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The airing of Santa Barbara in France

It is on Monday, October 14th 1985 at 6.45 p.m. that begins Santa Barbara in France, on channel TF1 (the first private network in France), one year and a few months after its beginnings on NBC. Thus programmed in access prime-time at 6.45 p.m., just before the not less famous Wheel of Fortune, the show carries off a great success at once, with points until 8 million televiewers ! But already, a dark point : the channel decides to air the 45 minutes episodes per half, in order to present to its televiewers only half-episodes each evening.

In September 1992, first shock : TF1 looks for renovating its image (and its ratings !) and only swears by the French AB Productions sitcoms. Thus bye to Santa Barbara on the evening, the show is announced at 2.30 p.m., but finally in its original size of 45 minutes. But the dissatisfied televiewers succeed in being heard and the show refinds its schedule, at 6.45 p.m.. Only, the gift-effect does not last and TF1 ends up pushing back Santa Barbara at 4.30 p.m., except on Wednesdays where the episode is replaced by programs for children.

Obviously, the ratings start to fall and the show is relegated at 11.30 a.m. and after that at 10.10 a.m. on March 18 1993. The interruptions during the school holidays not arranging anything, the show is not going very well anymore and is purely and simply cancelled on June 24 1994 at the end of the first half of episode 1039.

Meanwhile, the Monaco channel TMC resumes an airing of the show since the 1st episode from October 18th 1993 : at first complete episodes, then half-daily episodes (like TF1) from February 14th 1994. TMC stops after 259 episodes on June 16th 1995.

On March 02 1995, TF1 gets back Santa Barbara from its cardboards for an intensive airing of the show : two 45 minutes episodes on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, but... as from episode 918, already aired one year before ! The public does not follow this aberrant idea and boycotts this (re)airing, which stops at the end of the following week.

The hope to see one day the following episodes of the show on TF1 were thining down until on December 19 2000, the new cabled channel TF6 regives its luck to the show by taking it again where TF1 had stopped in 1994. At the beginning aired from Monday to Friday at 12.10 p.m., Santa Barbara is finally programmed in daily 45 minutes doses. But finally relegated at 10.35 a.m., then 08.10 a.m. on April 30 2001, the show is again put on rations of one half-episode by day as TF1 was doing it years ago. The time of a last month of airing and, the hapiness already disappears : TF6 decides to stop the airing of the show on June 1st 2001 at episode 1150, whereas there are still near 1.000 unaired episodes to discover in France...

The lyrics of the French credits

J'ai encore sur ma peau, la douceur de tes mains
Qui se posaient sur moi
Je revois le matin, ton corps contre le mien
A Santa Barbara
Les vagues bleues du Pacifique
Ont gommaient sur le sable, la trace de nos pas
Finie la plage romantique
Tu as pris le soleil, et maintenant j'ai froid

Santa Barbara, qui me dira
Pourquoi, j'ai le mal de vivre ?
Santa Barbara, je ne sais pas
Je vais, comme un bateau ivre
Emportant mes souvenirs

Dans la maison de bois, flotte un parfum de toi
Que je reconnais bien
J'ai l'impression parfois, que tu es encore là
Mais jamais tu ne viens
Le vent brûlant du Pacifique
Peut emporter au loin, nos rêves les plus fous
Il me reste cette musique
Que nous chantions ensemble, elle n'appartient qu'à nous

Santa Barbara, qui me dira
Pourquoi, j'ai le mal de vivre ?
Santa Barbara
, je ne sais pas
Je vais, comme un bateau ivre
Emportant mes souvenirs


La douceur de tes mains
Ton corps contre le mien
Et ce parfum de toi
Dans la maison de bois !

Santa Barbara, qui me dira
Pourquoi, j'ai le mal de vivre ?
Santa Barbara, je ne sais pas
Je vais, comme un bateau ivre
Emportant mes souvenirs

Santa Barbara, qui me dira
Pourquoi, j'ai le mal de vivre ?

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The French voices of Santa Barbara
The French doubling of the show has been realized by the French society SOFI from episode 1 to 1288, under the direction of Michel Bedetti.
C.C. Capwell Jacques Berthier
Channing Capwell Junior Vincent Violette
Mason Capwell José Luccioni (1st voice in episode 1)
Julien Thomast (2nd voice as from episode 2)
Kelly Capwell Nadine Delanoë (voice of Robin Wright)
Danielle Douet (voice of Kimberly McArthur)
Brigitte Morisan (voice of Carrington Garland)
Ted Capwell Olivier Destrez
Minx Lockridge Lily Baron
Augusta Lockridge Régine Blaess
Warren Lockridge Luc Florian
Laken Lockridge

Dominique Dumont

Rosa Andrade Jane Val
Santana Andrade Françoise Pavy
Danny Andrade Thierry Bourdon
John Perkins Georges Atlas
Marisa Perkins Monique Morisi
Joe Perkins Guy Chapelier (1st voice)
Bernard Lanneau (2nd voice)
Jade Perkins Martine Régnier
Peter Flint Edgard Givry
Philip Philippe Ogouz
Sophia Capwell Armonti Pascal Renwick (voice of Dominic only)
Anne Rochant (2nd voice)
Veronica Gayley Joelle Fossier
Cruz Castillo Michel Bedetti
Lionel Lockridge Michel Gudin
Gina DeMott Capwell Monique Thierry
Brandon DeMott Capwell Francette Vernillat (1ère voix)
Natacha Gerritsen (2ème voix)
Ginger Jones Julia Dancourt
Summer Blake Anne Kerylenn
Eden Capwell Danielle Volle
Brick Wallace Jean Roche (1st voice)
Jean-Louis Rugarli (2nd voice)
Amy Perkins Hélène Otternaud (1st voice until episode 438)
Jackie Parks Maïk Darah
Maggie Gillis Marie-Martine Bisson
Dr. Leonard Renfro Jean Michaud
Jack Lee Serge Bourrier
Lindsay Smith Gérard Berner
Nick Hartley Patrick Laval
Julia Wainwright Deborah Perret
Christie DuVall Nathalie Schmidt
Katie Wallace Dominique Lelong
Janice Harrison Raphaële Moutier
Kirk Cranston Jean-Pierre Leroux
Dylan Hartley Bernard Soufflet
Pearl Bradford Régis Reuilhac
Dr. Mark McCormick Patrick Messe
Hayley Benson Virginie Mery (1st voice until episode 742)
Courtney Capwell Danielle Douet
David Laurent Michel Dodane
Sheila Carlyle Monique Nevers
Keith Timmons Gérard Berner
Alice Jackson Maïk Darah
Jane Wilson Dorothée Jemma
Paul Whitney Lionel Henry
Lily "Light" Blake Anne Jolivet
Victoria Lane Isabelle Ganz (1st voice until episode 763)
Marie-Martine Bisson (2nd voice as from episode 765)
Caroline Wilson Marion Game
Brian Bradford Luq Hamet (2nd voice)
Gus Jackson Saddy Rebbot
Jeffrey Conrad Philippe Catoire
Dr. Alex Nikolas Joseph Falcucci
Elena Nikolas Caroline Beaune (1st voice until episode 768)
Brigitte Morisan (2nd voice as from episode  770)
Cain Garver Michel Dodane
T.J. Daniels Régis Lang
Pamela Conrad Liliane Patrick
Dr. Scott Clark François Leccia
Kris Kringle William Sabatier
Andrea Bedford Stéphanie Murat
Margot Collins Joëlle Guigui
Major Phillip Hamilton Philippe Ogouz
Dr. Heather Donnelly Françoise Pavy
Michael Donnelly Hervé Jolly
Dr. Arthur Donnelly William Sabatier (2nd voice as from episode 1272)
Lydia Saunders Monique Nevers
Dr. Zack Kelton Eric Legrand
Vic Boswell Lionel Melet
Bunny Tagliatti Maurice Sarfati
Celeste DiNapoli Marie-Laure Beneston
Wanda Berkowski Caroline Beaune (2nd voice as from episode 1171)
Sandra Mills Anne Kérylen
Lisa DiNapoli Hélène Chanson
Laura Asher Marie Martine
Robert Barr Michel Paulin
Renfield Monique Nevers
Craig Hunt Michel Le Royer
Anthony Tonell Joseph Falcucci
Various episodic characters (police officers, waiters, ministers...) Pierre Arditi
Jean Berger
Gérard Hernandez
Francis Lax
Jacques Marin
Yves-Marie Maurin
Catherine Privat
Roger Rudel
Maurice Sarfati
Francette Vernillat
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