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 Télé Star, 1989

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The company SOFI, specialist in the doubling of TV shows (Dallas, Starsky and Hutch, Dynasty...), doubles Santa Barbara since it first diffusion, in October 1985. Under the direction of Michel Bedetti, in charge of the stage of doubling and himself interpret of Cruz, the actors record six episodes per week, each Monday and Tuesday. They read their text just once before recording "at the bar", i.e. upright with a suspended microcomputer, while following the episode diffused opposite them on a movie screen, with the subtitles of the dialogues to read. They are all actors having a theatrical formation, for a better diction. These actors regard doubling as an exercise of interesting and remunerative style.

Cruz Castillo (A Martinez) : Michel Bedetti

"Cruz is sympathetic to me because he remains a hero on a human scale." Michel Bedetti already met A Martinez in Hollywood: "He is very upset because one often pointed out to him that his French voice is much prettier ! We get along very well because we are both Latin : he is Mexican of origin and me Italian." In addition to his activities of actor and dramatic author, Michel Bedetti lends also his voice to Eric Forrester, one of the heroes of The Bold and the Beautiful...

Eden Capwell (Marcy Walker) : Danielle Volle

If Danielle Volle speaks about Eden with enthusiasm, she however keeps a certain retreat from her character  : "She misses of spirit of nuances; my preferred ones ? Cruz, series obliges, but especially Mason ! His complexity is disconcerting." Danielle is also very proud of the first words Marcy Walker said to her at the time of their meeting, a few months ago. "Since I'm in France, I do only hear speaking of you..."
(Danielle is also the French voice of Dyan Cannon in Ally McBeal.)

Ted Capwell (Todd McKee) : Olivier Destrez

"Ted is a constructive, but a little insipid character : the writers do not give him the opportunity to defend strong scenes." Olivier Destrez recently illustrated himself as the interpret of Fayette in La Comtesse de Charny and has just finished the movie Un Monde Sans Pitié.
is also the French voice of John Stamos and Billy Warlock.)

Mason Capwell (Lane Davies) : Julien Thomast

"Mason hides under his irony great noble-heartedness : he realizes his "low blows" to return justice. Moreover he becomes increasingly nice. Lane Davies acknowledged me to want to leave the soap partly for this reason : Mason would have become too perfect ! I like this role because I am myself Balance and I often want to return justice."

Kelly Capwell (Robin Wright) : Nadine De La Noé

"Kelly is spontaneous and sincere ;  to be the daughter of a billionaire does not prevent her from being very sentimental." The doubling actress of Kelly acknowledges to find herself in her character, in spite of some too long extracts to her taste : "I have started to weary to be in a psychiatric hospital for three months !"
(Nadine is also the French voice of Glynnis Barber in Dempsey and Makepeace.)

C.C. Capwell (Jed Allan) : Jacques Berthier

" My opinion on Channing Capwell is moderate : I adore his authoritative-chief of family side, but his American spirit exasperates me !" The spirit of this man of the French theatre is enough far from Santa Barbara : he decided to produce and realize for the television some clips on French poetry...
(Jacques is also the French voice of Raymond Burr.)

Sophia Capwell (Judith McConnell) : Anne Rochant

"Sophia is a contradictory woman and full of facets." Anne Rochant, who loves her family, privileges doubling to theatre, which enables her to remain close to her children (like Sophia Capwell...).
(Anne is also the French voice of June Chadwick in V and Veronica Hamel in Hill Street Blues.)

Gina DeMott (Robin Mattson) : Monique Thierry

Monique Thierry finds some common points with Gina : "Me either, I am not a cool woman !" Actress of theatre, she likes doubling : "That makes it possible to play of the characters who are prohibited to us, would be this only for physics reasons." Monique lent her voice to Marianne Sägebrecht in Rosalie Goes Shopping.
(Monique is also the French voice of Judith Light, Roseanne Barr and Lynda Carter.) 

Lionel Lockridge (Nicolas Coster) : Michel Gudin

" Lionel is a nice guy, but his side libertine amuses me much." Before doubling the Lockridge son, Michel Gudin was an actor, director, administrative director of the Comédie Française then administrator of the Théâtre de l’Odéon and defines himself as a "theater workman"...

Augusta Lockridge (Louise Sorel) : Régine Blaess

"Augusta is perverse and manipulator certainly, but remains before all a woman-woman." Régine Blaess sympathized much with Louise Sorel, came to France for a French training course. Régine, actress of theatre achieved, played during seven years in Reviens Dormir à l’Elysée.
(Régine is also the French voice of Rue McClanahan in The Golden Girls.)

Julia Wainwright (Nancy Lee Grahn) : Deborah Perret

"Julia is not a perfect idiot as think it too much televiewers, it is before all an impassioned woman : I have many scenes where I must laugh, or contrary cry." Deborah Perret will always remember the first sentence pronounced by Nancy Grahn when they met  : "But you are pretty." "The American actors tend  to believe that the doubling actors are monsters !"
(Deborah is also the French voice of Daphne Zuniga in Melrose Place and Pamela Gidley in Strange Luck and The Pretender.)