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Victoria Lane and Mason Capwell 2


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In spite of a first attempt which did not succeed, neither Mason nor Victoria wishes to abandon their wedding plan; even if reason and destiny seem to put everything in place so that this wedding cannot take place... However, by a strange stroke of fate, a second wedding attempt will be imposed on them: the return of Kelly and Jeffrey in town will precipitate the events.

Kelly and Jeffrey, who have come back from Switzerland, find themselves now hidden at the city University. A friend of C.C.'s, Dr. Charles Marcus, has reserved for the evening and the day of tomorrow the church of the University and its crypt. He hopes that Kelly will be able to find her family in the dark.

And when Mason bursts into the Capwell villa to announce to C.C., Sophia, Eden and Cruz his wedding, tomorrow, with Victoria in Carmel, everyone remains disconcerted by this sudden news. It will not be a wedding in the pure Capwell tradition : no big party, no long list of guests... And Mason specifies that he does not wait for his father's blessing. If Eden is destabilized by this marriage (her brother is going to marry her fiancé's first love), only Cruz presents his congratulations to Mason. This latter explains that the reasons for this quick wedding in private committee are related to Victoria's status as an actress.

While listening to Mason, Cruz ends up expressing the idea of using the motive of Mason and Victoria's wedding to justify, in Keith Timmons' eyes, who does not cease to spy on them, the reservation of the church by the Capwell family. Mason does not agree immediately with this idea; he does not want his wedding to be under the control of the Capwells. C.C. then feels obliged to intervene and insists heavily on Mason's duty, and on Kelly's fate. Father and son oppose again on the loyalty to have towards the Capwell family. Cruz puts an end to the discussion by proposing to ask himself the question to Victoria. This is not without making Mason puzzled ! He has no other choice than to ask Eden what she thinks... Eden will have to choose between accepting Victoria's arrival in her family and finding her younger sister.

A moment later, Mason, accompanied by Eden and Cruz, goes to Victoria's apartment. The decor is quickly planted : Mason advises Victoria to sit down and Cruz announces that he needs her help. And after Eden, it is up to Victoria to make a decisive choice. As Mason explains to her, the family planned to change their wedding plan. Their wedding is to take place tonight in the University chapel... Because the family plan includes the reunion with Kelly. Victoria ends up accepting Cruz's proposal after that, aside, he explained the plan, the risks and the objective outside her wedding.

A storm then falls on the city. Lightning streaks the sky. It is also the storm in Gina's mind, who has just learned Mason's wedding plan. A part of herself really hopes that this marriage may not take place. Keith notices it...

The chapel is soberly decorated : white flowers and pink knots at the few benches of the church. Candlesticks around the altar and at the entrance illuminate the nave slightly, while from time to time a flash of lightning throws a bright light through the stained glass windows. Mason is the first to be in the chapel. And the first person who comes to him is certainly not the one he was waiting for. Gina's silhouette is guessed thanks to a flash of lightning. She goes towards Mason and comes to ask him why this marriage... She knows that it is not out of love, that people like them do not marry out of love. Gina says that she wants to prevent him from making the biggest mistake of his life. In return, Mason then asks her to return the tape which would exonerate Kelly. But Gina cannot. And while Gina lets herself go to shed false tears, Mason hands her a handkerchief. This is only false sympathy on his part, because Mason tells her that he hates her for having broken Kelly's life, and that he waits for the day when she will end up in prison. Gina then feels only hatred and anger towards the couple.

C.C. and Sophia then arrive in the chapel. Sophia notices how peaceful and quiet it is. They are greeted by Keith, who had laid down on a bench. He is very intrigued by this wedding. Keith challenges C.C. and Sophia by telling them that he is there to track Kelly...

Mason joined, in an isolated room, his fiancée dressed this time with a real wedding dress. Victoria explains to him that she was always nervous before a premiere, and that this day is not an exception to the rule. Eden joins them. She asks to speak alone with Victoria : Eden wants to apologize for having doubted her, that she can be able to play this wedding comedy. She also thanks her for helping her family and Kelly. Victoria accepts her apologies, perhaps feeling for the first time she is Eden's equal. Eden then gives her, as tradition requires it, something borrowed : it is a necklace that belonged to Eden's grandmother. Before returning to join the guests, Eden wishes Victoria a happy wedding tomorrow, and a happy life with Mason.

In the church, everyone is ready. Only Ted and Hayley are missing. Following Sophia's advice, C.C. approaches his son and, in his way, tries to explain to him that despite their differences, he loves him. But Mason does not want to listen to his father's confession : he explains to him that in spite of the expression, he is not going to put a rope around his neck; he is just getting married. Deep down, C.C. disapproves more and more this marriage. However, he proposes to be Mason's best man, in the absence of Ted. For her part, under Keith's eyes, Gina fingers a rosary so that the wedding does not take place...

Outside, the thunder roars, when the priest settles and the music covers for a time the crash of the storm. Everyone is looking at the church entrance... the bride is not there. Only Gina seems to be delighted by this situation : Mason does not escape her yet. Mason, worried, leaves to see the bride-to-be. Keith feels that something is not normal; while Gina believes that her prayers have been heard.

In the sacristy adjoining the church, Mason finds Victoria. He helps her to put on the necklace offered by Eden. Victoria is ready. Victoria smiles. She is in this wedding because she knows it is a part. Today, it is not a scene of a film that she performs, but it is just like it. She goes to appear in front of the Capwells, in front of Keith, and play a fearful bride who will run away from the altar, before saying I do... Yes, Victoria can smile. It is not going to be her biggest role, but it is still a role, a role she has accepted to play. And when Mason says to her «Let's go», Victoria hears «Action, ready to shoot...».

When, for the second time, the wedding march is heard in the chapel, Victoria, a bouquet in her hand, advances alone in the nave, under the Capwells' eyes, but especially under Gina's eyes full of tears. Mason smiles. Victoria doubts. And when the priest welcomes them and asks if someone wants to speak to prevent this marriage, Keith hastens to gag Gina. The priest then asks Mason and Victoria to unite their hands. And while Mason must pronounce the sacred words, Victoria says that she cannot and runs away, leaving a distraught Mason... And Gina smiles, relieved.

The Capwell clan forms around C.C., remained alone near the altar. Keith observes : he knows that something is not normal, everything around this wedding sounds fake. Keith's suspicions go very quickly on the priest. He asks his henchman to inquire about the date really deposited for Mason and Victoria's wedding, and also to inquire about Father Gerard Fitzpatrick. It is obvious to Keith that this priest is paid by the Capwells. Mason, then Sophia, join Victoria. But in reality, they will find Kelly and Jeffrey...

And when Mason comes back in the church, he finds his father angry with Victoria; he is tired of her antics, of her mood swings. Mason explains that Victoria has fears and that at the moment Sophia tries to give her all the help and comfort she needs. Gina watches Mason and rushes towards him to tell him that if ever Victoria does not want to marry him, she is ready to take the role of the bride. Mason is obliged to remind her that she is his father's wife ! The game of moral support to Victoria and of the reunion with Kelly continues. Sophia comes almost to beg C.C. to go to see Victoria to tell her that she is welcomed with wide open arms in the Capwell family. Sophia is obliged to repel Gina's ardours, who would also like to bring help to Victoria. Ted and Hayley then arrive in the church and, very quickly, they are informed by Eden, Cruz and Sophia.

Keith, who has been struggling since the beginning of the ceremony, decides to take action. There is no doubt that this hastily arranged secret marriage is nothing more than a sham wedding. And if he cannot go after the Capwells, then he will go after the priest. He approaches him, and invents a prayer in Latin. The priest, who knows nothing of the district attorney's duplicity, falls in the trap and Keith removes his priest collar. Under Sophia and Gina's eyes, Keith explains to the priest that his prayer was not in Latin, but in Spanish !

On this new twist, the wedding resumes, as Victoria and Mason come back in front of the altar. Keith returns to the church and interrupts the wedding : he understood. He knows that Kelly is around; this wedding is only a farce to allow the Capwells to find their darling daughter. With a smile on his face, he calls for policemen to search the church and its outbuildings. Sophia hides her fear with difficulty. C.C. plays his role and takes a policeman away from the sacristy, while Cruz sneaks in. Aware of the events, Kelly and Jeffrey find themselves locked up, but Jeffrey has the idea to turn off the electricity : the church is only lit by candles and lightning. Keith orders everyone not to move. Cruz sends Eden to her sister, Sophia rushes into C.C.'s arms, and Gina takes the opportunity to kiss Mason with passion. Eden helps Kelly and Jeffrey to leave the church. The Capwells end up leaving...

Second wedding canceled in a few days for Victoria. If, for the first one, she was afraid of Mason's commitment, today she seems reassured. She comes by this comedy wedding to win her ticket to enter the Capwell clan. C.C. is obliged to realize that she is stronger than she seems. Eden must admit that she accepted a new role to help her family and that perhaps her couple with Mason has the right to get a chance...

Text written for this site by Lilian

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