The weddings of Santa Barbara
Gina DeMott and C.C. Capwell


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It is the very first union between these two very colored main characters, who thereafter will not cease to hate each other cordially, in spite of remarriages... Their wedding takes place at the Capwell mansion, on March 12, 1985 (episodes 158 and 159), and it is celebrated by Reverend Davis.

Following the death of her husband, and unable to face the succession (or rather to the absence of heritage, because Stockman left only debts to his young widow), Gina DeMott arrives to request the help of her late husband's good friend. This is during the last six-month of 1984 that we meet Gina and Brandon, her five years old adoptive son.

A widower since Sophia's disappearance, C.C., who was a time close to Santana (his son's former mistress and also daughter of his servants), quickly turns over attention and affection on Gina, who is not other than the adoptive mother of his biological grandson. Indeed, knowing Stockman in the impossibility of making a child to her charming and young wife, C.C. organized the adoption of Channing Junior and Santana's son; thanks to this stratagem, C.C. was able to keep an eye on his grandson. Today, Brandon remains the only real print of Channing Junior's life. It is besides for this reason that he invites Gina and her sister Summer to settle between the walls of the Capwell mansion.

Conscious that the interest that C.C. has for her is closely related to Brandon, Gina uses of her charms and her thin assets as a secretary to affirm her importance to the eyes of the clan head, more especially as Eden does not see her arrival within the family very well. However, C.C. ends up being let trap at Gina's game, and they both start an affair. C.C. does not have any more other choices but to propose the marriage to her. Moreover, thanks to this union, he will be able to become by adoption, the biological father of the son of his favorite child, and to thus fully play his grandfather part.

Earlier during the day, C.C. faced his oldest son Mason, and clearly made him understand that his presence at his wedding was not desired. He even goes until threatening him to make him lose his job of assistant district attorney if he tries the least thing against this wedding or Gina.

Everything is organized so that the ceremony takes place at the Capwell mansion, in the most strict intimacy. Only the children of the husbands are present, except the young Ted who, at the same time, is discovering that his mother Sophia did not die as everyone believes it in town.

Around Reverend Davis are of course the engaged couple, and :

- the Capwell family children :

- Eden Capwell,

- Kelly Capwell Perkins, her sister,

- Mason Capwell, his half-brother who succeeded in getting invited thanks to Brandon,

- the members of the DeMott family :

- Brandon DeMott

Moreover, the wedding ceremony which gets proceeded in the atrium of the villa, richly decorated for the occasion, will be followed by the signature of the adoption act of Brandon by C.C. Capwell. Only Eden is openly in dissension with this union, conscious that she will not have the priority in the heart of her father any more, a place that she knew to occupy following the deaths of Sophia and Channing Junior. But despite Eden's jealousy, the Reverend begins to celebrate the ceremony.

Leaned against one of the immense amphoras which decorate the atrium, Mason looks at the scene with pleasure; he knows, as for him, that all this is only masquerade... And when the Reverend pronounces what is in his eyes the magic sentence : "If someone among you knows a valid reason to prevent this union, let him speak today or...", Mason cannot prevent himself from making a step towards his father and Gina, while shouting: "Me".

Conscious of all the glances which go on him, Mason enjoys with delight this moment of glory. C.C. disfigures him with hate; as for Gina, she contains her anger with difficulty. C.C. orders to his son to explain. Then Mason, as a perfect law man, specifies that C.C. cannot legally marry Gina, because he has never officially declared his preceding wife, Sophia, dead. At this day, he is always legally married to Sophia Wayne, and if Reverend Davis celebrated this union, he would thus be a bigamist, which is perfectly illegal in the state of California.

Mad of rage and anger, Gina advances towards Mason and slaps him. Her glance cannot hide the hate that she then feels against him. Imperturbable, Mason looks at her and advises her to refind her mind : such a behavior is not worthy of a Capwell family member. Subtly, he slips the name of Hank Judson in front of Eden to threaten her. Gina is dismayed...

On his side, C.C. Capwell does what is necessary with his lawyer to officialize the death of Sophia. C.C. had always refused to reach this step not to upset his children more. And as nobody had found Sophias body, he had preserved for long years a little hope... However, C.C. requires that now, the declaration go as fast as possible so that he can marry Gina in the next days...

Then, C.C. executes his threats. He calls the district attorney and requires of him Mason's firing. Then he calls a lawyer, friend of Mason's, so that nobody in Santa Barbara and in its surroundings proposes work to his son any more. Lastly, C.C. calls his bank to close the Mason's accounts. From this moment, Mason will never be able again to enjoy the privilege to be a Capwell ! At the same time as the cancellation of the ceremony, Mason is put at the door of the mansion.

Later in the evening, when Mason discovers and understands that he is unemployed and ruined, he plunges in alcohol to find force and comfort. And as alcohol does not succeed in alleviating his anger, he goes to the Capwell mansion. There, although Eden, Ted and Cruz try of to prevent him, Mason succeeds in seizing a sword and goes up on the first floor. He gains C.C.'s bedroom, where this last one is in bed with who is still his fiancée. Breaking their intimacy, Mason delivers his venom... At the time to leave, he advises Gina to think of the true reason which pushes C.C. to want to marry her : it is obviously not love... The reason is much simpler and is called Brandon...

Thus finishes act 1 of this wedding, not with a big reception, but with a fight between father and son, such as old Greek tragedies. It is interesting to think of Mason's victory, if he had been able this evening to make his father foreseeing his future life with Gina... Would there have been then an act 2 and 3 to this ceremony ?

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