The weddings of Santa Barbara
Victoria Lane and Mason Capwell 3


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This third wedding for Victoria and Mason follows the second ceremony which took place the day before in the chapel of the city university. This ceremony was in fact a decoy to deceive Keith Timmons and the police, and to allow the Capwell family to see again for a few moments Kelly, who is on the run. This false ceremony was interrupted by Victoria who, shortly before the exchange of vows and consents, preferred to leave the altar. It allowed a brief moment Kelly to find one by one the members of her family. However, for her, the run is not over since with Jeffrey Conrad - both in bridal clothes - she has to leave the chapel for another hiding place.

In the middle of this effervescence, Mason and Victoria decided to maintain their wedding project. Marriage of friendship. Marriage of reason. Marriage by obligation. Marriage of interest. Marriage of hope. We could find a thousand reasons for this marriage, but love is absent from this list. Victoria does not love Mason. Mason does not love Victoria. However, both have chosen to unite their destiny, on February 26, 1987.

It is in the morning of this new day that Mason and Victoria meet at Johnny's Place. There, Victoria presents to Mason the invitation for their wedding which will take place the same day in a church in Carmel. Mason discovers with surprise Victoria's middle name. Both seemed to ignore the existence of their middle name, since Mason's does not appear on the invitation. During the lunch, Mason has fun to propose combinations for the future presentations of Victoria to the Santa Barbara society : Victoria Gwendolyn Lane Capwell or Mrs. Mason Lamont Capwell. This short sequence allows to put in perspective their degree of intimacy; because in fact, Victoria is pregnant with Cruz Castillo's child, and Mason is the father of the child that Julia Wainwright is carrying. Beyond the feeling of friendship which unites them, Victoria marries Mason to ensure a future for her child; as for Mason, he marries Victoria perhaps because he finds in her Mary's fragility, but also to allow Eden to know a future with Cruz (as his father ordered it). However, Mason must keep in a corner of his head that with Victoria's child, when he recognizes him, he will satisfy Emmett Capwell's will : his first son will inherit several million dollars.

Then the future couple goes to the Capwell villa to invite C.C. and Sophia to the ceremony. If C.C. and Sophia are happy with this wedding, it is not the case of Mason's mother-in-law, Gina. This latter never hid the attraction that she felt for the Capwells' eldest son. Gina openly attacks Victoria, assuring her that she does not know what she is getting into by marrying Mason and doubts that Mason has revealed all her secrets to her... Victoria does not get flustered and, facing Gina, demonstrates a certain strength of character by announcing to her with a smile that she is aware of their common past. Gina smiles and takes the bets : this marriage will not last more than six months and then Victoria will get tired of Mason. Gina is wrong in the prognosis... But this marriage will not exceed its first anniversary : the truth, not their hidden secrets, has exploded this union.

For the moment, it is in a small church of Carmel that Victoria and Mason meet. Victoria wears a very simple wedding dress, made of lace - it is curiously simpler than the one she wore the day before for the fake ceremony. Her dress has neither veil nor train. A very strict bun completes her appearance. The groom wears a black suit with a tie, embellished with small white pearls at the buttonhole.

In the church, the only people are the priest, C.C. and Sophia, the best men of the bride and groom. The church is relatively dark and the few candles fail to make it warm.

In the nave, a little before the ceremony, Mason and Victoria isolate themselves. Victoria is nervous. Mason, understanding (perhaps he also has doubts), explains that if she wants to change her mind, he will understand. But before she can answer him, the priest comes to direct them at the altar; the ceremony will begin. There are no other guests at the ceremony. Victoria's mother may not have been invited; as for Mason's family, they are unable to come : Kelly is on the run, Eden and Cruz are placed under house arrest under Keith's vigilance, and Ted tries to get closer to Hayley.

Only Sophia seems to be delighted by this union. Confident in the future, she hopes that the dark clouds that revolve around her family could disappear : yesterday, she was able to hug Kelly in her arms and tomorrow, thanks to this union, Eden's happiness can be complete. She whispers to C.C. that luck will smile at them.

The priest begins his speech. Meanwhile, Mason and Victoria exchange looks. Both feel the tension that inhabits them : both are fully aware of the doubts of the other. Then comes the moment of the exchange of vows and rings. Victoria is the first to say yes and to pass to Mason's finger the ring that Sophia gives her. Mason does the same. Declared husband and wife, they share a tender kiss, a kiss that is not charged with the passion and emotion that one might expect at such a time.

At the end of the ceremony, Mason and Victoria return to Johnny's Place. Their wedding is followed neither reception nor honeymoon. Indeed, a moment after their arrival at Johnny's Place, Victoria is taken by nausea and pain in the belly. Mason drives her then to the hospital. These moments after their wedding will be representative of their life together : a child (whether the one Victoria carries or the one Julia carries) will always be between them, preventing them from really and sincerely trying to love each other...

Gina was right : one year later, Victoria will have get tired of Mason and his secrets. She will file for divorce after having also crossed violent storms...

Text written for this site by Lilian

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