The weddings of Santa Barbara
Victoria Lane and Mason Capwell 1


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The first wedding attempt between Mason Capwell and Victoria Lane could only be a failure, so much it lacks romanticism, passion, human warmth... Prepared hastily by Mason, this marriage could finally only be cancelled.

The life of the actress Victoria Lane, since her arrival in Santa Barbara, escapes any scenario. She, who wanted to return to the city, to get away from Los Angeles and its agitation, was mistaken. In Santa Barbara, her path crossed very quickly Cruz Castillo's and, despite the years, Victoria must admit that she still loves him. And the recent events that occurred when they had shipwrecked are an indisputable proof of this. Pregnant with Cruz, Victoria has no choice but to flee or to stay... To stay, but by turning upside down her whole life. Because how to stay in Santa Barbara and to have to fight daily against the Capwells, against the omnipresent C.C. Capwell, who seems ready to do anything to move Victoria apart from Eden's way ? Victoria is at a time of choice.

Mason Capwell's position is no more enviable. Lost since the death of Mary DuVall, Mason found back his place of cursed son, ready to face his family, to find a proof of existence. If he got considerably closer to Julia Wainwright, he does not manage to fully drop his carapace in her presence. However, he feels that her presence disturbs him : this disorder is both the same and different from the one he had with Mary. But one day, his meeting on the roof of the Capwell Hotel with actress Victoria Lane comes to offer him another future. He falls in love, not with Victoria, but with the memory and the feeling of a white knight that she awakens in him. She becomes a shadow, the shadow of Mary. And Victoria can be saved !

They had to meet so that others could take control of their destiny. Having discovered Victoria's secret, C.C. urges Mason to marry her, and thus to drive away all the dark clouds that could weigh on Eden's happiness. As a good son, as a good brother, Mason must sacrifice himself. The father's pressure on the son is daily. C.C. even lays a last card : the codicil of Emmett Capwell's will... His first great-grandson will inherit a large part of the Capwell fortune. Unconscious of Mason's dilemma, Victoria is this young woman alone, lost, isolated, who waits to be saved and who has to face C.C. Capwell to try to survive. Victoria's fight resounds with a sweet voice in Mason's mind : isn't that her own destiny ?

The dice are then thrown. Listening only to his courage and helped by the budding friendship that he feels for Victoria, Mason asks her to marry him. Victoria hesitates. Victoria doubts. But Victoria accepts, touched by an evidence : men (such as Brick Wallace) are able to love as their own son, the child of another one. And Mason (who suffered from the lack of mother) appears to be one of them.

After several hesitations, Victoria ends up accepting that her first marriage is not at all a reflection of the one she hoped for. She joins Mason at the town hall, for a ceremony for two. In the wedding hall, filled with flowers, Mason organized everything : a violin player, a harp player. Everything is ready for the ceremony; he even offered Victoria a wedding dress (of the simplest). As soon as Victoria arrives, he gives her a bouquet between his arms, and here they are in front of the legal representative. Without preamble, without friends around, without warmth, he begins the ceremony.

Victoria suffocates... Victoria doubts this reality that does not suit her. Victoria trembles... Victoria panics at the reality of the situation. She doesn't want to get married, at least not like that. The ceremony is cancelled. Victoria explains that she does not want to get married like this, she wants a real wedding. Mason understands. He puts himself in Victoria's shoes, hears her position and accepts her doubts. He assures her that it does not change anything, and that he imagines them living a long and happy marriage surrounded by several children. By mutual agreement, he decides to marry a little later, in a place they will have chosen together.

It is the first wedding attempt between Victoria and Mason, which will continue with a second attempt, always unsuccessful. It was written in the stars that Victoria would never know the great wedding she aspires to.

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