July 11, 2009 - 10 years of Santa Barbara : le site Francais
July 30,
2009 - 25 years of Santa Barbara

Carrington Garland : «I really liked Kelly.»

 By Nicolas, exclusively for Santa Barbara : le site Francais, October 2009

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On October 27 2009, Carrington Garland agreed to take on her time to answer exclusively the questions of Santa Barbara : le site Francais. The actress talks about the Santa Barbara years as the third interpreter of Kelly Capwell, and her life since her departure from the show.

The beginnings before Santa Barbara

At first, I'd like you to tell us a little about you : How old are you today ? Where do you live ? Do you live in couple or have children ?

I am a bit older than my Kelly Capwell, enough said... I live in Los Angeles. My daughter Tula is 9 years and my son Beau, 7 years.

To know you better, what did you brought from yourself in the character of Kelly ?

Kellys' parents were a bit like my own but they had more money !

How did you start your acting career ?

Really with Santa Barbara. I had no experience before I went on that stage.


The time of Santa Barbara

How did you start in Santa Barbara ? Did you ever watch the show before ?

Never had seen it. I was a French student in Santa Barbara and was to speak French fluently while living in Paris !

Can you tell how you turn to have an audition for this part ? Was it a deliberate choice from you to become an actress at that time ?

As for the audition, I had an agent and was reading for all kinds of parts. The Santa Barbara took 4-5 auditions. They said I got the part because I was the only one who did not read the monologue as a sad story rather a reflective memory and made it interesting.

How did Kelly was presented to you at first ?

Missing home wanting to return from France.

Did you meet any difficulties to play a character that was already played by two other actresses ? Do you think "your" Kelly was different from the one Robin Wright originally created ?

Yes, very different. My character was older by then.

Right after your arrival in Santa Barbara, you went to Paris to shoot scenes of the Adriana's kidnapping storyline. What memories do you keep from that trip ? How do you explain that Santa Barbara was so popular in France at the time ?

We had a ball. I don't know why it was so popular there. It was one of the best experiences for me.

Kelly took part of many storylines while you were playing her (the love-story with Ric, then the whole story with the twin brothers Robert and Quinn and the fights with Eden, the accident after the first wedding and more…). What were your favorite storylines and the ones you particularly disliked ? According to you, who was the best lover for Kelly ?

Robert Barr was the best... always. I loved our work together.

What were your favorite male and female acting partners as Kelly Capwell ?

Roscoe Born, Todd McKee, Lane Davies was hilarious!

You remained two years and a half in the show. What were the reasons of your sudden departure, just a few weeks after that Marcy Walker have also left the show ?

The old producers came back and wanted to change a lot. They wanted Kelly older for one.

What was your best remembrance from the show, on a relational and on a professional level ?

My friendship with Carlos Yeaggy, my makeup artist. He was a very special friend to me.

Did you keep in touch with members of the cast or the crew after your departure ?

Unfortunately no.

If you hadn't play Kelly, what character would you have liked to play ?

I really liked Kelly.


These 18 last years after Santa Barbara and now

Can you come back on the following years of your career after your departure from Santa Barbara ? Did you stop your acting career definitively ?

Yes. My mother who was a very successful actress always told me to continue only if I loved it. There were other things I loved and wanted to try, so yes I left the acting world.

After Santa Barbara I went on to become an interior designer. I did a record company office and many residential homes here in Los Angeles. My family owns a hotel here in Los Angeles. I had a lot of background in hotel decor and construction. We still own it and my brother runs it today! The restaurant is called Tula's after my daughter.

Do you have any projects for this year ?

Raising my beautiful children !

What would you like to say to all the Santa Barbara fans all over the world ?

Thank you !!!


Once again all my thanks to Carrington Garland for her time and her kindness.