The weddings of Santa Barbara
Eden Capwell and Kirk Cranston


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The year 1985 finishes on a new wedding (the sixth one) surprise. Unfortunately, this new union is far from ravishing the fans of the show, since Eden gets married with the new bad guy : Kirk Cranston. Kirk is in fact Jack Stanfield Lee's son, and C.C. Capwell's new lawyer. By this marriage, Eden moves away a little more from Cruz Castillo, even if they always continue to love each other.

However, during the year, the relationship between Eden and Cruz had clearly get better. They had even succeeded in overcoming all the problems generated by the investigation on the murder of Channing Junior. Time after time, Eden had ended by acknowledging her love to Cruz. And under the benevolent eyes of her father, this time, Eden had accepted the police officer's wedding proposal. Unfortunately for them, an unforeseen event which touches Eden very closely, will upset their relation. During this season, C.C., after the revelations of Mason on his beloved son (Mason reveals to his father that Channing Junior is not his son, but his rival Lionel Lockridge's), falls down without knowledge... C.C. is victim of an aneurysmal rupture.

Whereas C.C. is plunged in coma, it is Eden who gets in charge of the Capwell Enterprises. Hurt by this decision that he considers more than unjust, Mason remains hidden in the shade, ready to emerge at any time to put the hand on the management of the company. Whereas she is on a trip with Cruz, her management is severely criticized by Mason. In order to protect her place, Eden is forced to come back very quickly and to fight to preserve the full powers. She is then advised by a new lawyer, Kirk Cranston.

Moreover, Eden must face a terrible case of conscience. Months earlier, C.C. would have made her promise to disconnect the life support system which would maintain him alive; he did not want that life. Eden knows it. And today, her spirit is tortured by only one and single question : does she have to respect her father's will, and to thus disconnect the life support system ? Trapped, Eden does not know what to do. She relies on Cruz who, faithful to the law, forbides her to make what he regards as a murder. Eden also relies on Kirk, who finds there a way to approach Eden. And unfortunately it is close to him that Eden finds an attentive ear to her doubts, and a solid shoulder on which she can be hung up again in case of weakness. What Eden is unaware of, it is that the Kirk's intentions are the same than his father's : to take the control of the Capwell Enterprises.

And it is indirectly through Gina that Eden will finish in Kirk's arms. Before falling in coma, C.C. had made written divorce papers. Unfortunately, he did not have the time to sign them. Gina, who knows that her hours within the Capwell family are counted, benefits from this help of the destiny to develop a clever stratagem. Using Eden's doubts as well as possible, Gina found the ideal plan to remain Mrs. Channing Creighton Capwell, and thus to be able to benefit from his fortune. During Eden and Cruz's engagement party, she reverses a glass on Eden's clothes, thus obliging her to change of dress. The mixture between alcohol and her medicine lets Eden being delirious throughout the evening. During this evening, Gina covered of the same dress than Eden, pulls the plug on her husband's life support system. Unfortunately, C.C. survives to this murder attempt.

Eden, on her side, feels guilty of the murder attempt because, to everyone's eyes, it is obvious that she is the one who disconnected the life support system. Moreover, although she does not have any memory of it, Eden supposes that it is her who did it. Cruz also judges her responsible for this crime and, little by little, they start to move away the one from the other. Cruz cannot understand that she could really tried to kill someone. Kirk, to get closed with her, supports her in this hard time. In particular, he seems to understand her gesture, as well as the reasons which pushed her to do it. Day after day, Eden finds comfort and supports near him. And slowly, she moves away a little more from Cruz, who reads clearly in Kirk's game. Learnedly diverted of its context by Kirk, Cruz's anger and jealousy push Eden to break with him.

And although C.C. survives, it is too late for Eden and Cruz. Feeling indebted for his support, Eden ends accepting Kirk's wedding proposal. The ceremony takes place in the office of a judge, during episode 346. We are far from the romanticism of the cancelled wedding between Eden and Cruz, some episodes earlier. Of course, Cruz tries everything he can to prevent this union but, retained by some police officers, he arrives too late in the office : Eden has just exchanged her consent with Kirk.

The year 1985 thus finishes on this wedding surprise. Eden and Cruz from are now on separated by a major inconvenience : Kirk Cranston, whose unavowed purpose is to take the control of the Capwell Enterprises. And Eden seems the only solution to succeed where his father failed. The love triangle which had already proven its effectiveness with Joe-Kelly-Peter finds here its apogee. The future of the couple Eden and Cruz seems all the more dark as Cruz, out of spite, will get close to Santana Andrade, and, by friendship for her, will help her to obtain the guard of her son, the young Brandon. Indeed, now that Eden is pregnant of Kirk, he realizes that he has no chance to reconquer her any more. For the happiness of the Mexican young woman, Cruz will go until defying the Capwell power. And battles after battles, a soft feeling will be born between them...

Very fortunately, Eden will not be long in discovering, at her expense, he dark personality which animates Kirk. Cruz also suspects the lawyer of not having only good intentions towards the Capwells. Fearing he could start a revenge on Eden, Cruz keeps watching in the shade, supervising every act of his rival. And when he tries to drown Eden in a pool in Aqualand, filled of sharks, Cruz will be there to save her. He will then not stop to fight to release Eden from Kirk's influence. And again each time Kirk will be back in Santa Barbara to be avenged...

Text written for this site by Lilian