The deaths of Santa Barbara
obert Barr's death


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Returned to Santa Barbara after his kidnapping in Louisiana by Flame Beaufort, Robert Barr is not yet really saved. Robert has not yet found Kelly. The last fight is coming. Quinn or Robert. Robert or Quinn. They both know that only one must remain... Another drama to come will finally allow the truth to be revealed in broad daylight. As a violent storm hits the city, the cogs of the ultimate face-to-face take shape with a watchmaking precision.

Worried for the health of her younger sister, Eden Capwell, helped by Craig Hunt, confronts Quinn and threatens him to reveal his true intentions : to have Kelly recognized being crazy in order to access her fortune. Quinn quickly guesses that Flame continues her project, in spite of his orders. He understands that he will have to admit the truth to his wife very quickly, if he does not want to lose her.

Locked in the cell of her own house, Flame is devoured by anger : Quinn escapes her, their common project collapses. Flame knows she has no choice but to pursue. And, even if she affirms to Eden, who came to question her, that she is not involved and that only Quinn is dangerous, she knows that the time to reset the clock hands is close.

While Craig hides in the attic of Robert and Kelly's house, Quinn approaches his wife. The countdown of destiny is engaged. Quinn begins to reveal himself to Kelly, who does not seem to understand the truth about his identity. Suddenly, Robert / Quinn hears noise from the floors. He rushes in, imagining that Flame is there. Kelly, meanwhile, suffers the effects of the drug she drinks in her tea, day after day. Slowly, she lets the paranoia take possession of her mind. She hears voices. These voices can only be those of Robert and Eden. They have resumed their affair. Kelly is sure of it. Anger invades her : they play her so well... When she finds herself alone in the room, she gets up from her wheelchair, grabs Robert's revolver, and swears that she will take care of them...

Due to the storm, the house is plunged into darkness. And when Eden goes in search of Robert, she sees him, ready to go up the stairs, using a flashlight. In the tone of Eden's voice, Quinn understands that she is determined to obtain all the answers.

In perfect timing, the real Robert comes out of the shadows, hidden until then among the wood moldings. While Quinn directs the beam of his lamp on the face of the intruder, Eden's look follows the light. Eden faces two Roberts. Quinn and Robert face each other again; both with the deep conviction that this time will be the last.

Eden does not believe her eyes : reality seems unreal... However, it only takes a few seconds to overcome the effect of stupor. In front of her, each of the two Roberts knows that whoever manages to convince Eden of his identity will score a crucial point. The real Robert hastens to tell the truth, the whole truth to Eden : the other person is named Quinn, he is his twin brother. Quinn swears that he does not know this man, and that he has no brother. He is Robert. This man is nothing but an imposter. Facing Eden, the two men oppose each other, argue to be recognized by Eden, like the real Robert Barr.

Alternately, the two men seem to convince Eden. Suddenly, to definitively convince Eden, Robert evokes their common past in Las Sirenas. If Eden is troubled by Robert's words, Quinn is even more so, because he knows that against the past, against that past, he will not be able to fight. Quinn continues to refute Robert's statements, but with less and less violence and conviction. Eden ends up acquiring the intimate certainty of who is the real Robert; and it is not the man whom she saw marrying her sister. Moreover, when Robert says that it is time to tell the truth to Kelly, Eden accepts with a nod.

It is at this same moment that Kelly arrives, a revolver in the hand, satisfied to find them together. It is in her eyes the irrefutable proof of their affair. Discreetly, taking advantage of this diversion, Quinn leaves the room.

Kelly's look passes from her sister to her husband. While Robert comes towards her, she threatens him with his weapon : the time of lie is over. Under the influence of drugs, Kelly's mind rambles; her gestures are poorly assured. She listens with a distracted ear to what Robert says, who explains to her the reality of the situation, the existence of Quinn. Kelly does not understand : she does not want or cannot understand this reality which is not what she imagines. By turns, she threatens them with her weapon, accusing them of pursuing, behind her back, their affair. No matter the words told by Robert or Eden, Kelly cannot assimilate them.

Slowly, with soothing words, Robert approaches Kelly. He manages to disarm her, his words having perhaps found an echo in Kelly's befuddled spirit. He obeys Eden and gives her the revolver, while he goes in pursuit of Quinn. The two men end up in a room upstairs. Quinn is armed, determined to get rid of this inconvenient twin. Their argument focuses on all the bad things that Flame and him inflicted on Kelly. And as the last provocation in this terrible competition which opposes them, Quinn swears to Robert that Kelly loves him, and not the memory of the first Robert whom she met. It was he who knew how to win her back and win her love.

On the ground floor of the villa, Eden tries to reassure her younger sister : she explains to her that she is drugged, manipulated by Flame, nothing that she believes is true. The truth is quite different. A dry blow on the floor interrupts their discussion; Eden leaves Kelly alone, ordering her not to move. She arrives in the bedroom. Among the sounds of the storm, she hears a sound closer to her. She turns away. She just has the time to ask : "Who is there ?" and points her weapon. Quinn's silhouette, armed too, is guessed. Eden shoots...

Quinn collapses, dead, following the shot. Eden approaches him. A sound behind her makes Eden's head turn away... It is Kelly who arrives by crawling. She sees Eden. She sees Robert... Kelly faints.

As the new city district attorney, Keith Timmons launches the prosecution to find Quinn's killer. Keith is thrilled : thanks to this murder, he has a new opportunity to attack the Capwells. Besides, the list of the potential suspects is long : Kelly, Eden, Craig... His first choice is for Kelly, whom he comes to arrest immediately after having learned that she can walk, even if at first - after the discovery of a weapon - Craig Hunt accused himself of the murder.

Learning this tragic news, Eden, who believes that she shot Quinn, is eaten up by guilt. She cannot let her younger sister be accused of a crime she did not commit. Determined, Eden digs out the murder weapon buried in the garden, and gets in her car to go to the police. On the road, Eden has a car accident. Driven to the hospital, she is plunged into a coma. During this coma, Eden lives a strange experience : led by Briana, her guardian angel, she can go back to the past. Her steps guide her to discover the real murderer of Quinn. When she wakes up, Eden knows - contrary to what she believes - that she did not kill Quinn; however, she does not know who was holding the weapon.

In spite of all his efforts, Keith cannot maintain the charge on Kelly. Whatever, in view of the new elements of the investigation, a new suspect is looming... Eden Capwell Castillo. Mad of satisfaction, he arrives at the Capwell villa with an arrest warrant at the same time when C.C. and Sophia have just exchanged their vows. Luckily for all, Keith will soon reconsider his decision, as the portrait of a final suspect is emerging...

Cruz, helped by Robert, sets up a stratagem to trap the culprit. Facing Robert who pretends to be Quinn, Flame betrays herself and confesses that Quinn cannot be there, since she killed him !

All the Capwells are relieved by the turn of events; the dark clouds that floated around them due to Quinn's evil presence seem to have dissolved. Yet the ultimate truth is yet to come. Quinn or Robert. Robert or Quinn... One like the other, they know that only one must remain...

The truth that everyone ignore for the moment is however so obvious : it is not Quinn who was shot by Flame, but Robert Barr. How could Flame have been so wrong about the man she loves ? Moreover, in the near future, Kelly's heart will discover the truth.

Quinn or Robert. Robert or Quinn... Flame's heart, Kelly's heart, the one like the other, knows that only one must remain...

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