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Rewatch Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara is not aired any more on any television throughout the world, and is still not commercialised today on DVD. Pour rewatch the show, many ways are possible :
The RUTeam
The Russian forum We don't say goodbye offers to download many episodes in English, French, German, Russian... The site is to visit with browser Google Chrome in order to benefit of the of the simultaneous translation. You need to subscribe, then on each page of the forum, links allow you to directly download the episodes you want, without using Emule.
The sites of episodes extracts
Santa Barbara Videos : le site Franšais proposes TV reports, actors interviews, bloopers, promos, and a collection of different credits used by the show.
On the
site YouTube, some fans also share many episodes.


The Santa Barbara novels

Four novels telling the first storylines of Santa Barbara have been published at the end of the 80s in France. The first two books are signed by Gilles Durieux, who has been followed for the two following ones by Joan Summers. Very fictionalized, the four titles allow themselves some discrepancies with the show, but without contradicting it either. When we see that the fourth tome is needed to arrive at the death of Joe Perkins, we can think that the rhythm of the adaptation would nevertheless have won to be accelerated a little.
The actors biographies

Shirley Anne Field
Shirley Anne Field, the first Pamela Conrad of Santa Barbara, published her autobiography in 1991, entitled A Time For Love. The title refers to her placement in various foster homes in her childhood, and the reunion with her mother as an adult.

Jed Allan
In January 2005 was published Jed Allan (ex-C.C. Capwell)'s autobiography,
Please, Spell the Name Right. Co-written with Rusty Fischer, the book traces in the first person singular Jed Allan's career in theater, film and television, as well as his encounters with big names of the 7th art.

Kim Zimmer
On August 02 2011, Kim Zimmer (ex-Jodie Walker) has seen published her autobiography,
I'm Just Sayin' ! : Three Deaths, Seven Husbands, and a Clone ! My Life as a Daytime Diva, centered on her career and her role of Reva Shayne in Guiding Light, that she played for more than twenty years.
Henry Darrow
Henry Darrow (ex-Rafael Castillo) has also edited his autobiography. Published on February 29 2012,
Lightning in the Bottle was co-written with Jan Pippins. The actor talks about his first big success in the TV show The High Chaparral, and of his career as an actor of Hispanic origin in the United States.
Thaao Penghlis
Thaao Penghlis (ex-Dr. Micah DeAngelis) talks about his career, his acting partners and his many journeys worldwide, letting appreciate even more his personality, in
Places : The Journey of My Days, My Lives, published on July 15 2014 in the United States.
Seducing Celebrities, One Meal at a Time, published in March 2024, tells his best culinary encounters with celebrities. From Jacqueline Kennedy to George Clooney, including Shirley Maclaine, Elizabeth Taylor or Omar Sharif, Thaao has spent time with nice people and cooked for everyone !
Janis Paige
Published in March 2020,
Reading Between the Lines : A Memoir tells the life and especially the rich career of the second Minx Lockridge.
Almost sixty years of stage, singing, cabaret, cinema and television... Meetings with Frank Sinatra, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, David Niven, Henry Fonda, Clark Gable, Lucille Ball, Sammy Davis Jr... And a last great role from 1990 to 1993 in a famous soap...
Diana Eden
Arrived in the show in 1992, costume designer Diana Eden tells her career in
Stars In Their Underwear, published in June 2020. A chapter is naturally dedicated to Santa Barbara.
Nicolas Coster
With 70 years of career to his credit, Nicolas Coster had things to tell. It is now done with the release in April 2021 of his autobiography, Another Whole Afternoon.
The ex-Lionel Lockridge talks about his London youth, his first roles on stage on Broadway and then on television, in dozens of series and daytime soap-operas.
The books signed by the actors
Robin Mattson
Robin Mattson (ex-Gina DeMott Capwell), became an expert in cooking these recent years, published in September 1997 a cookbook, Soap Opera Cafe : The Skinny on Food From a Daytime Star. Robin has combined her fellow soap operas actors, who share with her their best recipes.
Peter Mark Richman
Another ex-C.C. Capwell started writing : Peter Mark Richman, through two novels,
Hollander's Deal and The Rebirth of Ira Masters.

Harley Jane Kozak
Harley Jane Kozak (ex-Mary DuVall) moved these last years into writing. To her credit, many shorts and long novels :
Dating Dead Men, Dating is Murder, Dead Ex, A Date You Can't Refuse and Keeper of the Moon.

Stella Stevens
In duet with William Hegner, Stella Steven (ex-Phyllis Blake) published in 1999 a novel. Razzle Dazzle tells the ascent, then the decline of a Southern singer, who burned his wings by verging on celebrity too quickly.

John O'Hurley
John O'Hurley (ex-Stephen Slade), fascinated by the dog race, has written two books on the subject, often funny, sometimes touching : It's Okay to Miss the Bed on the First Jump : And Other Life Lessons I Learned From Dogs in 2006, and Before Your Dog Can Eat Your Homework, First You Have to Do It : Life Lessons From a Wise Old Dog to a Young Boy in 2008. In 2013, he also published The Perfect Dog, a poem illustrated of photos.
Eileen Davidson
Eileen Davidson (ex-Kelly Capwell) has also started writing, while still playing in The Young and the Restless. Her first four novels revolve around the soap opera world where mix murders and glitter :
Death in Daytime, Dial Emmy For Murder, Diva Las Vegas : A Soap Opera Mystery and Swingin' in the Rain.
Jon Lindstrom
Jon Lindstrom (ex-Dr. Mark McCormick) published his first novel in February 2024.
Hollywood Hustle is a thriller full of twists and turns whose story is based in Hollywood's ruthless film industry.
The book is available in all good bookshops, for the moment only in English.
Sydney Penny
Sydney Penny (ex-B.J. Walker) adds a new string to her bow : she is now officially a writer !
The actress indeed published her first novel,
A Place to Stay, at Spring 2024.

Hundreds of TV and soaps magazines devoted their cover to Santa Barbara during the years when the show was a great success around the world. Today, it turns to be difficult to get them.

Some editors still make it possible to order old issues of their magazines, but some publications are too much dated and, for some of them, are even completely out of print.

It is the case in particular for the French four special Santa Barbara issues of CinÚ TÚlÚ Revue, from 1988, 1989 and 1990, which are in out-of-stock condition for many years now. The magazine has in addition devoted an impressing number of articles about the show and its actors, even obtaining abroad the statute of "soap magazine" whereas it is at the beginning only a television magazine among others.

You can thus start by contacting the editors of these magazines to know if it is still possible to get issues old of fifteen or twenty years, if not try your chance in the headings "Readers letters" and "Classified ads" where collectors may answer to your expectations.

Last possibility : the websites of second-hand sales like eBay, which can allow to find perfect French and American treasures (in particular old issues of Soap Opera Digest or Soap Opera Weekly). You must in this case be patient and have a well furnished purse...


Musics from the show
The French credits of the show exists under the form of a record released in France (
read the lyrics and download the complete song). Sung by Gilles Sinclair, it is a free adaptation of Kelly and Joe's song If Ever You're In My Arms Again, by Peabo Bryson. On the B-side, Je Me Sens des Ailes, an adaptation this time of On the Wings of Love by Jeffrey Osborne.
The site Santa Barbara in music offers to download for free many songs used in the show (classified by characters) and also instrumental captures.
At last, the most famous songs (often romantic) used by the show are available on many CDs compiled by German fans. The albums California Clan (the title given to the show in Germany) can be ordered from the site California
A Martinez
A Martinez (ex-Cruz Castillo) has released in 1994 an album entitled Fragrance & Thorn. Consisting of ten tracks, it gives pride of place to ballads full of emotion, played by the guitar and with the actor's gentle voice.
Masondisque3.jpg (70287 octets)Lane Davies
Lane Davies (ex-Mason Capwell) also tried the experience of singing with a single in 1990, All I Need. Produced in France by Orlando, the disc has never been released abroad. The actor gave then his voice to a full album entitled Civilized at Last, released in the United States only on audio cassette.
Mark-Justindisque1.jpg (92064 octets)Mark-Justindisque2.jpg (79121 octets)Jon Lindstrom & Larry Poindexter
Met on the set of Santa Barbara, Jon Lindstrom (ex-Dr. Mark McCormick) and Larry Poindexter (ex-Dr. Justin Moore), were, in 1995, at the origin of the country music band The High Lonesome. After a unique album, Feel Free to Do So, the group reformed in 2010 to release a remastered version of this album, Collector's Album 1995-2010, complete with two new tracks (read
the exclusive interview of Jon Lindstrom). Jon is at the drums, Justin at the guitar and vocals.
Margotdisque.jpg (98361 octets)Eva LaRue
In April 2003, Eva LaRue (ex-Margot Collins) has launched herself briefly in song music, with the release of an album intitled Only You.
Michelle NiCastro
The actress,
deceased in November 2010, was also a singer. The former Sasha Schmidt had released four albums : Toonful, Toonful Too and Reel Imagination consist of songs from animated films, and On My Own is a compilation of songs from Broadway musicals.
Warrenn3disque2.jpg (63820 octets)Warrenn3disque1.jpg (40606 octets)Warrenn3disque3.jpg (51677 octets)Warrenn3disque4.jpg (45109 octets)Warrenn3disque5.jpg (105465 octets)Jack Wagner
While pursuing his acting career, Jack Wagner (ex-Warren Lockridge) has continued to devote his time to his second passion, song music. He has five albums to his credit : All I Need (1984), Lighting Up the Night (1985), Don't Give Up Your Day Job (1987), Alone in the Crowd (1993) and Dancing in the Moonlight (2005).
LisaFdisque1.jpg (79476 octets)LisaFdisque2.jpg (80972 octets)Bridgette Wilson-Sampras
Before she married tennis player Pete Sampras, Bridgette Wilson (ex-Lisa Fenimore) produced two albums, released exclusively in Japan : I Only Want to Be With You in 1994 and Gimme a Kiss in 1996. The release of this latter was also followed by a tour in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Download the musics of your choice :
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