 : Addition of a press article : Julia loses it

February 12 : Addition of new photos of the actors during parties

January 28 : Addition of 2 press articles : The best of the best 1988 and Best and worst 1991

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