The deaths of Santa Barbara
Andrea Bedford
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Tired of managing Cain Garver's excessive and jealous behavior, Andrea Bedford decides to leave for a few weeks in San Diego, in order to make the point on her relationship with him. Unsure of her return to Santa Barbara, Andrea leaves Cain a good-bye letter, as well as the engagement ring that he had offered to her.

However, whereas Cain is suspected to be the video rapist, Andrea decides to come back to Santa Barbara. Sure of her love for Cain, as well as his innocence, Andrea, as of her return to town, rejoins him at his place and shares with him her decision. She loves him; this is obvious today for her. And precisely because she loves him, she recommends to him to undergo therapy in order to release himself from this inside violence that he does not succeed to contain anymore. It is at this price that they will be able to live their common life again. Moreover, she promises help and support to him in the hard time that he is facing.

Then, she goes to see Major Phillip Hamilton, in order to also clear things up with him. Conscious of all his intrigues and his schemes in order to make them break up, she does not hesitate to accuse him to be mainly responsible for her rupture with Cain. Because, instead of behaving as a friend with respect for his former army partner and for respect to her, he did everything that was possible to move them away from each other. Andrea swears that she will not enable him to be involved between Cain and her anymore. Unfortunately, the wave of violence which shakes Santa Barbara will not save them. And Andrea will be the next victim...

Advised by Brandon, C.C. Capwell agrees to organize a dress ball for Halloween. His very new Country-club will be the ideal place. But, while the young boy sees this as the only a way to give Eden a smile again after the terrible drama she has just lived (a few months earlier, she was raped), C.C. sees it as the only and single way to organize a trap in order to uncover the man that everyone in Santa Barbara names the video rapist. Sure of his success, C.C. even requires Heather Donnelly to get in charge of the funds collected during the evening, and to organise for them to be donated to an association helping women victims of rape.

And thus the more famous personalities get invited to what must be one of the greatest society events of the season. In spite of the fear of the video rapist, many are young women who accepted the invitation from the famous C.C. Capwell. Moreover, like Lydia Saunders, the main part of the guests see a way of definitively arresting Cain, where all the suspicions lead. More than his problems as a couple, of his problems of violence, Cain will have to face, this evening, the accusing looks of all the guests. Among the guests, are:

- C.C. Capwell, the organizer of the evening as George Washington,
- Sophia Wayne Capwell Armonti as Mrs George Washington,
- Kelly Capwell Perkins Conrad as Little Bo Peep,
- Ted Capwell as Zorro,
- Eden Capwell Cranston Castillo as Juliet,
- Cruz Castillo as Romeo,
- Cain Garver as a a pirate,
- Andrea Bedford as Helen of Troy,
- Mason Capwell as Napoleon,
- Julia Wainwright Capwell as Mrs De Pompadour,
- T.J. Daniels as a torturer,
- Lydia Saunders as Marilyn Monroe,
- Arthur Donnelly as Jules Caesar,
- Heather Donnelly as a geisha,
- Michael Donnelly as Casanova,
- Zack Kelton as Robin Hood,
- Victoria Lane Capwell as Cleopatra,
- Phillip Hamilton as Darth Vador,
- Lieutenant Vic Boswell as a British policeman.

Whereas the guests arrive and the party begins, some tension can be felt at the Country-club. And from the very beginning of the party, C.C. asks Sophia about the fear which overcomes her and Kelly. Sophia, in spite of the presence of many police officers, is somewhat frightened to know herself surrounded by so many masked men. Her fear increases when she notices a masked man disguised as a torturer who approaches Kelly. Whereas he grasps Kelly, the unknown man asks her if she wants to dance. Kelly panics. A terrible fear can be read on her face. She thinks she is taken in the trap of the rapist. A fear which takes her back to her past. Kelly already lived quite this same scene, several years earlier, in company of her former fiancé, Peter Flint. Already at the time, she was confronted by her torturer... Being fully aware of the danger, she seeks the help of her father, who runs to her aid. C.C., in a gesture full of anger and rage, tears off the mask which was covering until then T.J. Daniels' face. At once, insane with anger, C.C. throws him out. And escorted by police officers, T.J. leaves the ball, under Kelly's terrorised look, who gets nestled against her father's chest. Since the death of her Joe, those are the only arms in which she feels perfectly safe.

While leaving the Country-club, T.J. stops the dance between Lydia Saunders and Major Phillip Hamilton. Lydia asks herself: could it be possible that she was wrong in her theory? And what if Cain Garver was not the rapist? During a split second, she feels as a veil which would come to disturb her judgement. But, a glance launched on Cain reassures her. That it can only be him. Moreover, Lydia thinks of having the proof of it soon: Cain has just noticed the arrival of Eden and Cruz, accompanied by Andrea Bedford.

Wearing a head-band on his eye, with his grey beard and his aggressive look which does not leave him anymore since his break up with Andrea, Cain looks perfectly like the pirate whom he impersonates this evening. By seeing Andrea arriving, his blood goes up into his head. How does she dare to come here, whereas she refused his invitation a few days earlier? Cain feels anger invading him. Especially because with her costume of Helen of Troy, she jeers at him shamelessly. At her side, Eden and Cruz who accompany her, appear unimportant. Moreover the whole looks go on her.

Cain finishes his drink in one go. On her side, Andrea notices the presence of Cain immediately. Moreover, she knew that he would be present and that a face to face would be inevitable for them. Their looks cross and stop at each other. All around them, the world stopped. Andrea feels a violent constraint: Cain's eyes pierce through her, penetrate her, bore her until the deepest part of her heart. She is afraid, but she continues to look at him. On her part, the journalist hidden under the features of the biggest movie star ever cannot prevent herself from watching them. She is now sure that Cain is the man that everyone is looking for. Her look, axed on him, is the undeniable proof of her certainty and her insurance. It is as if she said to him: I hold you. To me, you cannot hide the truth. I always knew it. Then, as she promised it to Lieutenant Boswell, she feels decided, more than ever, to play the allurement to trap him. She is sure that nothing can happen to her since she knew how to correctly read the game of the criminal.

At the hospital in Santa Barbara, Scott Clark turns mad. Arthur Donnelly, who is his girlfriend's father, obliged him to spend the evening there, so that he cannot go with Heather to the Capwell ball. Scott is all the more furious as Arthur arranges Zack Kelton, his professional and personal rival, to accompany her. Scott imagines him dancing and seducing Heather. His fears are all the more justified that under the eyes Jules Caesar (Arthur Donnelly), Heather, disguised as a geisha, and Zack Kelton, as Robin Hood, seem to spend a pleasant evening.

While at his work place Scott gets mad, Mason Capwell/Sonny Sprocket arrives in the arms of Julia Wainwright. Immediately, they join the heart of the party where C.C. Capwell is waiting for them. As usual, father and son start their favorite game: the verbal tournament. As of her arrival, Julia congratulates C.C. on the choice of his disguise. Whereas they talk about frivolities, Mason, who understood that his costume does not go with the one of his partner, tries to hide his frustration behind humour: he was delivered the costume of Napoleon instead of... that of Mr. De Pompadour finishes C.C.. It is at this time that Mason notices, a little in withdrawal, a character who corresponds better to Julia's period: Casanova, who has this evening the features of Michael Donnelly.

C.C. benefits from it to explain to Julia the untold purpose of this Halloween ball. Julia, of course, is perfectly aware of it. She lengthily spoke about it with Cruz Castillo and Lieutenant Boswell. Of course, Mason is firmly opposed to C.C.'s desires, which is that Julia engages the conversation with the masked men she does not recognize. Indeed C.C. wants to take all the possible chances to arrest Eden's rapist. Julia, who supports the young woman in this terrible test, accepts without hesitation to play the game; moreover she knows that she does not risk any danger, because of the presence of many agents of the police force. Even if C.C. regrets not having hired enough young women police officers, in order to be used as allurements to the video rapist.

Under the look of the famous journalist Lydia Saunders, the party continues. Victoria (who accepted the invitation from Dr. Donnelly), this evening, wears the beauty of Queen Cleopatra and seems to have found the charm and the force which characterized her as a cinema actress. She seems to be born again while having found her element. Nobody seems to escape Lydia's eyes. Not even the eternal heroes in love: Romeo and Juliet, so realistic under the features of Eden and Cruz Castillo. Eden, who shows here her pregnancy, is nervous. She knows that, perhaps, the man who raped her a few weeks ago is present, his face masked. She also knows that, perhaps, he is there very close to her, looking at her. Moreover, nobody knows it, but he is there, very close to her, to gaze on her from the bottom of his eye. Several times, he walks very close to her, living again certainly inside of him the feeling of absolute power that he had on her at the moment of the rape.

On his side, Cruz, because he loves his wife more than all and although he is against the idea of this masked ball, remains at the side of the one he loves, in order to protect her. He does not hesitate to get more attentive and asks her to tell him if ever she wants to leave. Strong like any Capwell, Eden refuses to yield to fear: her place is here; her role is to be present in order to attract her rapist in the net.

At this time Cain leaves the bar to join the centre of the room. Wounded in his self-love and vivified by alcohol, Cain approaches them. His eyes remain turned on Andrea and the beauty which emanates from her. Andrea, not at ease with this meeting, does not seek however to avoid it. She knows that since her refusal to live with him, it will be necessary that they have a confrontation. Here or elsewhere, it is the same. Moreover, she thinks that here, at the side of Eden and Cruz, there will be no violence... Upset by Andrea's behavior, Cain chooses the confrontation. In fact he does not know how to react differently (it is by violence that he always dealt with the situations that he does not understand). Cain is then gained by his frustration: after having refused his invitation and having affirmed that she would not come to this ball, here she is, dressed with quite nothing. Andrea, conscious that everything can happen and in particular the end of their relationship, tries to calm down the fire in Cain. She asks him again to give her a little time so that she can think. But for Cain, that is not enough. Cain reproaches Andrea to think of having fun, in spite of their problems as a couple. And especially, he reproaches her for the choice of her disguise. With a very jealous temperament, Cain very badly supports that the one he loves, or more precisely his property, can show herself dressed like that. It should be said that Andrea perfectly impersonates the image of this ideal female beauty.

Cruz, having a intuition of the storm which rises, tries to intervene between them. But Cain, champed by his anger gets mad at him and advises him to remain apart from their history, because that is not his problem. In spite of the intervention of his friend, Cain continues to attack Andrea verbally. He does not understand her refusal and her desire, by provocation, to be there half naked, exciting all the men at the party. Andrea, fearing a scandal, requires him to stop. It becomes clear for her that Cain has just exceeded the last limits; their time as a couple has just reached the point of no-return. Only her look betrays her anger.

On the back, Lydia hears the whole conversation, as all the guests who are near them. Lydia is delighted inside of her by the turning of the events. There is no more no doubt in her spirit: Cain is the video rapist. She is so much concentrated on the small group located right in front of her, that she does not notice the departure of her partner: Darth Vador. He moves towards Sophia and Kelly. They start when they see this unknown man approaching dressed in black from head to feet. Then he takes off his mask and Kelly and Sophia are relieved to see that he is in fact Major Phillip Hamilton. Phillip is excused for the fear he caused to them. And before going to refresh himself, he asks Sophia to give him the next dance.

In the centre of the party, the discussion between Cain and Andrea continues to go up. This time, it is Andrea who, exceeded by the jealous behavior of her fiancé, gets mad; she cannot continue living according to his will. And when he still criticizes her way of getting dressed, insinuating that she only wants to be appreciated by men, it is too much. Andrea knows that now it is too late for them, the words went too far, and especially Cain does not see the evil that he is doing with them as a couple. For Andrea, Cain exceeded the limits. She leaves him a chance and, this evening, under Eden and Cruz's eyes, he has just let it pass. And in spite of the intervention of Eden to calm things down, Andrea knows that it is finished. They do not have any future together anymore. And rather than to continue to tear themselves apart, Andrea prefers to run away. Inside of her, she suffers from her decision, because if she chose to come back it is because she thought that their relationship had still a chance, that it remained a little hope. The disillusion is terrible. Tears run on her cheeks without being able to control them. Cain did bad things to her. Terrible bad things.

Eden vainly tries to retain her. It is too late. Cain calls her too, a touch of despair in his voice; just as if he had just understood that something had just broken. Deciding to follow her, he is retained by Cruz. Cruz fears that Cain can make a terrible mistake if ever he lets himself entirely be possessed by anger. Unconscious of the help that his friend wants to offer, Cain pushes him back and asks him to leave him in peace. And very irritated, Cain goes on the side opposite Andrea. Remaining alone, Eden and Cruz do not know if they must intervene or not, especially because they feel sorrow facing the rupture of their friends.

After her dispute with her fiancé, Andrea leaves the Country-club, to go for a walk on the beach. She wants to be alone, to think about her future. Did she commit an error while coming back to Santa Barbara? Was it a mistake to offer a new chance to Cain? No, the things went too far so that she can go back... While letting her thoughts roam, Andrea walks on the beach. The night fell, Andrea guesses just on the other side the coloured lights is the Capwell party. And far away, can be heard, like a murmur, the music which escapes from the Country-club. Suddenly, the former CIA agent that she is, feels like a presence "Cain... Cain, is that you?" she asks. Andrea looks all around her: there is nobody. However her instinct does not betray her. There is someone very close to her, someone who observes her. She is sure of it.

At the same time, Kelly Capwell went to get refreshed in the toilets. For her, the tension is at its maximum. She would not know to say why, but she is sure that the video rapist will attack somebody this evening. For her, it is obvious. Moreover, with all these masked men, non recognizable, how could it be different? And after her elder sister, Kelly fears that she could be the next victim of the rapist... It would not be, unfortunately, the first time that she and her sister would be the preys of a mad man... And whereas she looks at herself for a moment in the mirror, she notices in the toilets on the left the presence of black shoes. She is not alone as she would have believed it. The trousers are black. The shoes are black. And by observing them scrupulously, they are man shoes. Kelly panics. She feels the fear penetrating her. The rapist is there, very close to her, in the ladies toilets, ready to leap on his new prey...

On the beach, Andrea continues to walk, randomly, the spirit turned towards the past. She thinks of Cain, their adventure, the chance that they did not know to seize. While walking, she realizes the obviousness. She made an error while coming back to town, her place is not in Santa Barbara with Cain. It is time for her to go to another thing. At this point in time she finds herself facing a man dressed in black. Until then, Andrea had not seen his presence. The man approaches her. He holds a head-band in his hands. A split second is enough for Andrea to understand. It is not Cain... A mask of horror takes place on her face. She drops the gilded mask that she still held in her hand, while trying to move back. "No... No... No..." Covered by the music coming from the heart of the party, nobody can hear her call for help.

Whereas the party beats are at its top, nobody noticed Andrea's disappearance. All the guests let themselves be slowly gained by the pleasure of the ball, the dances, the music. On their side, Cruz and Eden, even if they think of the rupture between their friends, have a lot to do this evening. Since the rape, it is their first time out together. Moreover, Cruz must take care of the safety of everyone, but especially he tries to make sure that Eden does not focus on the possible arrest of the rapist...

On his side, C.C. keeps an eye on his protected ones. He knows that Eden does not risk anything near her husband (he would give his life for her). Unfortunately, for Kelly, since her separation with Jeffrey, there is nobody to take care of her anymore. Then he is obliged to become again the protective super father that he never ceased to be actually. Of all his children, Kelly is the most fragile, the one who will always need him. While supervising the good course of the evening, C.C. joins Sophia, his sweet and lovely Sophia, anxious not to see Kelly at his side. With a badly dissimulated fear, C.C. frightens Sophia. Sophia assures him that Kelly was still there, one minute ago, in company of Major Hamilton. C.C. wants to be to reassured in front of Sophia, even if his look which seeks her in the room proves all the opposite.

Precisely, in the toilets of the Country-club, Kelly is confronted with her worst demons: she is in the same room as the rapist. The history is getting repeated: after Peter, here is... Kelly catches in the edge of the wash-hand basin, hoping to find the necessary force to run away. Through the mirror, in front of her, she does not leave her eyes from the door of the toilets, behind which the rapist is hiding. Suddenly the door opens, and an excessively proud Dracula is coming. Kelly turns over him, looking at the face which hides behind his black mask. Their looks cross. Kelly is terrorized, but she finds in herself the necessary force and courage to leave. In front of her, Dracula does not seem to understand what is happening. While arranging his cape and his bow tie, Dracula asks himself the reasons of Kelly's precipitation. But, proud like a god, Dracula raises his head and decides to go back to have fun.

On the beach, the noise of the waves manages with difficulty to cover the music from the ball. On his side, in the middle of the night, a man, entirely in black, lays the body of Andrea on the sand. Under the pale reflections of the night, her immaculate costume clearly shows blood stains. With her arm at the top of her head, Andrea does not move. No breath agitates her. Her face looking towards the sky, her eyes largely opened, Andrea seems to implore the gods to give her some help. But it is too late.... In front of her, the man looks at her a last time. He contemplates his work, because it is well done. Andrea is not his victim, but an element of his quest for pleasure... Conscious that he has just left his state of fright, he prefers to leave, because now, it only remains to him the memories of this single moment...

At the same time when a masked man lays Andrea's body down with no life, Kelly emerges from the toilets running: "Cruz... Cruz.... Without breathing again, she continues: "Cruz, he is in the toilets." Cruz hurries in the toilets, whereas the Capwell clan gets constituted around the frail Kelly. It is Eden first who supports her, then Sophia who comforts her. And finally, it is C.C. who arrives, to fight if it is needed for her. It is him who, now, gets occupied with everything. And while a police officer comes to Kelly and Sophia’s aid, C.C. turns to his elder daughter, towards Eden, who carries in her all the Capwell genes. Because in spite of her fears, her doubts, her interrogations (and her pregnancy), Eden does not weaken. She takes a deep inspiration to gain more courage and she is there, ready to defend herself, and especially to face the identity of her rapist. Even if she should live the terrible moments of the rape again, she is ready to undergo it to confront herself towards the man who killed part of the woman who is in her.

C.C. approaches his cherished daughter. In his eyes, he reads fear, and also courage. A lot of courage. He seizes her firmly, in order to transmit all his support and all his force to her. C.C. knows that for the eyes of his children, he is an immovable rock, able to resist all the storms. It is this force that he wants to transmit to her. In his eyes, C.C. makes a promise to his daughter. And Eden does not weaken; just a little paleness betrays her agitation. She has to be strong, for her, for all the women, and especially for the child she carries.

Accompanied by Lieutenant Boswell and another police officer, Cruz makes an irruption in the ladies toilets. At the exception of Cruz, the other police officers have their weapon in hands. With violence, Cruz seizes Dracula who was looking in the mirror for the last time. He still does not seem to understand what is happening. Whereas Dracula tries to struggle, Cruz searches under his disguise. At this moment in spite of Cruz's prohibitions, Dracula starts to speak: "Cruz, but it is me Gina..." In one second, Cruz's adrenalin breaks down. It is not the rapist, but Gina. There are no more possible doubts; it is Gina who hid under this sinister disguise. Facing Cruz's questions, Gina explains that she is there quite simply because it is the ladies toilets. Being a woman, it is thus logical that she is there! Exceeded, Cruz violently seizes Gina by her arm, makes her leave the toilets and puts her at the door of the party, the party she was not invited to.

With the discovery of Gina, the worst raptor than the Capwell family would ever know, did not cause a drop in the tension which oppresses all the Capwells. Kelly feels a little stupid to have shouted without the least true reason. Eden is at the same time disappointed and at the same time satisfied that her rapist could not be identified. Inside of her, it is quite a relief. She simply hopes that he will not have anymore other victims.

In spite of Gina's intrusion, the party goes on. The majority of the guests dance, have fun with their costumes, and take a real pleasure to try to uncover who is hiding behind such a mask. Moreover, the guests did not realize Gina's presence, and even her ousting by the Capwell men. It should be said that many guests entered and left the room throughout the evening. There was amongst others Andrea, who went to walk on the beach. There was Cain, who went to change his mind by walking around the buildings of the Country-club. Then there was Zack Kelton, who left his costume of Robin Wood, giving up Heather to go back to the hospital, because he received an emergency call. On the other side, a samurai arrives who came to join Heather precisely, who turns out to be Scott Clark, who succeeded in being replaced at the last time by a colleague. Thus the men posted at the entrance could not note the various comings and goings of everyone.

This is why, under the features of an alien, Gina could easily, without the least control, come back to the Country-club again and to slip in among the guests. As of her return among the guests, Gina joined Mason. The two former lovers / friends find each other... Mason wonders about Gina’s capacity who, like a cat, always falls on her feet. However, he should not be very surprised: with C.C. Capwell, she always has a plan B. Then very quickly, as usual, Gina starts to criticize. First Sophia, for her the costume of Lady Washington does not suit her. She would see her better as Lady MacBeth. Then comes Eden and Cruz, she does not understand the deep love which links them, and of which she is especially jealous, because she does not have the chance to feel such happiness. Then, she compliments Mason for his costume, she finds him very nice as Napoleon. But, Mason is not completely of this opinion. Because he quickly realized that historically speaking Napoleon has nothing to do with Mrs. De Pompadour. And this historical shift, Mason feels emotionally when he is near the one he loves: just like their respective characters, their ways do not cross this evening... Mason regrets this evening having trusted Gina for the choice of his disguise. And as he specifies it, if he had been the only one to choose, he would have come in Davy Crockett. Sonny Sprocket in Davy Crockett...

While that, the party continues. Only Cruz starts to worry about the long absence of Andrea. He talked about it with C.C. and Boswell. Very discreetly, the research has started. And Cruz, still not seeing Andrea coming back, goes to get information from the master of the ceremony. Contrary to Cruz, C.C. does not leave himself being gained with concern. Strong like a rock, he is accustomed to face crisis situations. Investigators obeying his orders start looking around the Country-club: Andrea wasn’t seen anywhere, neither close to the swimming pool, nor close to the tennis courts. Cruz, as for him, went to the car-park, to check if she had not left the party in the car. Then, he phoned her hotel: Andrea did not come back yet. Cruz does not cease to ask himself a terrible question: "Where is she? " He starts to fear the worst. Because he knows that it is not the big number of police officers who wander around the Country-club who could prevent a drama from happening. Cruz starts to accuse C.C. and Boswell to have assembled a plan and to have let themselves be exceeded by the events. Moreover, the facts go in the direction of Cruz: the police officers let a woman, who is the prototype of the perfect victim, leave this room, all alone... For his defence, C.C. reminds Cruz that he said himself to him that she did not risk anything, because of her past as a secret agent. C.C. finishes by concluding the discussion by affirming that she is surely well. But the last words of Cruz show clearly that he is far from believing him and that, in the event of drama, he will hold C.C. for personally responsible for it. And when Cruz moves away, C.C.'s so clear look is darken by fear and regrets...

Eager to get alone, Scott proposes to Heather to finish the evening at his place. Heather accepts the proposal from her boy friend. They thus go to Scott's home, where he prepared a surprise for her: all his apartment was decorated in Chinese style, concordant with their costumes. There, they let themselves go with each other and make love.

At the Country-club, the research to find Andrea accelerates. Cruz and Lieutenant Boswell decide to take a look on the beach. They have just made several meters that they fall on Major Phillip Hamilton, holding a knife in his hand, just beside Andrea's body. Phillip, at once, ensures them that he did not do anything. He has just arrived on the scene of the crime, and he has just removed the knife from the victim. Cruz approaches the victim: it is indeed the body of his friend Andrea Bedford. His fears were justified. At the first look, Cruz understands that she was raped. No doubt that she was raped and killed by the video rapist. They get caught at their own trap and the price to pay for their error is there, lying on the sand. Andrea died because of them... Cruz cannot prevent himself from thinking that they were not careful enough and that this terrible drama could have been avoided.

Accompanied by Lieutenant Boswell, Cruz gains the heart of the Country-club, where they announce to everybody of Andrea's death, as well as the end of the party. Then, Cruz and Boswell bring Cain Garver and Phillip Hamilton to the police station for an interrogation. Phillip explains to the police officers why it is not him who stabbed Andrea. He just withdrew the knife. According to him, the culprit is not other than Cain. Cain who hit him on several occasions. Cain who this evening was mad with anger because she came to the party. Cain who this evening was jealous to see his fiancée appearing in a revealing costume... On his side, Cain does not have any alibi to prove that he is not the murderer of Andrea. He can always shout that he could never have done her the least bad thing, Lieutenant Boswell remains sceptic. Didn't he already raise his hand on her several times? Just like he has just done it on him, whereas he pushed him during the examination.

After the party, C.C. feels invaded by remorse: he feels responsible for Andrea's death. After all, it was him who had the idea of the party and especially to use it as a trap for the rapist... Today, the rapist still runs, he could not honour the promise he had made to Eden, and then, he has just created a new victim... Fortunately, his sweet Sophia is at his side, and she offers strong shoulders to him to comfort him. As usual, the Capwell clan gets tightened in case of catastrophe.

At the end of his examination, Cain asks Cruz the possibility of taking care of Andrea's funeral, since she does not have family anymore. Cruz accepts. While collecting himself on her coffin, Cain thinks of Andrea again, of this woman who gave him the desire to fight and to drive out his many demons which haunt him from Vietnam, and also to have found a family. He remembers their first meeting, their hunt whereas he suspected her of being the Fox. Then, he lets himself invaded by emotion, remembering how time after time they became intimate: he feels all the vacuum that Andrea left in his heart...

In only one year, the character of Andrea Bedford will have known almost everything and crossed everything: mystery and adventure at her arrival, love and jealousy thereafter. Unfortunately, with the time, her character became more and smoother, in contact with Eden and Cruz. Facing the most famous couple of the city, her character and the couple she formed with Cain could not remain for a very long time on the front of the scene. After her confrontations with Ming Li and Major Phillip Hamilton, Andrea could not face other danger anymore, especially because any intrusion of her past (she does not have family anymore and no friends) was possible. Consequently, Andrea Bedford could only die or leave the town... By crossing the way of the video rapist, it could not have ended differently...

Curiously, as C.C. underlines it to Cruz, Andrea, because of her past as a secret agent, did not risk anything. And yet it is in a simplistic way that the writers decided to put an end at the existence of Andrea Bedford. Just as if they were at the same time without enough potential victims, and at the same time without enough ideas to make Andrea disappear...

Text written for this site by Lilian