The weddings of Santa Barbara
Lily "Light" Blake and Ted Capwell


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Nothing at first predestined Lily Blake and Ted Capwell to date. But, in order to make Angela Cassidy and Rafe Castillo jealous, they decide by mutual agreement to play the lovers. Lily, already in love with Ted, will know how to make him forget Angela quite fast and make him pass besides the fact whether she is Gina's daughter, the Capwells' worst enemy.

The preparations for the wedding are a real disaster, in spite of all Gina's attentions, who decided to manage the wedding of the year. At first, Pierre, the chef who has to prepare the meal, turns out very fast not to be up to it. Then, Samantha Capwell lets speak her artist's talent, and she brings one thousand colors to Lily's white dress. To be forgiven, she offers her a box : this latter contains in fact all the wedding invitations which were not sent. Despite all that, the wedding is maintained in the date of December 31th, 1992.

The wedding is celebrated within the Capwell villa. Around the newlyweds, the tension is tangible : C.C., Kelly Capwell and Connor McCabe are afraid for Sophia's life, and Julia and Mason have just led Gracie Lively back to the airport. Gina warns everybody of the beginning of the ceremony : the guests gather in the villa atrium, which was fitted out in chapel for the occasion : a white carpet crosses the room, in continuation of the staircase. Along the carpet, chairs for the guests were installed where are usually the large sofas. Sophia (who does not stop coughing), dressed in blue, takes a seat in the front row, at her husband's side. On the other side, a white flower in the hand, Gina sits too. She wears a black dress which leaves her shoulders naked, with a wide white edge.

C.C. Capwell, although the father of the bridegroom and the host, takes a seat in the second row behind Sophia, Angela Cassidy at his arm. Julia is the last one to take a seat, just in the right of Ken Mathis, while Mason, who is the witness, joins the priest and the bridegroom. The altar was placed near the fireplace. Only bridesmaid and witness of the bride, Kelly, in red dress, goes down the stairs and joins Ted, showing him her affection under Angela's eyes.

On the landing in the middle of the steps, Lionel Lockridge, who is going to have the immense honor to escort the bride up to the altar, waits for Lily. She eventually arrives in a short bridal dress offered by Sophia, to replace the one which was destroyed by Samantha. She accepts Lionel's arm, while the first notes of the wedding march ring. Lily wears a veil and a bouquet of white flowers in the hand. Gina seems very proud of her family, her emotion is visible. Lily seems to have quickly succeeded where she put years to make a marriage which conjugates love and fortune.

Very fast, the priest begins and asks the question lot of people present in the room dreads : is there someone opposed to this wedding ? Nobody dares or wishes to intervene. And, one moment later, Ted pronounces his "I do", when the priest asks him if he wants to take Lily for wife.

The priest turns to Lily and asks her if she agrees to take Ted Capwell as legitimate husband. Before she cannot answer, Rafe Castillo enters the room. All the looks suddenly get fixed on him, while a more violent fit of coughing brings down Sophia. Being afraid that the wedding is cancelled, Gina becomes enraged with Rafe : she wants him to go away so that her daughter can get married to Ted. Lionel intervenes : he asks that Rafe and Lily discuss things, even if it means that the wedding gets canceled. Wiser, Lionel considers that they have to have an explanation so that Lily can make the good decision.

Rafe wants to cancel the wedding because he loves Lily, because he does not want to be far from her. He talks to her about all the mistakes he committed, and especially he admits that he got married to the bad person and that he does not want her to do the same there. He then approaches her and tries to kiss her, but Ted intervenes. The two men begin to fight. Lionel and C.C. come to separate them. Lily, powerless, looks at them before telling them that she does not want to be the prize for the winner of their competition.

Rafe asks her then if she has taken her decision. Lily looks at Rafe, then at Ted. She asks to speak alone for a moment to Rafe. Ted and Gina are stunned. At the same time, Sophia, who is taken by a new fit of coughing, goes to the kitchen together with Ken, and followed by Kelly and C.C..

In C.C.'s study, Lily is ready to speak with Rafe. However, she requires from him that he stays far from her : he is against the door, she is against the desk. Rafe, again, tells her that he loves her and that he cannot live without her. He asks her if she remembers what happened on the beach, of this moment when she became his wife of body and spirit. Lily remembers, of course. She answers him by evoking his wedding with Lisa Fenimore, another one than her. Rafe explains her that he could not make otherwise : Lisa was pregnant of him, he was responsible for her state; he had to assume the weight of his mistakes.

Gina listens from behind the door of the study, being afraid at every moment that her daughter gives up to Rafe. Lionel comforts her by telling her that love uses roundabout ways to touch the lovers' heart. On his side, C.C. says that it is maybe better that the wedding is cancelled. Angela is sorry for him.

Slowly, the wedding guests leave the one after the other the Capwell villa. Sophia is driven to the hospital with Ken, Kelly and Connor. C.C. then leaves to join her. Julia and Mason go to the hospital too, because Gracie would be about to deliver.

In the study, only Lily and Gina are staying. This latter, apparently worried that the wedding can be cancelled, gives an advice to her daughter in order to choose between both men. It is not certain that Gina's advice is not totally selfless; she has already advised to her niece Hayley to remain married with Ted to be able to enjoy the Capwell name and their privileges. It is clear that in Gina's eyes, Rafe Castillo has nothing to offer to her. Lily does not know which one to choose, when her heart tells her at one moment that the man of her life is Ted Capwell, and when the next moment it is Rafe Castillo. She stays in the most total uncertainty. Gina leaves her alone, by asking her which one of the two men makes her heart beat.

Rafe leaves the living-room of the Capwell villa, not without asking to Lionel to warn Lily that he waits for her outside, in front of the wooden doors. On her side, Lily asks to her mother to tell Ted that she wants to speak to him. Ted is worried, because he imagines that Lily made her decision : because of the ups and downs of their relation, it seems obvious that she chooses the one she loved the first. In the study, Ted decides to be the first one to speak. Lily looks at him lovingly and thanks him for making everything so simple, even this situation which could lead to drama. She darts towards him and embraces him.

The priest announces to Lionel that he is going to leave, because it would seem that the wedding will not take place. This is when Lily and Ted come back from the study, and when Rafe enters again the Capwell villa. Ted and Rafe are hung from Lily's lips.

In presence of Lionel, Gina and Angela, the reverend resumes the ceremony. Lily says yes, that she wants to become Ted's wife. The reverend then declares them husband and wife, for Gina's great pleasure. Angela, as for her, cannot refrain from thinking that she would have been able to be at Lily's place.

Rafe looks through the window of the villa before going away towards a future far from Lily and far from Santa Barbara. Before turning away from the one he loves, he wishes her a good life, as well as a good year.

At this beginning of year 1993, Lily and Ted leave for honeymoon, escorted by Gina who is afraid at any moment that the situation gets out of control and that they eventually part. Many times, Gina will interfere in their life as a couple. The show will end with the hope of a happy life for the bridegrooms of January 1st, 1993...

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