The chronology of the small world of Santa Barbara


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Weddings, births, deaths... Here is a summary of the big events which marked the small world of Santa Barbara.
Caution : The dates does not correspond to the airing dates of the episodes, but well to those specified by the characters on screen, in their own space-time dimension.

1884 March 16 : Shipwreck of the Amanda Lockridge and death of Horatio Lockridge and of Nathaniel Capwell
1898 Birth of Emmett Capwell (apparently a mistake of the writers in 1990, because incompatible with the death year of Nathaniel Capwell above)
1933 Birth of Ben Clark
1941 Birth of Sophia Wayne
1942 Birth of Anna DiNapoli, mother of Celeste, Lisa and Emily
1944 May 28 : In Germany, Hans Ruyker, who will later become Marcello Armonti, attends at the sides of C.C. Capwell to the murder of his parents by the Nazis.
1952 Birth of Ken Mathis

Birth of Gina Blake

October : Birth of Mason Capwell

October : Birth of Megan Richardson


Birth of Peter Flint

Pamela Pepperidge and C.C. Capwell divorce

1957 June 10 : Birth of Elena Nikolas

Birth of Raul Mondragon


January 28 : Death of Hal Clark, murdered by Pamela Capwell (1)

June 15 : Birth of Joe Perkins

Birth of Summer Blake

1959 Birth of Mary DuVall

February 26 : Birth of Amy Perkins

Mason Capwell undergoes his first split personality crisis.

June 21 : Wedding of Augusta Wainwright and Lionel Lockridge


Rosa Andrade starts to work for C.C. Capwell.

March 06 : Sophia Wayne confesses to a priest that she is pregnant of another man than her fiancÚ C.C. Capwell. Minx Lockridge, hidden in the confessional, understands that it is about Lionel, her son.

March 15 : Sophia Wayne and C.C. Capwell get married for the first time.

December 11 : Birth of Channing Capwell Jr. and Brick Wallace

December : Birth of Santana Andrade


June 15 : Birth of Eden Capwell

Birth of Warren Lockridge

Birth of Nikki Alvarez

1963 December : Birth of Scott Clark (1)

January or April : Birth of Kelly Capwell

July 11 : Birth of Ric Castillo

Birth of Cassandra Benedict


Birth of Jane Wilson

November : Birth of Ted Capwell


January 12 : Birth of Lily "Light" Blake

Birth of Hayley Benson

Birth of Alice Jackson


Birth of Tawny Richards

Death of Joe Hughes

May 02 : Eden and Channing Junior learn his filiation and the affair of Sophia with Lionel

May 03 : In full ocean, Sophia Capwell falls from Lionel Lockridge's yacht. Eden Capwell attends to the scene from the shore, where Sophia is saved by Marcello Armonti.

1971 November 01 : Birth of Greg Hughes
1972 September 21 : Wedding of Jodie DeWitt and Reese Walker
1973 Birth of B.J. Walker

July : Birth of Aurora DeAngelis

Birth of Jamie Simmons, son of Laura Asher

1975  Death of Emmett Capwell

Wedding of Gina Blake and Stockman DeMott

Peter Flint makes his first year as a professor at Lyman prep.


February 14 : At the college, Celeste DiNapoli and Scott Clark are elected queen and king of St. Valentine's day and get separated.

Death of Raul Mondragon, killed on the Capwell yacht by Jerry Calhoun. Robert Barr, persuaded that Eden Capwell is guilty of his death, accuses himself of the murder at her place.

July 15 : Marcello Armonti makes his come-back in Santa Barbara.

July : Eden and Cruz meet each other for the first time in Europe.

July 30 : Death of Channing Capwell Jr., accidentally killed by Sophia Capwell.

August 21 : Birth of Brandon, hidden son of Santana Andrade and Channing Capwell Jr.

 Death of Mariah DeAngelis. Her husband, Micah, leaves Santa Barbara for Italy.

1980 Death of Anna DiNapoli, mother of Celeste, Lisa and Emily

July : Wedding of Madeline Capwell and David Laurent


Alice Jackson goes to Dr. Rawlings's asylum, while her father, Gus Jackson, goes to jail.

Death of Jamie Simmons, son of Laura Asher, accidentally killed by Michael Donnelly

Death of Katie Timmons, who get drowned in the ocean

June 13 : In Monte-Carlo, Eden meets by chance her mother whom she considered dead. Dr. Marcello Armonti hypnotizes her so that she forgets this meeting.

June 15 : Eden and Andre Wolfe steal Sophia's jewels in her hotel in Monte-Carlo.


Wedding, in Italia, of Sophia Capwell and Count Armonti

Death of Elizabeth Conrad, Jeffrey's first wife, who commits suicide in her car

Death of Charles Bedford, Andrea's father, assassinated by Richard Matthews

Explosion of the Capwell Enterprises oil rig on which Ben Gillis works


Wedding of Laura Simmons and Ethan Asher

In Italia, death of Count Armonti : Sophia Armonti goes back to Santa Barbara.

July 30 : Joe Perkins is released from prison, after five years of jail for the murder of Channing Capwell Jr..

Death of Stockman DeMott : Gina DeMott makes her entry in Santa Barbara.

November 12 : An earthquake occurs at 4.21 p.m.. John Perkins dies in the arms of his wife, Marisa.

December 25 : The Lockridges get reunited around Lionel, incarcerated for the murder of Channing Capwell Jr..

December 31 : Eden Capwell and Cruz Castillo are blocked in the museum, prisoners of Lionel Lockridge's office.


January 08 : Death of Barbara Anderson

Death of Summer Blake, Veronica Gayley and Candy Fox, raped and murdered by Peter Flint

Wedding of Kelly Capwell and Joe Perkins

March 01 : Peter Flint is killed by the police and Joe Perkins dies at the hospital, shot by this last one.

March 12 : The wedding ceremony of Gina DeMott and C.C. Capwell is interrupted by Mason, came to announce that C.C. is always legally married to Sophia.

C.C. Capwell divorces from Sophia in order to be able to marry Gina DeMott.

April 21 : Mason Capwell discovers, by reading a letter of his lover, that Channing Capwell Jr. was gay.

Death of Jeff Barber, killed by the men of Parker Simonson

April 23 : Kelly comes back from the Bermudas and takes the wrong suitcase at the airport

Death of Hank Judson, after the fall of the tunnel between the Capwell and Lockridge mansions.

Death of Larry Parks, during a military operation

May : Death of Brandy Fairbanks/Carla, by falling from the glass roof of the Orient Express the day of its inauguration

May 15 : Brandon faints on the roof of the Capwell mansion after having swallowed Gina's tranquillizers

May 28 : A fire at the Orient Express interrupts the wedding ceremony of Eden Capwell and Cruz Castillo.

Birth of Johnny Wallace, son of Amy Perkins and the Prince of New Stailand

Death of Dr. Renfro, murdered by Jerry Cooper

July 17 : Christie DuVall is raped by her step-brother Steve Bassett. She accuses Ted Capwell of the act.

July 30 : Laken Lockridge and Ted Capwell make love for the first time.

Death of Steve Bassett, killed in self-defense by Christie DuVall

October 18 : Cruz arrests Angel Ramirez after the hostages crisis at the clinic.

Wedding of Amy Perkins and Brick Wallace

December 10 : Wedding of Eden Capwell and Kirk Cranston

December 31 : Brick Wallace discovers that Sophia Armonti and Lionel Lockridge are his true parents.



January : Death of Stan Benson, Gina's brother and Hayley's father

Dr. Scott Clark is hired as a doctor at the Santa Barbara hospital after having made his internship in New York.

Janice Harrison and Dr. Mark McCormick divorce.

Augusta and Lionel Lockridge divorce.

Wedding in a hospital room of Mary DuVall and Dr. Mark McCormick

Cruz Castillo marries Santana Andrade in order to allow her to obtain the guard of her biological son, Brandon DeMott Capwell. They divorce the same year.

April 04 : Death of Madeline Laurent, killed by her sister Courtney Capwell

Death of Dylan Hartley, after a fall from the window of the presidential suite of the Capwell hotel

Eden and Kirk Cranston divorce.

Death of Mary DuVall, killed by the fall of the letter "C" of the ensign of the Capwell hotel

Death of Keith Timmons' grandmother

September 12 : Death of Amy Perkins, in the fire of Buzz's Place

Ted Capwell marries Hayley Benson not to have to testify against her at her trial for the accidental murder of Amy Perkins.

Gina and C.C. Capwell get married for the second time.

Death of Dr. Mark Cormick, killed by Sister Agatha

December 31 : Mason Capwell learns that Victoria Lane is pregnant of Cruz Castillo.


January 06 : At the Orient Express, Eden Capwell is attacked by a robber.

February 26 : After a first aborted attempt, Mason Capwell and Victoria Lane get married.

Gina and C.C. Capwell divorce and Sophia and C.C. can thus get married for the second time.

Birth of Chip Capwell Castillo, son of Victoria Lane and Cruz Castillo

Birth of Samantha Capwell, daughter of Julia Wainwright and Mason Capwell, after the contract they signed together in this way

Wedding of Lionel Lockridge and Caroline Wilson, who dies a few days later of a mysterious disease

September 24 : Suicide of Elena Nikolas. C.C. discovers that she is his daughter.

October 17 : Death of Dash Nichols' mother in an accident

Wedding of Kelly Capwell and Jeffrey Conrad

Hayley and Ted Capwell divorce.

Death of Will Morton, after a heart attack

1988 January : Death of Hayley Benson, reversed by a car

Birth of Carrie Grant, daughter whom Rita Grant carried as a surrogate mother

Victoria and Mason Capwell divorce.

Death of Kathleen McDougall, killed in self-defense by Andrea Bedford

Death of Mel Stock, after an overdose of cocaine given to him by Victoria Lane

April 01 : Wedding of Eden Capwell and Cruz Castillo

Wedding of Gina Capwell and Keith Timmons. They divorce the same year.

Sophia and C.C. Capwell divorce for the second time.

Death of Ben Clark, after a cancer

Death of Andrea Bedford, raped and assassinated by Dr. Zack Kelton

November 23 : The first wedding ceremony of Mason and Julia is canceled by this last one.

Wedding of Hollis Beaulieu and Ric Castillo

December 31 : All the Capwells, excepted Mason, celebrate New Year's Eve in a train specially freighted by C.C..

1989 January 01 : Birth of Adriana Castillo, daughter of Eden and Cruz Castillo

Kelly and Jeffrey Conrad divorce.

Death of Dr. Zack Kelton, after a fall from a cliff

February 17 : Mason Capwell, victim of split personality, marries Gina DeMott. The union is however canceled a few days later.

Death of Catherine Thoreau, stabbed

Death of Roger Wainwright, Augusta and Julia's father, from a cirrhosis

April 27 : Hollis Castillo leaves the United States for Paris while taking Adriana with her

May : Death of Hollis Castillo, who get drowned in the Seine.

June 02 : Once Mason Capwell liberated from Gina, he marries Julia Wainwright.

June 14 : Death of Leo Mitchell, killed in self-defense by Laura Asher

Wedding of Augusta Lockridge and Anthony Tonell, which will remain secret until the death of Anthony this same year

Birth of Michael Clark, son of Dr. Heather Donnelly and Dr. Scott Clark. Dr. Arthur Donnelly comes back in Santa Barbara for the occasion.

Wedding of Emily DiNapoli and Greg Hughes

Suicide of Jerry Calhoun, who throws himself in the ocean

Death of Molly McCabe, Connor's sister, by a bullet which was destined to him

1990 February 13 : Eden and Cruz find each other again in Pebble Creek, while Robert Barr leaves town.

Laura and Ethan Asher divorce.

Death of Sasha Schmidt, murdered by mistake by Laura Asher

Death of Jane Kingsley, after a drug overdose

Death of Marcos Llamera, after a snake bite in the desert

Death of the shaman, after having given a talisman to Cruz

Death of Nikki Alvarez, killed by an explosion caused by Harland Richards

October 24 : Kelly Capwell marries Quinn Armitage, thinking she is marrying his twin brother, Robert Barr.

November 26 : Death of Robert Barr, assassinated by Flame Beaufort

December 25 : Eden wakes up from her coma and knows from now on who shot Robert Barr.

December 31 : Sophia and C.C. Capwell get married for the third time, on the initiative of their children.

1991 Julia and Mason Capwell divorce.

Death of Grant Capwell, a few days after his birthday

In Italy, death of Count Armonti's father. Sophia inherits the Armonti tiara.

Death of Andre Wolfe, killed by Cruz Castillo

Death of Richard Sedgewick, who dies of a heart attack while he is kissing Kelly Capwell.

May 02 : Kelly Capwell and Quinn Armitage are close to get married for the second time, when Kelly realizes that he is not Robert Barr.

July 24 : Eden, who takes herself for Channing Junior, shoots Sophia; whereas Dr. Grant Jameson runs over Santana Andrade with his car.

September 21 : Death of Amado Gonzalez, killed by Craig Hunt

The wedding ceremony of Mason Capwell and Cassandra Benedict is interrupted by Warren Lockridge, who kidnaps this last one in the Alcatraz prison.

Sophia and C.C. Capwell divorce for the third time.

December 24 : Birth of Channing Capwell III, son of Gina Capwell and a sample of C.C. Capwell's freezed sperm

December 31 : Suzanne Collier and Cruz Castillo make love for the first time.


Angela and David Raymond divorce.

Far from him, Eden Capwell divorces of Cruz Castillo.

Julia and Mason Capwell get married for the third time, during what was going to be a death-watch in memory of Grant Capwell.

Wedding of Gina Capwell and Lionel Lockridge during a theatrical representation

Fake wedding of Lisa Fenimore and Rafe Castillo, which will quickly be canceled

The wedding ceremonies of Katrina Ruyker and Ted Capwell and Angela Raymond and Warren Lockridge are interrupted.

Wedding of Sophia Armonti and Ken Mathis

August 10 : Suicide of Frank Goodman

December 31 : Wedding of Lily "Light" Blake and Ted Capwell


January : Death of Ken Mathis, poisoned in his prison cell by Andi Klein

January : Birth of Chester Lively, son of Gracie, that Julia and Mason Capwell proposed to adopt.

January : B.J. Walker and Warren Lockridge get married and thus close the show.


(1) An incoherence remains concerning Hal Clark's death year. It is said in an episode of 1988 that Hal died in 1958. However, Pamela Capwell, his killer, had already left Santa Barbara for two years.
By rebound, there remains a doubt as for Dr. Scott Clark's birth year : if it is well said that he was five years old when Hal died, can we affirm that he was born in 1963 ?