Cruz and Eden's divorce

 By Isabelle Caron, TÚlÚ 7 Jours, 1992

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"You should never have imagined that. It is a shame." Here is what wrote a faithful fan of Santa Barbara to the network NBC. The letters arrive per tens of thousands since the producers of the show dared ! Cruz and Eden have indeed just divorced in an episode aired on February 6 in the United States, and that you will not see so soon, because of the interval. A Martinez who plays the role of Cruz, receives for the first time of his career letters of threats or insults. All of them exhort him to refuse this final separation. Reply of the actor : "I am however not responsible for my role. I do not understand I am accused like this. Some correspondents even ask me to give up the role of Cruz !"

We can understand him : it is Eden who required the divorce. Since she disappeared from the show, when Marcy Walker left her role to play in another show Palace Guard, Eden remained untraceable. The writers had first created for Cruz some episodes where he was looking for her in vain, but that could not last. In so disputed episode, he thus received a letter from Eden sent from Saint-Domingue, where Eden had taken refuge, and where, especially, divorces are instantaneous ! Eden besides joins the papers that Cruz has just to sign for that they officially will not be husband and wife anymore. Eden explains to him that she follows a psychiatric processing but that the cure will be long, that she does not have the right to let Cruz wait, that he must start a new life on his side. Cruz is desperate but, would this be only for the happiness of his two children of the show, Chip and Adriana, he must indeed take a new way. He thus signs the papers.

His future in Santa Barbara ? Will he live a love story with Kelly (Eileen Davidson), the sister of Eden to who he seems to be very close ? According to Francesca James, one of the producer, "it is too early to answer, but Cruz will not be able to remain alone for a long time !" A return of Eden in spite of the divorce ? It well seems that not. After the failure of Palace Guard, Marcy Walker does not know yet with what will be done the days of her young career.